Aman Resorts

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Aman Resorts

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Jackson , WY

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In the high-end travel community, Aman is recognized as one of the pre-eminent and most innovative luxury hotel groups in the world for its ability to create unique resort destinations. Aman positions itself as a lifestyle alternative rather than simply a lodging plus food and beverage product. The Aman concept aims to provide the affluent leisure traveler with superior service in luxurious surroundings. Each hotel is typically located in a spectacular setting that makes it virtually unique, designed in contemporary architecture that blends with the local environment and in harmony with the local culture. The luxury of the setting is matched by impeccable service and attention to details that leave the guests with a memorable experience.

Set amongst the dramatic canyons of southern Utah - Amangiri resort & spa consists of 34 guestrooms, a 20,000 sq foot Spa and a signature restaurant. Scheduled to open September 2009, Amangiri will be Amanresorts' second property in North America.

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