DBU Construction Inc

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DBU Construction Inc

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Lake Havasu City , AZ

Industry type: General Contractors - Managers
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We believe in being fair and honest with our customers and each other. In this manner, we will build trust and long-term relationships. We believe in delivering on our promises, and we work toward positive relationships with our customers, associates and subcontractors. We believe in being accessible to our customers and, listening to their concerns. We want to make the home buying experience as smooth and hassle-free as possible. We believe that everyone involved in the process is responsible for resolving issues that are brought to them in a prompt, professional and courteous manner. We believe in continuous improvement of our product, services and processes. We believe that our subcontractors are our 'Partners in Quality' and we will only associate with the best subcontractors and suppliers available. We strive To satisfy our customers. In order to do this we will maintain the highest standards for quality and integrity. As the Particular Homebuilder - we pay special attention to the location design, construction and service of your new home. We strive to deliver on this promise throughout the home buying process. This web site and home plans copyrighted by DBU 2-20-2000. No reproductions or other use of this site and plans may be made without the express written consent of DBU Construction, Inc. In the interest of continuous improvement, DBU reserves the right to change or modify floor plans, materials, prices and features without prior notice or obligation. Plans and elevations are an artist's conception and should not be relied upon as a representation of a completed house.
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