Saunders Commercial Seismic Retrofit

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Saunders Commercial Seismic Retrofit

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Costa Mesa , CA

Industry type: General Contractors - Managers
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Saunders Commercial Seismic Retrofit specializes in seismic retrofitting for all types of commercial buildings, prevention and repair of damage from roof condensation, and a spectrum of necessary and proactive structural repairs.

Saunders was established in 1979 as a commercial construction contractor, but by 1984 had begun to focus and specialize in commercial seismic retrofits, repair due to roof condensation, and structural repairs. Saunders performed the very first seismic retrofit in the city of Los Angeles and has successfully completed work on over 1,000 buildings, currently completing over 65 projects per year.

A wide variety of tenant operations have utilized Saunders\\\' services, including retail, manufacturing, warehouses, apartments, aerospace, medical and general offices.

The Saunders Difference shows why our company is respected and frequently contracted for specialized construction projects:

We specialize in seismic solutions- Because Saunders specializes in seismic retrofits and roof condensation prevention and repair, our expertise saves clients time and money on both engineering and construction costs.
Our project team is in-house- An in-house crew guarantees consistent attention to detail and high-quality installation.
We provide insurance quotes- Saunders provides a retrofit insurance quote based on present and after-retrofitting values so you can quickly calculate your Return on Investment.
Our project bids are especially accurate- Saunders has developed a system for generating rapid and highly accurate bids that are indispensable for practical and functional project budgeting.
Our bids are appropriately detailed- Because bids from Saunders feature detailed cost breakdowns, if the engineering plans are altered while in the plan-check process or during construction of a retrofit, one can quickly calculate the final cost differential. The detailed cost breakdown listed in a bid from Saunders removes concern that overcharging might occur when changes are made, as is the case with some companies.
We provide weekly project updates- Clients are informed weekly of project status, eliminating concern regarding progress and all outstanding issues.
We insist on outstanding tenant relations- Saunders\\\' staff has an exemplary record of developing productive relationships with building tenants and minimizing the impact on business during construction.
We successfully finish what we start- Since 1979, Saunders has successfully completed every project awarded.
We have never been involved in defense litigation- Since its formation, Saunders has never served as a defendant in court.
Our construction staff is experienced- Construction crewmembers have been with the company between three to ten years, a distinct difference from other companies.
We have a network of partners and affiliates- Saunders is affiliated with several partners, including insurance companies, lenders, commercial real estate agents, and roof replacement contractors, affording clients quality referrals when necessary. Referrals include companies with expertise in seismic issues related to gas and water shut off valves, disaster clean up, non-structural construction and equipment bracing.
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