Sr Manufacturing Engineer, Retired

Name : Ed Hemker
Industry Type : Architects
City & State : St Charles,Michigan
Job Title Sr Manufacturing Engineer, Retired
Relocation Preferences : no
Objective : EDWARD E. HEMKER

15302 Ithaca Road Saint Charles, Michigan 48655
989.245-3050 (cell) 989.585.3246 (home)

Dear Hiring Manager:

I am writing to apply for a full-time, Part time or contract position with your company. I worked 32 years for General Motors / Delphi before retiring in 2001.

I am looking for a local position that I can use my Engineering, Project, and Management skills to improve quality and profit for your Company.

As an Engineer in Saginaw Division Plants I worked to Improve Quality, Efficiency, Material Flow to maximize profit and minimize labor cost..

As a Project Engineering Manager, I oversaw the Specification, Design, Build, installation and debug of Assembly, Material Handling, Storage Systems, Clean Room, Ventilation Systems, Foundation, and coolant systems.

I set personal and department goals, identified Projects, Engineered, managed, and oversaw the project to completion and implemented a lessons learned.

As an Independent Distributor for EcoQuest International after retirement in 2001, I learned the science of clean air, working with retail customers and customer satisfaction.

Please feel free to contact me at 989.245-3050 (cell) or 989.585.3246.


Edward E. Hemker
Resume :  
Edward E Hemker
DOB: 8/17/48
Home Address: 15302 Ithaca Rd., St.Charles, Mi. 48655
Phone: 989 585 3246
E-mail: e.hemker[at]

EDUCATION: BS Mechanical Engineering Technology Western Michigan University 1971.

SPECIALIZED TRAINING: Noise Control. Z/M Frontline Leadership, ASQC Introduction to Statistics, OPT materials management concepts, Powerful Presenting and continuing development, Synchronous Manufacturing training, Lou Tice "New Age Thinking", Conventional Electrical Controls, Statistical Problem Solving for continuous Improvement, AutoCAD, Industrial ventilation I, Clean Room Seminar, Value Stream Management, Extensive Ergonomics training, Iowa State University 40 hour Systematic Layout Planning course.

EMPLOYMENT: Apartment - owner, maintenance & repair 1995-present
Sales of home Environmental Products, 2002- present
Saginaw Steering Gear Division, GMC. / Delphi Automotive Systems. 1968 - 2001.
Retired June 1, 2001.
Hehr Manufacturing assembly work summer of 1966 & 67
Worked on family farm.

JOB TITLES: Sr. Layout & Material Handling Engineer, Sr. Plant Engineer, Sr. Manufacturing Engineer -assembly.

COMPUTER SKILLS: Auto Cad, Excel, Microsoft word, & Microsoft Project.

HOBBIES: Hunting, fishing, and farming, construction.

OBJECTIVE: Short term or part time employment (without health care) in manufacturing, machine build, agricultural, or related field that utilizes manufacturing, project management and Auto Cad skills. Job satisfaction a primary goal.

The experience to Engineer a complete plant of any size including specification, purchase, and installation of all equipment required.
Project Engineer on two separate 3000 ft sq Clean rooms, offices, foundations, filter systems, air handling systems, paint systems and ventilation, fork trucks and maintenance equipment, coordination with outside contractors for installation.

ASSEMBLY: Specification, purchase, design approval, runoff ,installation and debug of assembly equipment including:
$1.3 million Hydraulic Steering Pump tube assembly line.
$1 million half shaft assembly line.
Coordinate projects with Product Engineering, tooling designers, tooling manufacturers, installation and production.
Retooled Hydraulic Pump assembly line and Alliance/Motoman test line for Non- Submerged pumps.
Vacuum System for reduction of oil in power steering pumps.
Grease distribution system for half shafts.
Siametrics noise instrumentation for power steering pumps
Automatic gages to measure snap ring depth.
Increased cycle time of Half Shaft Assembly line from 1000 to 1200 pcs/hr.
Retool pump assembly lines for new model Chrysler and Ford models.
Improvements to improve quality, reduce reject rate, and reduce customer complaints.
Design & install improvements to increase uptime and thru put.
Analyze rejects and implement improvements.
Cost Estimating for changes and improvements.
QS 9000 certification documentation.
Installation of error proofing.
Ergonomics improvements.
Product failure mode analysis.
Quality improvements using 5 phase.

Conversion of Plant 5 from linkages and air pumps to half shafts - 300,0000 ft sq
Conversion of Plant 3 to synchronous layout.
Installation of CB and TC Power Steering Pumps in Plant 3
Initial layout of Strasburg power steering plant. ( France)
Installation of S 4 pumps in Plant 3
Planning and allocation of floor space.
Systematic Layout Plan for Plant 3 to move to lean manufacturing.
Relocation of skilled trades areas.

Duties included:Planning new layouts.
Revisions and improvements to existing layouts.
Resource and training of IE's in material handling, layout and Autocad

Planning and Project Management was an integral part of all projects including coordination with designers, Product Engineering, Plant Engineering, Production, Controls and Maintenance.
Scheduling and installation supervision.

Design, specification, purchase and Installation to following:
- Power & Free and Overhead conveyor systems.
- Blue steel flexible handling systems.
- Roller conveyor systems (gravity and Power).
- Steel and rubber belt conveyors.
- Overhead Cranes.
- Gon, bin, and rack handling systems.
- supermarket distribution system.
- Floor and vibrating parts feeders.
- Misc baskets, racks carts etc.
Implement handling to implement buffers.
Use value stream to implement improvements.

Was a key player in installation and start up of Half shaft, and TC, & S4 Hydraulic Pump Product lines.

John Burke, Baytec Design. 989 754 4651

Ken Wolpert, Graham Sales. 989 752 2991

Paul Majchrzak ( myshak) 989 893-2126

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