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Name : DavidWatts
Industry Type : Engineers
City & State : Krum,TX
Job Title Project Manager
Relocation Preferences : Houston
Objective : Project Management Position
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David Watts EE, IE
Curriculum Vitae
6228 High Meadows Drive
Krum, Texas 76249

Project Manager/Engineer/Executive

Highly accomplished visionary manager with domestic and international experience in production, P&L management, engineering, project and service oriented companies including implementing automated systems; selecting, managing and training staff; developing and managing departmental budgets; establishing and monitoring productivity goals; and leading cross-functional teams on key projects. Decisive leader that is results-oriented with proven success in strategic thinking and problem solving. Proven leadership skills gained from managing a large maintenance department as well as founding and managing a controls design-build and services business.

Core Competencies

P&L Management
Project Management Professional
Strategic Business Planning
Operations Management
International Operations
Wartime Contingency Environment
Mentoring and Coaching
Customer Service Professional
Visionary Leadership
Technology Development


1994 to presentDWC TechnologyKrum, TX
Owner and Founder

Sole Stakeholder with complete P&L responsibility.

Project Management Professional with over 27,000 man hours of experience in a variety of industrial applications. Management of all aspects of a project with P&L responsibility.

Designer and installation engineer for multiple plant process control systems for Steel Rolling and Finishing, Material Handling, Food and Beverage Processing, Plastic Injection Molding, Chemical Batching, Bottle Filling, Distribution Center Automation, Water Treatment and In-line EDS Baggage Handling and Security, Drilling Rig Controls, Pipeline Controls, High-Medium-Low voltage Switchgear Automated Controls. Each system includes working with Latching Logic, PID Loops, Interlocks, Temperature and Flow Measurement.

Developed specifications and documentation for complex engineering designs.

Developed specification of In-Line EDS Baggage Handling Systems including Mechanical and Electrical components, Installation of all components.

Ability to independently evaluate, select and apply standard engineering techniques, procedures and criteria to assignments. Also able to work in a team environment.

Emphasized safety and implemented several safety plans including training personnel in environmental, health and safety as well as OSHA and MSHA regulations and practices.

Training of personnel: PLC, HMI, SCADA systems using a variety of software including Ladder, Visual Basic and assembly languages.

Trained personnel for High, Medium and Low Voltage Switchgear repairs.

Trained personnel in Safety in a plant environment including Lock-Out Tag-Out and LV, MV and HV safe out.

Trained personnel in Land and Offshore Drilling applications.

Developer of Pipe Line Instrumentation, Automation and Controls and Switchgear design and commissioning using PLC controlled systems.

Service Drilling Rig Automation and Control Systems for several land based and offshore clients:
oSavannah Energy
oSaxon Services (Schlumberger)
oNoble Drilling
oParker Drilling
Commissioning of field devices such as 2 and 4 wire transmitters, motorized valves (MOV), Flow Meters, Pressured transducer, Electronic Pressure Regulators, Electronic Flow Regulators, digital and analog length/distance measurement and Temperature Control devices (thermocouple, RTD).

I/O testing and commissioning of systems up to 20,000 I/O points.

Setup Controls Network such as ControlNet, DeviceNet, Ethernet I/P, Modbus, Modbus Plus, Profibus, LAN and CAN installation and commissioning.

Inspected HV, MV and LV switchgear.

Over 20 years of Digital and Analog Signal Processing measurement techniques utilizing pulse counters, photo-eye, laser, ultra-sonic and proximity sensors.

Advanced (over 25 years of experience) at PLC programming for all PLC manufacturers primarily Allen-Bradley Controllogix, SLC 500 through 5/05 and PLC-5. Modicon Quantum, Momentum, 984, 984 Compact, 584 and 484. Siemens S7 200, 300 and 400 and S5 and GE FANUC family of PLC and PAC.

PLC Software experience includes, Allen-Bradley RSLogix 5 and RSLogix 500, RSlogix 5000, Modicon Modsoft, Concept and ProworxNXT, Siemens Prosoft, GE Fanuc. Includes using Ladder Logic, BOOLEAN and assembly languages as well a Visual Basic (VB).

OIT programming for Allen-Bradley, KEP, TCP and Aromat.

HMI programming software includes RSView, Wonderware and TCP.

SCADA designer and programmer.

Proficient in AC and DC Drives, Allen-Bradley, Reliance, Yaskawa, ABB, Square D, Siemens.

Project Manager on all projects I am involved with, as well as, safety trainer and inspector, QA/QC, liaison, teacher and mentor. Proficient in Microsoft Project Pro, limited experience in Primavera.

20 plus years of experience in HV and LV construction and repair beginning with my time at Chaparral Steel in the early 80's.

1998- Designed an automated Wax Injection Molding machine for the jewelry industry. Complete engineering and design control. Apparatus was developed to increase production while reducing off spec wax pieces. Both goals were met and exceeded expectations. This system utilized an A-B PLC and HMI. Utilized Marsh Bellofram E/P (electronic pressure regulator), T/C (type J thermocouple) and SICK Bar code reading technology. The E/P was controlled by analog signals from the PLC that were conditioned by receiving digital information from the bar code reader. This information was processed by the PLC program and sent to 3 E/Ps to set up injection, clamp and nozzle contact pressures. The analog T/C signal along with the digital settings from the HMI was used to control the wax melting temperature. I wrote a PID loop to control/maintain the wax temperature. The system utilized my years of machine safety and design protocols. Production was increased by 10 times and Off Spec material was reduced to less than 1% from an average of 5%.

2000- Designed an Aqueous Coating device to be used inline with sheet and web fed printing presses. The Apparatus was developed to reliably supply aqueous coating material to the coating tower of a printing press while reducing waste. The system also reduced cleanup time. The cleanup method had to meet EPA as well as OSHA standards for draining hazardous materials into waste water drains. This Apparatus was completely automated with a PLC control and HMI. The PLC and a specially created sensor would balance the supply and return pumps. This sensor was developed to measure level in holding tanks to the level of differential. This system utilizes both digital and analog signals. The Apparatus and Method were patented on April of 2001.

2001- Installed gas and liquid bottle filling machines as well as stacker, palletizing and de-palletizing and 10,000 feet of conveyor for a prominent bottler of automotive fluids located in Texas. During this process I developed an automated bottle pace (measurement) detection system to bring the feed rate to the bottling machines by automatically adjusting the conveyor speed to raise or lower the bottle per minute rate.

2002- Revamped several gas bottling machines that were salvaged and turned those machines into quality production equipment. These systems included a variety of analog, digital, flow and pressure monitoring devices.

2003- Designed efficient reliable 8 head bottle filler. The need was to design a low cost reliable apparatus that was adjustable for various bottle volume requirements.

2005- I was commissioned to assist in the programming, commissioning and testing of a baggage handling project for General Contractor Lockheed Martin Systems Division. The systems consisted of 9 in-line EDS (GE InVision, CTX) machines spread out over 3 separate zones. This terminal has 36 gates and 4 ticket counters. It was a high profile project that was to be deemed the system all other BHS systems would be specified by. The system included several thousand feet of conveyor and had bar code readers and bag size monitors.

2006- Installed a tire and wheel assembly plant that provided JIT orders to a Chrysler automotive assembly plant. The system includes automated tire and wheel assembly, air and balancing machines and 2000 feet of conveyor. HMI, PLC and PC based controls. The wheel haulers were a modified 43 foot trailer with over 300 feet of conveyor installed inside and were completely operated by means of powered rollers and controlled by a PLC. Fully Automated System.

2006 and 2007- Commissioned fresh water treatment plants in Iraq. A joint venture between Flour Corp. and AMEC of the UK (FlourAMEC) included the complete construction and operation of 11 freshwater treatment plants. The FWTP in the Nasiriyah Provence was the largest plant with the capacity of 30,000 gallons per minute and expandable to 60,000. My role was to commission the Plant SCADA and the Filter Grid PLC and the plant HMI, as well as commissioning of the MOV and sensors. I actually had to write the SCADA from the beginning and the Filter PLC was only 30% complete when I arrived. During the commissioning I trained Local Nationals with engineering degrees to setup MOVs, program PLC and HMI and setup a ControlNet communications system.

2007- My long time customer in Houston asked me to join their company as VP of Technical Services and I accepted. Unfortunately my home in Krum, TX did not sell and I asked to be released of my daily duties until then. I remain as contract consultant.

2008- Designed in-line EDS Baggage Handling Systems for Northwest Airlines Terminal 2 of the Los Angeles International Airport. Worked with client desires and created specifications that include mechanical, electrical and controls methods and equipment. I remain as contract consultant.

1993 1994 Northwestern Steel and Wire CompanyHouston, TX

Maintenance Manager for the Large Structural Mill rolling process.

Responsible for the entire maintenance department including Electrical, Mechanical, Welding, Machinist and Engineering.

Responsible for the upgraded of the plant control systems including PLCs, drives and motors.

Revamp of the mechanical structure of the cooling bed, and the revamp of the Reheat Furnace.

1981 1993Chaparral Steel Company,Midlothian, TX

Electrical Technician, Bar Mill, responsibilities include PLC programming, Plant Process, general electrical maintenance, construction and troubleshooting of HV and LV systems.
Lead man for construction crew.

Electrical Engineer, Medium Structural Mill, responsibilities include all PLC programming and new systems design and install.

Electrical Department Manager, Medium Structural Mill. 8 direct reports and 12 indirect reports

1992 to 1993- Part of the development team for Reliance Electrics new drive system DPS, a fiber optic communication system and completely digital controlled drive system. My role was to implement and integrate the drive system in our premier medium structure beam mill. After several months of testing, we replaced the entire Fuji analog system with this new Reliance Digital system. This system used motor current, speed and voltage loops to create a true PID mill drive system. The 16 mill motors were 1500 HP, 750 VDC, 2000 amp rated at an RPM of 1250. Truly a continuous beam rolling process using tension measurement between mill stands, digital length measurement utilizing laser velocimeters and pace monitoring measured by resolver to digital conversion.

1991- Replaced and programmed single loop PID controllers to control the temperature of several zones of a large capacity reheat furnace. Utilized Flow Transducer, Thermocouples, Motorized Valves. The PID controllers received analog signals via 2 wire flow and pressure transducer, and thermocouple signals from the furnace instruments. The PID controllers also received via data link from a PC based HMI (Wonderware) for ratio and temperature set point. The HMI also served as the setup, startup and monitoring point for the furnace operator.

1990- Installed Brushless DC drives and applied motion control practices for precise conveying and cutting equipment.

1986-Installed ASEA drive systems in the Bar Mill.

1984 to 1986- Led a skilled electrical construction crew. Installed rigid conduit, generators, transformer and sub-stations. High Voltage, Medium Voltage and Low Voltage Switchgear.


United States Department of Labor: United States Department of Labor Certified Industrial Electrician.

United States Patent Department: United States Patent Inventor Certificate #6,379,463 Web Coating Material Supply Apparatus and Method. April 30, 2002.


Allen-Bradley preferred provider 2003

GE Fanuc Motion Controller service provider 1999

Mitsubishi Drive and Motion Controller service provider 1999

UL Listed 508 panel shop provider since 1995

Reliance Electric Drive and Motor Specialist 1993

Served as Field Engineer that provided information to OSHA regarding safe lock out tag out procedures 1988


United States Department of Defense: DOD Army Contractor, Current and Valid US Passport

Airport Security Clearances as needed:


IABSC, International Association of Baggage Systems Companies Member 2008

Held position as Planning and Zoning Commissioner, Midlothian, Texas 1991-1992

ISA member 1993

Education:Texas State Technical Institute 1988

Obtained a Degree in Electronics Engineering Technology

Obtained a Degree in Industrial Engineering Technology

Additional Skills:
SkillExperience Level 1-10
ACAD and ACAD Electric9
MS Project Pro9
MS Word9
MS Excel9

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