Sr Piping Designer PDS

Name : Waldrop_Gary
Industry Type : Design Build Firms
City & State : Greer,SC
Job Title Sr Piping Designer PDS
Relocation Preferences : Open to any relocation
Objective : To continue having Design assignments: Contract / Direct short / long term - too gain, learn and improve in prior and future Engineering Process. Improve software skills as well travel in the US or overseas as needed.
Resume :  
Gary Waldrop
Sr. Piping Designer 2D/3D Cadd

Academic Qualifications:
Greenville Technical College: Mechanical Engineering, Piping Design I and II
Certified: PDMS 3D Equipment, Piping / Review, Intergraph PDS Piping, Isogen, Equipment and
Smart Plant Review. 2D/3D packages Microstation, 2D / 3D Omni Piping and Equipment
Packages, AutoCAD and Pro-Pipe and Facet / ISO / Plan packages.

Experience Summary:
Thirty years, experience in Process Piping, Twenty one years PDS, Twenty yrs as a contractor,
for the following facilities: Bio-Tech, Chemical, Pulp and Paper, Petro-Chemical, Tobacco,
Modular Piping Design, Pharmaceutical, Roll Mill, Plastics, Fiber Optic, Military, Nuclear/Weapon
grade Materials, DOE-Government Projects, Film Products, Environmental and other Industrial Projects.
Skill set in Piping Equipment and Support Design, Front-end layout , Checking, Field assistance,
Lead and Area Lead, Project Cadd Coordinator, training, Estimating , Detail Fabrication,
Stress Design for Flexibility / Constraints Details and Pelican Forge.

Professional Experience:
PeriodCompany, Position and Activities
Aug 2008 Day and Zimmermann, Greenville, SC contract 3D PDS
To CurrentClient; Tennessee Eastman / Kingsport, TN Piping, Equipment and ISOs for in existing
build for new Polymer line w/Jacket Dow Piping.

Nov 2007 Jacobs, Greenville, SC contract 3D PDS
Aug 2008Client; Chevron - Pascagoula, Mississippi Phase III Est. Layout and study for plus-minus
5-10% for a final Design Project in existing facility for Waste Clean-up.

Nov 2006 Day and Zimmermann, Greenville, SC contract 3D PDS
Nov 2007Client; Tennessee Eastman / Voridian England Piping, Equipment and ISOs for existing and
new Facility for Acetate Tow Expansion.

Jan 2006 Parsons, Aiken, SC contract 3D PDS
Nov 2006Client: DOE / SRS, SC, - Equipment, Piping Study / Design for new facility at
Savannah River; for Treatment of High Level Waste areas. disposal and storage of waste.

March 2004Lockwood Greene, Spartanburg, SC contract 3D PDS
Dec. 2005Clients: DuPont / Staley, TN, Bio-based for the Newest Polymer (Sorona); Equip. and
Piping Design, Support and ISOs.
Client: Eastman Chemical-Voridian, ); Equip. and Piping Design,
Support/ Pelican Forge Modeler and ISOs.

Nov. 2001 DCS (Duke Cogema Stone & Webster)
March 2004 Charlotte, NC contract Sr. Piping / Area Lead
Client: DCS / DOE, Area Piping Lead for 3D PDS MFFF Project, a France Process for New Multi-Billion
Dollar facility. Located at Savannah River to convert Weapons grade Plutonium into useable fuel for Nuclear Reactors.

May 2001 Jacob's, Cincinnati, Ohio - contract 3D PDS
Nov 2001Client: Genzyme, Production area High Purity and Equip.
Piping Design, Support and ISOs (Project pulled back re-scoped)

Jan. 2001 Washington Group, Birmingham, AL. - contract 3D PDS
May 2001Client: Corning OKC, Fibermaking Main Building High Purity and Equip.
piping Design, Support and ISOs. (Project shut down)

July 2000 Jacobs, Charleston, S.C. - contract 3D PDS
Jan.2001Client: OSI, Heat Transfer Systems Area, and Equip. Piping Design,
Support and ISOs, Modular Design.

Jan. 2000Raytheon, Birmingham, AL. - contract 3D PDS
July 2000Client: Corning Wilmington, AutoFill, Utilities Areas, Equip. Piping Design,
Support and ISOs.

March 1999Jacobs, Charleston, S.C. - contract 3D PDS Area Lead
Jan. 2000Client: Akzo Nobel, Liquids Area, and Equip. Piping Design,
Support and ISOs, Modular Design and Area Lead.

Feb. 1997Fluor Daniel, Greenville, S.C. - contract 3D PDS and PDMS
March 1999Client: Amgen, Filtratration, Formulation and Transfer, Equip. Piping Design,
Support and ISOs, in Clean and Utility Grey Area's, PDS.
Client: Merck, Loop and Clean Systems Distribution, WFI, RO, Clean Steam, Air,
Piping Design and Support, for Plant, PDMS.
Client: Monsanto, Formulation and Fill, Equip. Piping Design, Support, ISO's and
Product Path's, in Clean and Utility Grey Area's, PDS.

April 1996 Jacob's, Cincinnati, Ohio - contract 3D PDS
Feb. 1997Client: Genentech, S.F. Calif. Equip. Piping Design, Support
And ISO's for 80-Liter Fermenter, in Clean and Utility Grey Area's.

May 1995Fluor Daniel, Greenville, S.C. - contract 3D PDS
April 1996Client: Ciba, Phoenix Piping Design, Support and ISO's.
Truck-load/unloading, Cooling Tower, Chiller and Rack.

Jan 1995Simon's Greenville, S.C. - contract 3D PDS
May 1995Client: Champion Corp. Canton Mill, Design for plant upgrade, Equip.
Modeling, Process Piping Design Ortho, ISO extraction w/Inter., OMNI

Nov. 1993 Sandwell INC., Atlanta, GA. - contract 2D
Jan. 1995 Client: Temple Inland, Equip. Layout, Checking, Dry-end Piping and support Hot oil system.
Client: American Power Recyclers, Equip. Layout, Piping and Support
Wet-end Paper Machine and Boiler.

June 1992 Air Products, Greenville, S.C. - contract 2D/3D
Nov. 1993 Client: Air Products & Chemical, Fieldwork for plant upgrades, Multi projects,
In different phases of design and Construction. Responsibilities: Budget,
Design Piping, and support, O.R.I., Walkdown, Start-up, and over-see
Construction for Air Product's Management.

April 1992 Sandwell INC., Charlotte, N.C. - contract 2D
June 1992 Client: Virginia Fibers, Detail / Est. On recycle paper machine,
Preliminary Process Diagrams.

July 1991 Fluor Daniel, Greenville, S.C. - contract 2D
April 1992 Client: Tennessee Eastman, Tank farm layout and Piping designed on
Microstation Facet plan and ISO.
Client: Ashland Petroleum CO., Off-site upgrade, Fieldwork tie-ins,
Flare line routing, and ISO checking

March 1991 Sandwell INC., Atlanta, GA. - contract 2 and 2 1/2D
July 1991 Client: ITT Rayonier, Piping expansion / modification to blow heat area, Piping
Design, Support and Checking on ACAD. / Pro-Pipe.

Oct. 1989 Fluor Daniel, Greenville, S.C. - contract 2D/3D PDS
March 1991 Client: Dupont, Piping / CADD Layouts for modernization / upgrade of existing
Facility. Field work, Preliminary design on high-tech clean system.

May 1988 CRS Sirrine, Greenville, S.C. 2D
Oct. 1989 Client: Kodak, Piping design and support on high purity, sanitary system and
Process on CADD. Other duties, Material take-off, tie-in and checking on Intergraph.

Sept. 1985 Fluor Daniel, Greenville, S.C. 2D/3D
May 1988 Client: Fort Howard, Lead CADD / operator on grass root project layout /design,
Material handling waste treatment and paper machine.
Client: Celanese Fibers, Field assignment, consulting with APCO for redesign
Of polymer area, demolitions to existing equipment, modifications to other
Disciplines. Location of new equipment and DOW piping layout.
Client: Fluor / General Electric, Design, Field, Testing software, loading
Specifications, setting up company and Project Standards, Training operators on
Equipment and Piping on Intergraph 3D PDS Packages.

March 1985 CRS Sirrine, Greenville, S.C. 2D
May 1985 Clients: Rolling Green and Fort Drum Military Army Base, Layout of HVAC
And plumbing on Intergraph.

Sept. 1980 Daniel International, Greenville, S.C. 2D
March 1985 Clients: Kimberly Clark, Anaconda, Merck Barcelonta, Magcobar, various
Responsibilities with each client field assignments, tie-in and supports.
Designed Hydraulic Finishing area, Tank farm, jacketed piping and detailed,
Transitions to equipment. Daniel International / CADD operator in company's
First Computer graphics CADD system (core group). Training operators,
Customized Graphics for company and projects. Assisted in presentation and
demonstrations of CADD capabilities. Served as support for multiple projects
And disciplines. Checker for isometrics and bill of materials

Sept. 1978 J.E. Sirrine, Greenville, S.C.
Sept. 1980 Clients: Phillip Morris, Dow Badische, Catana, Kimberly Clark, Boise Southern,
Layout of Tobacco impregnation CO2 Storage, Tank farm, and Chillers.

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