Construction Manager

Name : Jimmy R. Davis
Industry Type : General Contractors - Managers
City & State : Deer Park,TX
Job Title Construction Manager
Relocation Preferences : Any
Objective : To whom it may concern:

I have years experience working in the construction and environmental remediation area. Through the years I have worked my way into a management role. I have worked mostly in the field traveling where ever the project takes me.

No matter what my title may be I work in any capacity that I am needed. I am willing adapt to a new position.

The majority of the projects that I have worked on have been company self performed fixed price projects

I have worked from the estimate through project closeout. I have been accountable for SAFETY, budget, schedule on all of my projects. My last title was Senior Construction Manager however I worked in any position I was needed supervisor, safety, equipment operator etc. My experience is hands on. I worked on mostly fixed price projects.

I understand the company has to make money in order for all to have jobs.

I will accommodate my schedule to meet yours. I think I would make a great fit and I welcome the opportunity for a personal interview.

Goal: To bring my vast experience and to have a positive impact on the company to be mutually fulfilling for both my employer and I.

Thank you for your consideration for a position within your company.

Jimmy Davis

Resume :  

                                                                                                                           JIMMY RAY DAVIS

                                                          Construction Manager/ Superintendent



Goal: I would like to be able to utilize my many years of job experience in a position that would be mutually satisfying for both my employer and I.


Education Background and Training


OSHA 40 HOUR Hazardous Waste Training and Yearly Updates 1987 through 2010

OSHA Supervisor Training   

The Art of Project Management Seminar, 1991


Work Experience

         Construction Manager, Jacobs Field Services, Kingston, TN (2009 to 2010


         Senior Construction Manager, URS Construction Services, Houston, TX (2000 to 2008)

         Senior Project Superintendent, Four Seasons Environmental, Greensboro, NC (1997 to 2000)

         Operations Supervisor, IT Corporation, Houston, TX (1992 to 1997)

         Site Superintendent, TRW Environmental Services, Houston, TX (1991 to 1992)

         Supervisor / Operator, ENSR Constructors, Houston, TX (1989 to 1991)

         Supervisor / Operator, Rollins Environmental Field Services, Chaddsford, PA (1985 to 1989)

         Heavy Equipment Operator, John Kraak Excavating and Trucking Inc. (1968 to 1985)


I have years of on-site experience, primarily in construction and hazardous waste. I have a broad experience in dirt work, hazardous waste removal, and knowledge of heavy equipment. In addition, I have worked in most of the Gulf Coast refineries, and have worked on several Superfund sites across the United States, including sludge stabilization, drum removal, demolition, and UST removals etc.


I have had the opportunity to be involved with projects from the beginning estimate through completion of the project.  Some of my responsibilities have included: tracking costs, accountability of the budget, scheduling, establishing and maintaining quality of work, and ensuring safety of employees. I take pride in my ability to give the client what they pay for, in addition to, making a profit for the company I work for and to complete the work SAFELY.

  • Team Player-Self Starter-Dependable-Determined-Competent
  • I always have a Plan B.-Always thinking of a more Productive way to do each task.-Willing to listen to anyone as to how to do each task better.
  • Each task can be Competed Safely and on time.-Come to work Mentally and Physically able to work.- Think before you act.-Use the right tool for the for the job at hand.-Watch out for your co-worker.
  • Willing to Travel and work for extended periods of time anywhere.


      Jacobs Field FED/OPS Projects:


  • TVA-Kingston, TN- Construction Manager-Overseen subcontractors on  Coal ASH Recovery of approximately .3 million cy of coal ash (see u-tube for video coverage.) Subcontractor used 3 dredges-2- 17 dredges and 1-20 dredge to dredge river. They pumped approximately 15,000 CYy of ash daily to Rim Ditch where ash was dipped using large excavators and placed in settling basins the length of the rim ditch. The basins were dipped once the ash had drained off some water. Then the ash was moved to rows to dry to below 25% before the ash was loaded on rail cars for disposal. Ash that bypassed Rim Ditch went to Sluice Ditch it was excavated by Excavators and Clam-buckets. It was placed into cells behind equipment where it was loaded into ORTS and hauled to Ball-field to be processed into rows until it was acceptable to load on rail cars for disposal.

Ash that bypassed the Sluice Ditch went to the ASH Pond. TVA Dredges pumped this ash to 12- Filter Presses that processed approximately 2,000cy per day.

    This was a successful Project. (Managed Subcontractors)



URS Construction Service Projects:


Boston, MA - SC3- Safety Operations Supervisor overseen  subcontractors  on certain portions of a Conoco /Phillips Project including mixing soils, excavation up to and around condominiums and an apartment building, removing contaminated soil, replacing the soil, sprinkler systems , electrical, sidewalks, parking lot, and plants, etc.. (Managed Subcontractors)

This was a successful project.


Westlake, LA- managed an EDC chemical cleanup on the West Ditch Project for a major chemical company. This was a Level B- PPE project with a crew of more than 50 men on site. (Managed Subcontractors)


Orange, TX- managed a 24-acre sanitary landfill for a paper mill. I managed of 10 to 40 people on site. (This was self-performed fixed price project.)


Pasadena, TX- managed a 20-acre landfill cap. The job entailed rebuilding cells to hold water to be treated onsite. We capped cells as they came available. (This was a self-performed fixed price project.)


FEMA, Baton Rouge LA, (through URS Corp.) After Hurricane Lily, worked as debris monitor. I inspected areas where trucks were loaded with debris, as well as the landfill where debris was disposed of.


Texas Eastman Chemical Co., Longview, TX- managed construction of a hazardous waste cell. This included soil removal and placement, and liner installation; two liners primary and a secondary. Leak tests were performed on both liners. I oversaw subcontractors who installed electricical, a leachate collection system, pumps, and instrumentation.


Gulf Coast Waste Authority, Texas City, TX- managed a crew of 10 to 30 men on a project that involved constructing three new waste cells, and capping ten existing waste cells. We installed leachate piping and oversaw subcontractors installing electrical and instrumentation to operate the leachate system. (This was a self-performed fixed price project.)



Four Seasons Environmental Projects:


North Sanitary Landfill, Dayton Ohio- managed a crew of 20 men at a 105-acre landfill. The project consisted of removing, staging, sampling hazardous water drums, and soil to 26 depth, and disposing of waste accordingly. Extensive air monitoring was required, as homes were located on every side of the site.  (This was a self-performed project.)


Fultz Landfill Cap, PRP Group, Byesville, Ohio- managed 14 men on 21-acre landfill cap and 16-acre borrow area. The Area consisted of tree removal and disposal, removing and relocating 5,000 cubic yards of waste, reshaping landfill, placing 6 sand layer,  GCL, 40 mil LLDPE liner, geocomposite a 2 clay liner, a gas vent system, and leachate collection system were also installed  and 6 of topsoil.

                                      (This was a self-performed fixed price project.)



IT Corporation Projects:


Fina, Port Arthur, TX; Bioremediation Project- Site Manager for installation of French Drain. He ordered supplies and equipment, supervised crew, and operated excavator digging the French Drain.

                   (This was a self-performed fixed price project.)


Tennessee Gas Company, Meter Station Remediation, Tennessee and Virginia- Crew leader for PCB, PAH, BETEX, and Mercury assessment and remediation of 78 meter stations.

                                       (This was a self-performed project.)


Phillips Puerto Rican Core, Puerto Rico- Site Manager during removal of approximately 4,200 cubic yards of waste. I managed the site and operated the equipment 50% of the time to relieve the operator.

                                         (This was a self-performed fixed price project)


Phohl Brothers Landfill, PRP Group, Cheektowaga, NY- Site Superintendent over 150-acre landfill to remove approximately 10,000 buried drums. I supervised 20-man crew in drum removal, over packing drums hazcatting waste, shredding of drums, and waste consolidation for disposal. (This was a self-performed fixed price project.)


Exxon Plastics, Mont Belleview, TX-Pond Closure- Supervisor/ Operator- Mixed approximately 1,600 cubic yards of lime sulfide sludges in place and loaded for offsite disposal. The pond was backfilled and regraded.  (This was a self-performed fixed price project.)



TRW Environmental Projects:


ENRON, Manvel, TX- Oxidation Pond Closure- Project Superintendent-in place stabilization of 10,000 cubic yards of chromium-contaminated sludges and placed 3 clay cap over area once stabilized.

                                         (This was a self performed fixed price project.)


ENSR Projects:


Continental Airlines, Hobby Airport, Houston, TX- UST Removal- 11 tanks ranging in sizes from 3,000-gallons to 30,000-gallons was removed.     (This was a self performed fixed price project.)


French Ltd. - Superfund Site, Crosby, TX- Site Manager responsible for devising a plan for remediation of the wetland area. The plan included the transfer of sludge from one side of 15 high sheet pile wall to the lagoon on the inside of the sheet pile wall. This was accomplished by loading watertight dump trucks, which dumped into watertight transfer box that was buried. A clam bucket transferred the sludge to a slide that was placed against the sheet pile wall and extended into the lagoon. A 2 PVC water line was attached to the slide and a steady flow of water kept the sludges flowing into the lagoon.  (This was a self performed fixed price project.)



Rollins Field Services Projects:


Bros Superfund Site, US Army Corp of Engineers, Bridgeport, NJ- Supervisor / Operator of demolition of 100 tanks ranging in size from 5,000 gallon to 1,000,000 gallon. Four buildings and various concrete pads were also demolished. (This was self-performed fixed price project.)


Koppers, Atlanta, Georgia- Supervisor / Operator in charge of 10 men working inside a warehouse dumping 17,000 drums of Arsenic Trioxide in R-O-BS and mixing with cement kiln dust for disposal. Large heavy equipment was used.  (This was a self-performed fixed price project.)


Lancaster IU Landfill, Honeybrook, PA- Operations Supervisor for 10 acre landfill that involved installation 2 clay cap, a 60 mil PVC Liner, with 4 pvc drainpipe, 12 sand layer, geotextile filter fabric, 18 of cover, and 6 of topsoil. Area was hydro seeded. We also placed 2,000-linear feet of Gabion Baskets filled with 4 stones for erosion control in diversion channels.  (This was a self-performed fixed price project.)


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