PDS piping designer

Name : Greg Meckus
Industry Type : Engineers
City & State : Palm Bay,FL
Job Title PDS piping designer
Relocation Preferences : United States
Objective : To secure a position as a PDS 3D Piping Designer with an Engineering Firm that has Intergraph PDS system (Microstation 7.3) and IT software support.
Resume :  
Gregory J. Meckus
1150 Emerald Road SE
Palm Bay, FL 32909
(321) 536-5871 (cell)

To secure a position as a PDS 3D Piping Designer with an Engineering Firm that has Intergraph PDS system (Microstation 7.3) and IT software support.

Over 30 years experience in Engineering CADD operations, highlighted with the following:
- Expertise in 3D Modeling, Geopak, P-Arch and system/station management with Microstation.
Proficient in PDS Piping Design, Equipment Modeling & Isometric Extraction.
- Proficient in the use of many supported operating and graphics packages.
- Total project coordination with Engineers / I T.
- Training of personnel in the usage of Microstation, plus shift supervision and scheduling.
- Employed through contracting firms to expedite production.
- Highly adaptable, motivated and self-directed; autonomous but an enthusiastic team player.


PDS 3D Piping Designer
Day & Zimmermann, Greenville, SCJune, 2007 to Dec, 2008 (JSG contract)

I first was involved with the design and development of a polymer process for Eastman Chemical in Columbia, SC. Initially I implemented the 3D design of the material handling system for the final product that entailed the redistribution of the silo facilities (4 silos) to create a segregated system of 8 pipe with minimum 5 foot radius bends from the process facility to storage and then to the distribution station. Segregated one of the three distribution silos from the others and creating a new set of supply outlets to the bulk and seabulk truck loaders plus the box loader area located in another area. This included creating the existing condition in a 3D modeling area by doing multiple field surveys and using IFC design documents.

After finishing this part of the project I was given multiple small bore process & utility lines to run throughout the plant. The work process was followed as before with the addition of updating the existing overall 3D model area as pertaining to my pipe runs. Then I was assigned to track ISOs issued verses P&ID and line list to finalize the completion of the project.

My next project was for Eastman Chemical in Kingsport, TN. It is also a polymer process that is using existing equipment, storage tanks and related process equipment. After being involved with the start up material estimating, my main focus was two of the four existing main process storage tanks and all the piping, pumps and stations associated with them. The PDS creation of the Tank farm and all existing steel structures with the Structural designer through site visits. The use of jacketed pipe and pressure relief valves to the condensers and scrubbers. The running of pipelines from the tank farm to the reactors in the building. Responsible for full coordination of work with all other engineering disciplines. Modify P&IDs as per the actual existing conditions that are presented in the field. Coordinating pipe support detailing along with line and tie-in list updating.

In the year and a half I have been with Day & Zimmermann my PDS skills have considerably improved, but my working knowledge of pipe and all its facets will be a never ending learning experience.

My previous job experience with piping design has been only with a 2D format. At my job with Parsons, I was the support man to the senior piping designer in updating and revising the isometric's, plans and sections drawings as per modified P&ID's. With this experience I gained a rudimentary understanding of the layout and implementation of piping systems. Spent considerable time working on the pipe support design for the 22 internal air handling units for the facility. Taking his advice I have gone to Intergraph for the 3D piping training to facilitate working in a true 3D design package. PDS is a comprehensive 3D environment and is where my essential CAD design knowledge can best be utilized.

Ive constructed detailed models in microstation 3D environment when specialized support software wasnt available. My multi-discipline ability has been an advantage for the companies I have worked for in the past, I would like to become skilled at 3D piping design to get involved in the original discipline I was going to college for Mechanical Engineering.

PDS Training at Intergraph in Huntsville, Alabama from March 12 through the 23, 2007.
I have COMPLETED the training classes consisting of:


Civil/Site/Piping/Electrical/Structural Microstation Designer
Y12 - HEUMF Nuclear Facility
Parsons Engineering, Oak Ridge, TNMay 2005 to Feb. 2007 (HKA contract)

Assigned to take a set of 60% drawings for a high security perimeter fenced area and advance them to there completion. Modification to the existing site plans, profiles and details. Working with the client and other disciplines to achieve this goal. The project entailed the upgrading of the structural retaining walls; security fencing that bordered the area and the locating of all security sensors to be used in the perimeter bed. The regrading of the area around the perimeter to accommodate the client's new security standards and parking lot adjacent to security area. Revised the drainage to facilitate these upgrades. Also, helped out with Structural and Architectural needs for the on-site contractor.

With the submittal of the Civil Engineering package, I had been working with the Electrical, Structural & Piping Engineers to reach their 100% completion of the High Security fence and building systems. Then worked on an overall review and modification to the piping layout and redesign in respect to structural supports and accessibility of pipe to the air handling units which encompasses 22 internal units. Reviewed and coordinated all P&ID's with Isometric's, plans and sections in a 2-D environment.

I concluded my assignment with the coordination of all documents to be finalized and delivered to the client. This entailed a complete set of signed and stamped drawings and a clean electronic set with all erroneous information removed from all 1400 files. Standardized element leveling was a crucial part of this process.

Civil Roadway Microstation Designer (GEOPAK)

Metric Engineering, Winter Park, FL
Jan. 2004 - April 2005 (Direct employee)
Nov. 2002 - Dec. 2003 (Technipower contract)

Architectural Microstation Designer:

Fluor Corporation, Greenville, SC
May 2002 - October 2002 (TRS contract)

Earl Swensson Associates, Nashville, TN
January 2002 - April 2002 (direct contract)
June 2001 - December 2001(ATSI contract)

Washington Group, Birmingham, AL
Dec. 2000 - May 2001(Tech Plus contract)

B E & K Engineering Company, Birmingham, AL
March 2000 - Nov. 2000 (ATSI contract)

Miami / Dade Community College; Miami, FL
Associate Degree in Mechanical Engineering - 1985.

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