Name : asfaqueahmed59
Industry Type : Engineers
Relocation Preferences : willing to relocate
Objective : I am B.E civil and have 25 years (10 years in GULF & 15 years in INDIA) experience in project management, quality control, quality assurance and handling claims, inspection, approvals, project monitoring, studying claims, arbitration, construction and contract implementation of civil engineering projects. I have worked in development and construction of the engineering college of Is lamia institute of engineering, Bangalore I have worked both in consultancies and contracting companies. I have worked in OIL AND GAS PLANT FOR 11 YEARS AND IN U.A.E,KUWAIT,SAUDI ARABIA and INDIA.
. I have executed /handled construction and maintenance, of CONCRETE REPAIR OF STRUCTURS FOR THE CONTRACT OF ABU DHABI GAS INDUSTRIES LTD.ABU DHABI, CONSTRUCTION OF GRAVITY DAMS, AQUADUCTS,IRRIGATION CANALS,SPILL WAYS, outlet works, embankment dams, service reservoirs.
I have handled management of projects like maintenance of jetty road, fencing work,roads,infrastructurs,villas,flats,community centers, college campus development,masjid,development of parks, formation of residential lay outs,roads,water supply works, and industrial projects.
I have worked in Kuwait Oil Company, KUWAIT, for eight years, and handled contract projects for abu dhabi oil and gas industries for 2 years, have knowledge of work in petroleum and oil and gas company.
I have completed Test Of English As A Foreign Language (TOEFL) with 540 marks.

Resume :  
M. Ashfaque Ahmed
#47, 3rd Cross, 1st Stage,
Pillanna Garden,
Bangalore = 560084.
Tel : (0091)=80=25465632
Mobil: 0091-80-9902726390
Email : asfaqueahmed59[at]


Objecive; To seek a challenging position in a Civil Construction Companies, consultanties to invest all my professional expertise and valueable experience in order to contrubite to the sucess and growth of the orginization I work for and to develop my career to an optimum level.
Personal and Professional Profile :
Bachelor Of Engineering (Civil)
Confident dedicated, hardworking, adpatable,quick learner and grasping power
Adaptibility to any situation and ability to withstand work pressure
Proactive, Self motivated and can perform work without supervision
Developed strong inter personal skills and have contrubited to the development of productive work relationship
Have fruitful relationship with clients
Having a strong project management background in executing projects with good stragities
Flair for interacting with people and establising instant rapport with clients
Consistency in producing quality work with professionalism and dedication
Capable of meeting deadlines with ease and effitency
Ability to learn quickly and adapt to changing enviorments
Proven ability to train, develop and maintain a team of professionals
Holding a valid Indian Drving Licence and an expired Kwait Licence
Professional Experence
Job Profile :
Responsible for ensuring weekly & monthly targets are achived , Handled quantity surveying for different porojects.
Responsible for project management involving handling the junior team members and labour management
Cordinate with senior and junior team members for maximium productivity
Analysing day to day project requirmrnt
Conducting detailed discussions with the team members peridocally on the new issues
Handling performance management plan and apprisials of the team regularly tracing any problem area in execution of a project and solving them
Motivating staff and encouraging them to work to deadlines
Working on achiving weekly and monthly targets
Projects Handeled :
november 2008 to APRIL 2009
SENIOR PROJECT ENGINEER ,Southern Builders,Bangalore
Completed construction of new irrigation canal for Hagri Dam Project . Work involved excavation in different soil conditions,like gravel,black cotton soil,rock, lining the sides and the bed with concrete, work under taken from chainage 20.000 kms to 25.000 kms, cost of the project 1crore inr.
Incharge of tendering and contract implimentation and quantity survey ,of projects like villas and releated works ,road works,water supply works
works ,road works,water supply works
june 2006 to november 2008
Worked as senior project engineer for engineering maintanence company Abu Dhabi for 2006 civil works paekage gasco ruwaice and 2007civil works package asab.Handled project managmenr and implimentation of concrete repair works, Total value of work 13 million uae dhirams. Time 18months work involved repair to 3.5 km jetty road, construction of 1.5km drainage channel,800 mt fencing work, construction of office building. Worked in Gas plant involved in major concrete repair works,water proofing work,maintanence of lean gas plant.
feburary 2000 to june 2006 : Southern Buliders
SENIOR CIVIL ENGINEER, 1.Maintanence/Construction of Residintal building in Jamahal Bangalore built up area 500 sq mts, value of work Rs 150,00,000/- time duration 9 months , RCC structure.
2.Residinatl building in HBR layout Bangalore, Built up area 400 sq mts., value of work Rs.135,00,000/- time duration 9 months.
3.Construction of Hostel Block for Islamia Institute Of Technology Bangalore, Built up area 1350 sq mts value of work Rs.50,15,00,000/- time duration 2 years.
4. Residintal building in Pillani Garden Bangalore built up area 750 sq mts, value of work Rs 67,50,000/- time duration 1 year 6 months , RCC structure. Ground plus 2 stories.
5. Construction of 500 mts aquaduct over Hagri River cost of the project Rs.50,00,000/- duration of the project 1 year.
6. Execution of Irrigation cannal, excavation and lining work of left bank canal of mid pennar dam, cost of the the project Rs 160,00,000/- work from chainage 13.250 t0 14.250 and 15.000 to 17.000 kms. Excavation of different soil like gravel, black cotton soil, silt, rock, etc. Size stone mansonary lining of both banks and plastring 20 mm thick 15 cms concerete bed in 1:3:6 concetre
7.Construction of gravity dam from chainage 610 to 671 mts and chainage 970 to 1020 mts of penna ahobilam balancing resivor. Cost of the project Rs. 5,25,00,000/-
8, Construction of Aquaduct over Mid Pennar River, Length 2.5 kms, cost of construction inr 1.25 crs,time 1 year
Feb 1992 to Feb 2000 : Kuwait Oil Company ,KUWAIT.
Construction Engineer
1. Implementation of contract - maintanence/Renovation and modification of Hubara centre (community centre) value of work KD 375,000/- duration 12 months, work involved sports facilites like squash court, four tennis courts, swimming pool, Interior works like plastring tile fixing, false ceiling. Development of childerns play area, landscaping work renovation of 3000 sq mts of the community building. Passing invoice for payment.
2. Devlopment of parks in Ahmadi 5 number parks for the company, value of work KD 40.000/-, duration 6 months. Supplying and fixing new childrens play equipment, constructing concetre boundatry wall, changing the sand bed.
3. Maintanence of 5 residintal buildings, average 400 sq mts total 2000 sq mts built up, cost of the project KD 1,00,000, duration 12 months, RCC structure
4. Construction of 12 nos residential buildings. Built up area 5400 mts sq, cost of the project KD210,000. Duration of work 12 months.
5, Water proofing work for church, 15 no. buildings.
6, Maintanence of 3 no. industrial sheds ,work include flooring,painting, reroofing, changing structural steel menbers of roof.
7, Foundation and installation of heavy machinary
8, construction of industrial shed for maintanence department , period of contract 18 monyhs,cost 1800,000 kd.
9. Construction of Masjid ABUBAKER SADIQUE, cost 1.9 million kd, duration 1 year RCC structure.
10.. Maintanence of Faheel residntial villas 16 nos. cost 2.8 million kd. Duration 18 months.
11, Residintal flats Fintas ground plus 6 stories cost 2 million kd Duration 2 years.
1986 to 1992 Southern Builders Bangalore,
Senior Engineer Projects.
1. Construction of two number residinatl buildings in Basavangudi, Bangalore
a. Residintal building built up 300 sq mts, cost Rs.55,00,000/-, duration 9 months
b.Residintal building, build up 400 sq mts, cost Rs80,00,000/- duration 1 year
2 Construction of Residintal building in btm layout Bangalore built up area 260 sq mts, cost of the project Rs92,00,000/-, duration 1 year.
3.Formatioin of layout for teachers colony at Hedge nagar Bangalore. Formation of roads residintal sites of dimension 30'X40' and 40' X 60'. Total of 250 sites in 6 aceres of land.
4. Construction of water bound maca dam road 16 kms for private layout cost Rs 90,00,000/- Duration 1 year.
5, Fencing work for Ghousia College Of Engineering Ramnagar.
6, Construction of Irrigation canal for Tunga Badhra project 3.5 kms , work included excavation, concrete lining , cost of project 1crs. Inr,time one year.
1985 to 1986 Al Zahir Establishment, Yambu, KSA
Construction Engineer
Completed construction of 12 residintal buildings in Yambu, KSA. Total built up area 7000 sq mts. Each building approximately 500 sq mts cost of the projects 16 million SR. Duration 1 year. RCC Structure.
1983 to 1985 Islamia Instutite of Technology, Bangalore
COnstruction Engineer

1. Construction of civil engineering block built up area 1500 sq mts. cost Rs.90,00,000/- duration 1 year. Ground plus first floor. RCC structure.
2. Coinstruction of mechanical engineering block built up 750 sq mts. cost of the project 50,00,000/- duration 6 months.
3. Construction of compound wall 3500 running mts, cost Rs13,50,000/- duration 6 months.
4. Formation of water bound macadam road 4kms length, cost Rs 16,00,000/-. 10 cms soling course 4cms wearing course.
Expected salary : kuwaity dinar 2000 per month (negotiable)
Educational qulification:
Bachelor of Engineering civil from Bangalore University= 1983
Completed TOEFL with 540 marks.
Computer skills
well versed in the usage of MS word MS excel and Auto cad
Project and training
Report writing= completed in june 1996
Defensive driving course completed successfully
Language skills
English,hindi,urdu,kannada and arabic
Personal details
Date of birth 14 july 1959
Nationality Indian
Gender Male
Marital status Married
Driving Licence valid light vehicle Indian licence
Passport details
Passport No; E 6016170
Place of issue Bangalore
Issued on 23 october 2003
Expiry date 24 october 2013
1 m/s Jalaluddin S M 2 Mr. Abdul Kareem Amjad
general manager electric engineer
m/s atlas plastic factory door no 42/3 mosque road
DUBAI UAE Basvangudi Bangalore 560004
Tele +971504563184 0091-80-26570344

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