Name : Caleb Havens
Industry Type : Highway - Heavy Contractors
City & State : Cheyenne,Wy
Job Title Operator
Relocation Preferences : Wyoming
Objective : My objective is to find a job operating heavy equipment. I am willing to travel.
Resume :  
Caleb Havens 3333 Alexander Ave Cheyenne
(307) 220-8301

Experience _
04/ 2008 11/2008 High Country Construction
2077 N Second St Lander Wy. (307) 332-4933
Operated a 740 Cat haul truck, 980 loader, and 350 excavator. Placed grade stakes for D-6 Cat.

12/2007 4/2008 Innovative Structural Solutions, INC.
1209 Ahrens Ave. (307)635-6029
Supervisor; Kevin Walsh
Carpenters Apprentice. Framed and finished basements. Demolished and remodeled hospital, while using contamination control. Comfortable with all power tools.

07/ 2007 11/2007 High Country Construction
2077 N Second St. Lander Wy. (307) 332-4933
Supervisor; Kevin Walsh
Operated a 740 Cat haul truck. Hauled three inch to three foot rock over a mountain road of seven and a half miles.

01/2007 06/2007 Grey Wolf Drilling
10370 Richmond Ave. Suite 600 Houston, Texas
While working on the oil rig I; helped maintain, clean, and paint. Helped in ma king ninety foot pipe connections and disconnections. Fixed and maintain all motorized equipment. Loaded and unloaded pipe with front end loader. Worked twelve hour shifts with five others to achieve drill depth.

03/ 2006 12/2006 High Country Construction 2077 N Second St. Lander Wy. (307) 332-4933
Supervisor; Kevin Walsh.
I worked as a laborer for three months, fixing silt fence, and placing grade stakes. I was promoted to operator and was assigned to make road grade by transferring materials with a 637 Cat scrapper. Loaded 3inch 3foot rock with, 980 Cat loader.


Graduated 2005 Lander Valley High School


Character Reference: Charlie Boodleman........ 307-332-6463

Character Reference: David Hall ...850-897-4095

Site Supervisor: Kevin Walsh........307-332-4933
High Country Construction

Shop Supervisor: Glen Troster..307-332-4933
High Country Construction

More references available upon request

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