Name : JeffreyALosey
Industry Type : Electrical Contractors
City & State : Long Beach,CA
Job Title Electrician
Relocation Preferences : NV,MI,FL,LA or within CA
Objective :
Resume :  
Jeffrey A. Losey
Long Beach, CA 90805
CA State Electrician Certification-ID #141487G

Experience building and installing explosion proof Cooper Crouse-Hinds motor controls, EJBs & Power Distribution. Commitment to providing consistent rock solid results for my employer at all times. Proven track record for pushing forward in an ever changing market requiring more results with less time and more codes to follow. I recently graduated from an Instrumentation program. Safety always being the main concern of Employers, OSHA and families, I have received some additional safety training courses based on the Industrial workplace.

2003-2009 ELECTRICIAN Lantern Electric Long Beach, CA
Started out doing very small side work, by word of mouth I now do full resi/comm rewires as side work I use to supplement my income. When work is slow I take up with Lantern FT. Commercial and Residential Work,
Tenant Improvement and New Construction Design, Layout and Installation
Power and Lighting Circuits, Panels, Shuttoffs, Switches and other Devices. As well as underground and overhead Service Entry, Main Distribution/sub-panel Installation.

2005-2007 ELECTRICIAN S.D. ELECTRIC Simi Valley, CA
New Construction Electrician for Residential and Commercial Accounts
Troubleshooting and Repair of Branch, Dedicated Circuits, Equipment and Fixture Service and Distribution Panel Upgrades and Sub-Panels Installation. Organized fixture/part overflow so that we had 70% reduction in waste. Experienced in reading Blueprints/Drawings (P/ID)and Schematics of Wiring Installation, New Equipment, Devices and Hardware. Underground and Overhead Service Entry, Main Distribution and Sub-Panel Installation. Meggers,Ammeters, Voltmeters, Digital Multi Meters and other testing/survey equipment.

2003-2005 ELECTRICIAN Robert Cook Electric Simi Valley, CA
Revamped installation procedures so we marked a 30% increase in profit in only 3months on our Residential Accounts and 10% on Commercial accounts. Tenent Improvement and New Construction Design, Layout and Electrical Installation Power and Lighting Circuits, Panels, shuttoffs, Switches and other Devices. Experienced in reading Blueprints/Drawings and Schematics of Wiring Installation, New Equipment, Devices and Hardware Overhead Service Entry, Main Distribution and Sub-Panel Installation

1995-2003 Electrician California Finishers Grand Rapids,MI &Simi Valley,CA
Starting as an Appr. I learned fast how to rope romex and do layout for Lights, fans, boxs & panels in an almost completely residential environment. This atmosphere allowed me to shine greatly performing work closely guided by masters of the trade. In under 2yrs I was entrusted to work unsupervised and started to supervise the other trades as well. Accomplished such superior work for this employer I was awarded regular bonuses for wrapping up on time and within budget.

College of Instrument Technology Bellflower, CA Process Instrumentation/calibration
Electrical and Process Control/Calibration

Key Training Instrumentation; bench chk/cal and field test/cal
Electronics, controllers, sensors, transmitters, and recorders. Hands on experience with Explosion Proof Designs of X-mitters, Controllers,
and all forms of PEs and FEs.

Key Experience - Sizing and configuration of electrical systems in residential premises wiring. Pool/outdoor lighting automation and controls for water works such as fountains/decorative ponds. Installation of switch gear and Emergency Power back up systems and automation with Lutron Homeworks. Industrial Explosion Proof motor control and EJB for Hazardous Areas in Petro/Chem field.

Diploma, Instrumentation & Electrical Maintenance
RSO- current until 05/30/2010
40Hour HAZWOPER (OSHA 29 CFR 1910.120)
8hour Confined Space, Competent Person & Superviser

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