Senior Estimator

Name : james.ross.taylor
Industry Type : Engineers
City & State : Houston,TX
Job Title Senior Estimator
Relocation Preferences : TX
Objective : Obtain a construction estimating job.
Resume :  
James Ross Taylor
2006 Wildbrook Canyon Lane Katy, TX 77449
(281) 755-6969

MSM: Masters in Science of Management with an Emphasis in International Business 2007
Troy University, Troy, AL

BS: Bachelors of Science Engineering Technology with an Emphasis in Construction Management 2003
Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro, TN

3/08 to Present Senior Estimator WorleyParsons Limited: Responsible for producing estimates for oil/gas refinery construction projects.
Maintained project schedules and worked with the schedulers in order to keep the estimating group on track.
Assisted the project team with managing project progress and keeping the client informed by writing weekly
progress reports.
Utilized Icarus Project Manager (IPM) and in house quotes in order to price mechanical equipment.
Conceptually estimated the electrical scope for industrial buildings and process units utilizing engineering design
techniques and AutoCAD (i.e. developed electrical one lines from load lists).
Managed information flow for projects as The Project Coordinator and ensured that the estimating leads and
disciplines received the information required to complete estimates.
Assisted the lead electrical estimator in producing +50/-5 study estimates.

7/07 to 3/08 Estimator Shaw Group Inc.: Responsible for producing estimates for oil/gas refinery construction contracts.
Utilized Microsoft excel templates to perform Home Office Estimates.
Assisted Project Estimators in Total Installation Cost (TIC) Estimates/Studies.
Assisted The Lead Electrical Discipline Estimator in producing an Electrical Data Base for the company.
Performed Electrical Material Take Offs (MTOs) by reading Project Blueprints/Technical Documents.
Produced Change Orders for projects due to variations in the project scope.
Reviewed man hour unit rates and made corrections to facilitate more accurate estimates.
Meeting with vendors to establish base line pricing and multipliers for current pricing.
Meeting with head of electrical engineering/designers to standardize MTO procedures.

6/06 to 4/07 - Estimator Global Offshore International, Limited: Responsible for producing estimates for offshore oil construction contracts.
Contacted oil companies in an effort to develop future business opportunities.
Organized bidding documents into the required form of tender for the client.
Maintained good communication with sub-contractors and internal company points of contact in order to obtain critical
project information.
Obtained Requests For Pricing (RFQs) from sub-contractors, maintained good communication, evaluated the
technical/commercial aspects of sub-contractor's RFQs and decided the best course of action.
Produced Order of Magnitude Estimates (OMEs) Preliminary estimates for clients).
Developed projects for hand over to the project management team.
Assisted The Mid-East Mediterranean Team in bidding a $250 Million dollar Engineering Procurement Installation and
Construction Project (EPIC) for The (GASCO) Abu Dhabi Gas Industries Limited Pipeline Project.

5/03 to 6/06 - Military Construction Experience: Accountable for numerous construction projects during time in service.
Constructed the Battery Operations Center (BOC) for 1-9 Field Artillery and utilized prefabricated materials provided by
Kellogg Brown and Root (KBR).
Reduced The Forward Operating Base (FOB) Striker foot print in order to increase The Iraqi Army area of responsibility.
In charge of the overall project/maintained a big picture perspective and ensured quality assurance/quality control.
Supervised United States Army Soldiers, Local Content, and KBR Contractors and maintained accountability for
Maintained area security at all times while working in a combat zone.
Tracked/reported project progress to The Chain of Command every 12 hours.

3/01 to 12/01 - Estimator Wall Constructors: Responsible for producing estimates for dry wall sub-contracts.
Identified potential projects and gathered bid documentation/building plans from general contractors.
Learned and utilized Timberline estimating software to produce accurate estimates.
Communicated effectively with clients, general contractors, and sub-contractors to ensure project milestones were achieved.

1/97-to 8/99 - Scott Barret Residential Construction: Hands on experience as a carpenter with a residential contractor.
Assisted with surveying/building forms/pouring slab foundations and footers.
Framed houses to include hanging dry wall, roofing and finish carpentry.

SUMMARY: I have been involved in construction for a number of years. I have worked with masons and assisted with constructing scaffolding, mixing concrete, and laying block. I have worked for commercial electrical contractors and assisted with rewiring commercial buildings. I had the chance to work with a major general contractor that built/poured foundations for commercial buildings. I was a member of The Carpenters Union in Nashville, TN where I worked on a JcPenny build out and attended construction classes at night.

OTHER: Skilled in computers: Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project, AutoCAD, Timberline, Aspen K-Base

Project List

I. Project-Petrobras COMPERJ
Estimate Type-Basic +30/-5 and FEED +15/-5
Jobsite-Rio de janeiro, Brazil
Scope of Work- Grass Roots Installation of 91 Process Units
Total Contract Value-Confidential
Position-Project Coordinator/Assistant Electrical Estimator :
-Priced mechanical equipment.
-Communicated with the engineering group in order to clarify technical issues.
-Obtained current baseline pricing from electrical suppliers.
-Performed conceptual estimating on cable, conduit, cable tray, grounding, lighting & power circuits by developing one lines from
load lists.
-Calculated cable and conduit size for circuits to verify accuracy of designers.
-Acted as The Project Coordinator and assisted the lead estimator in managing the project team.

II. Project-Marathon Petroleum Company-Texas City DHT
Company-Shaw Group Inc.
Client-Marathon Petroleum Company (MPC)
Estimate Type-Non-Binding FEL III +/- 10% Estimate
Jobsite-Texas City, Texas
Scope of Work- Grass Roots Installation of DHT Unit
Total Contract Value-Confidential
-Track changes in The Equipment List
-Communicate with the engineering group in order to clarify technical issues.
-Obtained current baseline pricing from electrical suppliers.
-Performed material take off on cable, conduit, cable tray, grounding, lighting and power circuits.
-Calculated cable and conduit size for circuits to verify accuracy of designers.
-Screened specifications and compared material for compliance.
-Compiled material from details with pricing and labor.

III. Project-Exxon Mobile SOP 2
Company-Shaw Group Inc.
Client-Exxon Mobile
Estimate Type-Lump Sum Total Installation Cost (TIC)
Jobsite-Jurong Island, Singapore
Scope of Work-Grass Roots Ethylene Plant
Total Contract Value- $ Excess 1 Billion
-Change Orders for variation in the electrical scope.
-Communicate with the engineering group/project manager in order to clarify technical issues.
- Worked with conceptual designs to determine pricing for change orders.
- Established and maintained project records reporting to client and project controls.

IV. Project-J-K Gas Pipeline Project
Company-Global Industries
Client-Crescent Petroleum Company (CPC)
Contract Type-Installation with the option of transportation to be determined.
Jobsite-United Arab Emirates, Mussafah Oil Field.
Scope of Work- For the installation of 1.8 kilometers (Km) of 6" Outside Diameter (OD)/0.5" Nominal Wall Thickness (NWT)/Corrosion Coated (CC)/4" Concrete Weight Coated (CWC) Rigid Pipe, Rigid Risers (2 Nos.)/Riser Clamps (10 Nos.) and Associated Sub-Sea Spool Pieces (2 Nos.) if Stalk-On Method is not Utilized. Between The J-K Platforms.
Total Contract Value- $ 10,000,000.00 USD
-Obtain Requests For Pricing (RFQs) from Sub-Contractors, Maintain good communication, Evaluate Technical/Commercial aspects of Sub-Contractor's RFQ.
-Provide Client with Preliminary Estimates and Maintain Good Communication in order to Define Contract Terms/Conditions.
-Communicate with Company Internal Points of Contact (POC) in order to obtain input for the successful completion of contracts
-Communicate with Barge Superintendent/Project Management Team to further Define Project Execution Plan and Schedule of Activity Durations.
-Finalize Estimate and Complete by Client Deadline

VI. Project-(GASCO) Abu Dhabi Gas Industries Limited Pipeline Project
Company-Global Industries
Client-(GASCO) Abu Dhabi Gas Industries Limited
Contract Type-Engineering Procurement Installation and Construction (EPIC)
Jobsite-United Arab Emirates (UAE), From Onshore Ras Aquila to Offshore Das Island (117 kilometers (Km)).
Scope of Work- For the Design Engineering, Installation Engineering, Procurement of Materials, Installation/Construction of 117 kilometers (Km) of 30" Outside Diameter (OD)/26 millimeter (mm) Nominal Wall Thickness (NWT)/Corrosion Coated (CC)/4" Concrete Weight Coated (CWC) Rigid Pipe, Rigid Risers (1 Nos.) at Ras Aquila (Optional) and Bends (10 Nos.). Performance of 2 Nos. Shore Pulls at Ras Aquila 8 kilometers (Km)/Das Island 500 meters (m), To include Pre-Commissioning/Commissioning.
Total Contract Value- $ 250,000,000.00 USD
Position-Assistant Estimator:
-Obtain Request For Pricing (RFQs) from Sub-Contractors, Maintain good communication, Evaluate Technical/Commercial aspects of Sub-Contractor's RFQ and make a decision.
-Communicate with Company Internal Points of Contact (POC) in order to obtain input for the successful completion of contracts
-Provide Estimating Manager with Sub-Contractors (RFQs) before specified deadline

Military Career

8/96 to 6/06 - United States Army: Combat Veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom
Reference Attached: Officer Evaluation Reports (OERs)

6/05 to 11/05: Battalion Assistant Intelligence Officer: Responsible for conducting intelligence preparation of the battlefield, developing enemy order of the battle, and advising the commander on the enemy situation. Responsible for coordinating and supervising all aspects of intelligence training, personnel security, crime preventions, physical security, information security, map distribution, and associated inspection programs supporting 420 soldiers and their families. Responsible for maintaining one M577A2 command post carrier and associated section equipment.
Designed and built a battle book during the National Referendum that would assist the Coalition Force in responding to any attack from a terrorist group on a polling site.
Investigated the background of various spheres of influence in the area and created dossiers that were used by battery commanders who participated in meetings with these individuals.
Assisted with operational security briefs and ensured that local nationals entering the Forward Operating Base were properly screened.

1/05 to 6/05: Battery Fire Direction Officer: Responsible for controlling the fire plan of an eight howitzer battery and ensuring all fires are delivered in a safe, accurate and responsive manner, in support of maneuver operations. Responsible for training, motivating, and disciplining two NCOs and five soldiers, in addition to the maintenance and accountability of one M577A3 and $500,000 dollars of equipment. Additional duties include battery supply officer and battery training officer.
Prepared the fire direction section for combat operations in Baghdad, Iraq by successfully calibrating the howitzers in Kuwait.
During combat operations in Iraq developed a Battery Operations Center Standard Operations Procedure that ensured synchronization of all battery and battalion information requirements.
Trained the Iraqi Army by filling the duties of the S-1/S-5 and ensured accurate personnel accountability, detailed project spending plans, and identified Iraqi businesses for U.S. business loans.

8/04 to 12/04: Battery Fire Direction Officer: Responsible for the morale, welfare, and training of four soldiers and two NCO's. Accountable for the maintenance of one M577A3 and all associated fire direction equipment valued at $500,000. Responsible for execution of platoon digital gunnery training, platoon Artillery gunnery tables, and fire direction safety certification for the platoons. Responsible for maintaining the platoons firing capability during all field training exercises and deployments.
Passed the safety test and received a first time go by successfully certifying the fire direction section on Artillery Table VIII/XII.
Instructed 120 students attending the Infantry Officers Basic Course in a call for fire class.
Fired over 300 rounds without a firing incident.

1/04 to 8/04: Battalion Assistant S-3: Assumes S-3's duties in his absence. Responsible for the overall training management system for the battalion. Manages the battalion training calendar and ensures the accuracy and timeliness of the batteries training schedules. Oversees the coordination of all training resources to include land and ammunition, in order to maximize available training time. In cooperation with the Master Gunner, tracks the battalion's combat crew qualification and coordinates training to maintain qualified crews. Plans and writes operations orders for the battalion.
Developed a battalion land tracking system that increased the efficiency of the S-3 shop.
During battalion range week ran the M240B range and the M249 range and qualified over 90% of all firers.
Completed the U.S. Army Airborne School, Range Safety Course, and Completed two Masters Degree classes.

6/03 to 11/03 - Second Lieutenant, Field Artillery Officers Basic Course (FAOBC): Developed technical and tactical skills needed to perform as a platoon leader, fire direction officer, and company fire support officer. Learned leadership skills such as organization, professionalism, administration, and how to train, supervise, motivate and evaluate personnel.
Achieved course standards to become a qualified officer.
Participated in the Pre-Ranger program and earned a slot to The U.S. Army Ranger School.

8/99 to 5/03 - ROTC Cadet, Middle Tennessee State University:
Served as the Battalion S-5 and helped promote the ROTC program by taking pictures, writing articles, and maintaining a website.
Served as the Battalion S-4 and organized the supply room, maintained accountability of all the equipment, and supported battalion training events.

8/96 to 5/03 - Sergeant/Cadet United States Army Reserve Military Police: Responsible for training, mentoring, readiness, and welfare of soldiers; completed Military Police Basic Training, Primary Leadership Development Course, and National Advanced Leadership Course.
Performed temporary duty as a recruiter
Participated in various field training exercises and helped train the unit for deployment

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