Mechanical piping superintendent/manager

Industry Type : Mechanical Contractors
City & State : Tampa,FL
Job Title Mechanical piping superintendent/manager
Relocation Preferences : Available
Objective : JOSE (JOE) LUGO
4221 Fairway Circle Tampa, Florida 33618
(813) 233-6906 Email: jl1886[at]

In the interest of investigating time-critical project management positions within your organization, enclosed is my resume for your review and consideration. I hope after reviewing my extensive project/pipeline construction experience within the power generation industry, as well as my mechanical engineering experience within oil, gas, and petroleum refineries, you feel the need to look no further in fulfilling your project management requirements.

Recent experience includes managing the construction of collection systems, daily operations, and quality control in the extraction of methane gas in 35 landfills located throughout the United States. Additionally, I have supervised the maintenance and repair of more than 700 steam boilers within a military installation, and managed and trained up to 125 team members in pipeline production, installation, and quality control for crude oil transfer.

I look forward to a mutually beneficial meeting with you soon to further discuss career opportunities within your organization, as well as my long-term career goals. Thank you for your time and consideration. If you should require additional information, please feel free to contact me via telephone or email.


Joe Lugo
Resume :  



A visionary project / pipeline construction manager specializing in power generation and oil, gas and petroleum refinery mechanical Engineering. Led large, time-critical projects from inception through successful installation and implementation. Strategic planner with comprehensive management, organizational development, and project execution.


Proficient in PFDS, P&IDs process flow, sizing of pressure vessels, pumps, flow in corrosion interpretation of regulations, codes industry standards relates to oil, gas NACE
(RP0104, RP0169 and RP0193)
Specialist in welding applications of STICK, TIG, MIG and Sub ARC. Welding 100% X-ray and Welding inspector Non Destructive
Specializing in Methane gas pipeline installation, and maintenance.
Supervised Structural Construction
Underground pipeline installation, QC of pipeline joints, and welds. Monitored pipeline progress, scheduling and deadline completions
Manage construction and retrofit from 150 mw to 800 mw Boilers, Steam lines, Cooling Towers, Pumps and Motors
Reading and Analyzing Blueprints and Piping Layouts
Supervision of 20-man Pipe crew including Welders
Extensive Overseas experience, as Supervisor in Foreign Countries
Conceive Pipeline vision. Develop the plan. Implement all details
Motivate and lead all levels to operate toward the organizations goals
D.O.D. National Security Clearance



Senior Mechanical gas piping Technical Advisor

Worked as a Senior Technical Mechanical Advisor for Mitsubishi Power Plant System, at Victoria Texas My duties consisted: Making sure that all piping system and codes were per Mitsubishi drawings and engineering specifications. Work hand in hand with mechanical subcontractors at the Victoria Nucostal Power Plant. Modular CFB (GAS FLUID BOILER).

Installation M-501-Series F gas turbine
Duties included: Piping in air and fuel Gas system, Lube Oil System, Control Oil System, GT Blade Washing Water System, and Fuel Gas System, GT instrument Air System, Cooling Water System, N2 Gas System, and Pure Water System.

1- Fluid bed furnace
2- Air heater
3- Steam drums
4- Air inlet.
5- Fuel gas outlet
6- In bed evaporator tube bundle
7- Economizer
8- Air heater outlet
9- Primary super heater
10-Air heater inlet

PB/ICM Council Bluffs, Iowa 2006 -2007

Senior Mechanical Superintendent

Managed the construction of piping and vessels at an ethanol plant.

Managed 4 Sub-Contractors which totaled 200 man power on a daily basis. Total costs for ethanol plant will be $140 million. Over saw the mechanical aspect of the construction of the ethanol plant. Responsible for over seeing engineering drawings, developing specifications, evaluating the scope of work, and assigning project tasks. Also managed project performance standards, developed cost-effective solutions, oversaw installation, QC, and scheduling of pipeline production.

Resource Technology - Chicago, Illinois 1994 -2006

Construction/ Maintenance Manager

Job Value/ $40 to $80 Millions, per contract.

Duties as a landfill gas collection system construction, supervised 30 to 35 landfills, in Illinois and other States of the mid west. These projects consisted of piping and excavation of various sides. Video inspection for the purpose of Methane Gas to Energy to determine corrosion of existing pipeline. Installations of four to eight gas solar turbines depending on the side of the job in question

These were located throughout the US with individual project assets totaling $30 million dollars.. Managed project performance standards and integrity, identified above and underground pipeline discrepancies, developed cost-effective solutions, and supervised maintenance, also extraction of toxic waste water removal and repair of methane pipelines. Collection system construction expert designated to visit sites and make recommendations.

Clark Boiler Engineering Lakeland, Florida 1990-1994

Boiler Mechanic Supervisor

Maintenance and repair of combustion engineering, Water wall, Fire tube Boilers and installations. Managed and trained a support of 25 employees. Boilers makers with experience in re-tubing and rolling tubes also inspection of safety devises, which included pressure relieve valves etc. Trained new comers in the mechanical aspect of O/M.(steam, coal and oil) (Fuel nozzle assemblies)& (combine cycle) Experience with replacement and installation of scrubbers dual circle boilers. Heavy industrial on single dual cycle from 150 mw to 600 mw power plants. Right-hand person to engineers and project managers to prepare engineering drawings, developing specifications, evaluating scope of work, and assigning project task. Modular CFB Coal 1 x 340,10 TO 70,MW, 1 x 37MW, Gwf power systems 5x20.5 mw, 2x25 mw. Modular CFB BOILER, superior performance burning. Tires (Indian coal, bituminous coal, brown coal, solid waste, anthracite, petro cork, delayed cork, fuel pet cork, powder coal, and biomass).

I saved a key account with Disney World by identifying, locating, and repairing boiler damage in record time. This job was Typhoon lagoons 36 in. pipelines. The main line from Boiler to Lagoon was leaking in all joints. When I met with the Engineers from Disney they wanted to pull the bond. I asked them to give me a few hours to assess the situation and after reviewing I recommended abandoning and replacing entire pipelines. I had to get equipment, man power and consumables and finish the project within 8 days. I worked 2 shifts, 24-7 and met the deadline to bring the Lagoon back into Operation.

Experience continued

Kelly Air Force Base_- San Antonio, Texas
Boiler Mechanic Supervisor

Manage the maintenance and repair of all base boilers. Supervised and trained 18 mechanics. Manage the maintenance and repair of four 150 mg steam boilers, which comprised maintaining steam lines and traps. Set up work orders and assigned mechanics to each job. These jobs were through out Kelly Air Force Base & Lakeland (AFB).There was 25 thousand employees in the entire base from Commanders, Offices and civilian personnel. All the buildings in the base had their own individual steam system. In addition I had to go out and inspect all jobs and make sure that all work order was done properly.

Kelloggs Engineering , Saudi Arabia

Pipeline Supervisor: Overseeing installation, QC, and scheduling Pipeline production. Supervised and trained 125 welders, pipe fitters, and general laborers. My job consisted of pipeline and pumping station from the oil fields transferring crude oil from the port of Jeddah, and from Medina to the port of Yanbu al Bahr. Also installation and maintenance of pumping stations and transferred from the outer oil fields of Makkah, Al Madinah. I interface with construction managers and engineers.

Daniels Construction Seadrift, Texas

QC 100% X-Ray Inspector Non Destructive

Boiler Construction Kingston, Jamaica

Pipe Foreman: Installation of Water wall Boiler, for industry of Box side Mining

Brown & Root San Juan, Puerto Rico

Pipe Welder/100% X-Ray Non-Destructive: Pipe Installation and Welding

H.B. Zachary Caribbean Division and San Antonio, Texas

Pipe Welder / Lead man: Pipe Installation and Welding

Certifications and Awards:

Certificate in Quality Participation Employee Course United States Air Force
100% X-Ray Non Destructive Certificate in Flame Safeguard Controls & Boiler Safety Controls Service Tech Supply
Certified in: (MSHA) Mine Safety and Health Administration

TIG 308 Stainless
6010 Carbon Steel
7018 Low Hydrogen

Awarded for Notable Achievement United States Air Force

Awarded for Outstanding Service San Antonio area Combined Federal Campaign

Roberts Technical School New York, New York

Course in TIG, MIG and STICK


Fully Bilingual in Spanish and English

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