Name : Jeremiah
Industry Type : Building Owners
City & State : Cebu City,Phillipines
Job Title Carpenter
Relocation Preferences : Any
Objective : Seek the challenging position of carpenter.
Resume :  
A highly talented Carpenter with huge experience in constructing, erecting, installing, finishing and repairing of wooden and metal structures and fixtures on residential and commercial buildings.

Summary of Qualifications

Three years experience as a carpenter and 1year training / schooling carpenter with TEDSA accreditation. Registration No.: WTR No. 0513031001 / WTR No. 0513031002.
Sound knowledge of residential construction and remodeling trades, practices, procedures, techniques, tools and equipment, materials, specifications, quality control, cost control, and safety.
Proficient at the following tasks: stain-grade trim work, hang doors, drill and set door hardware, set windows, layout for stairs and common rafters, read blueprints, utilize appropriate math skills.
Remarkable ability to read blueprints.
Excellent mathematical skills and analytical skills necessary to do material estimates.
Great interpersonal and communications skills.
Exceptional ability to understand verbal and written instructions.
Uncommon ability establishing relationships with all parties involved in the construction process that facilitate harmonious working relationships during project, and permit prompt resolution of problems and conflicts as they occur.
Strong ability to organize assigned tasks, for completion alone or with help.
Proven ability to complete and fulfill paperwork required for personal time sheets in a timely manner.
Demonstrated ability to envision all steps in assigned tasks.
Immense ability to perform tasks on all areas and aspects of construction project.
Remarkable ability to climb ladders for heights of up to 60 feet, and crawl for distances of 50 feet.
In-depth ability to lift and manipulate objects of up to 80 lbs for 50 feet.

Professional Experience

Ichijo Co., Ltd 5-10-10, Kiba, Koto-ku
Tokyo Japan
May 29, 2005 May 29, 2008
Tel: 352450111

Construct the latest style of Japanese modern house.
Operate all types of woodworking equipment to include: table saw, radical saw, planer, jointer, drill, etc.
Perform window, door, and minor roof repairs.
Install hang doors.
Demolish and/or construct interior house partitions.
Perform finish carpentry work, i.e., moldings, trim work, cabinets, etc.
Hang drywall as required and perform drywall finishing.
Install drop ceilings when necessary.
Install vinyl title.
Respond in an expeditious and timely manner to all work requests regarding carpentry expertise.
Comply and follow the rules and regulations for safety procedures when performing assigned responsibilities.
Assist in loading and unloading house materials from delivery trucks.
Responsible for following all rules and regulations for safety policies and procedures in the performance of assigned duties.

Majestic Technical Skills Development and Landscape Corporation
Lot 38, Malunggay Road, FTI
FTI Complex, Taguig City, Philippines

Carpenter Apprentice (performed the following duties under the supervision of an experienced Carpenter)
Studied basic Japanese language course completed three hundred hours.
Successfully completed the trade test and evaluation as a Carpenter Class *B* the designation and rating that appear in this certificate was based on the skill I performed.
Studied blueprints, specification sheets, and drawings to determine style and type of window or wall panel required.
Filled cracks, seams, depressions, and nailed holes with filler.
Examined wood surfaces for defects, such as nicks, cracks, or blisters
Measured cut materials to determine conformance to specifications, using tape measure.
Realigned windows and screens to fit casements and oils moving parts.
Measured and marked location of studs, leaders, and receptacle openings, using tape measure, template, and marker.
Cut sidings and moldings, sections of weatherboard, openings in sheetrock, and lumber, using hand tools and power tools.
Laid out and aligned materials on worktable or in assembly jig according to specified instructions.
Removed surface defects, using knife, scraper, wet sponge, electric iron, and sanding tools.
Trimmed overlapping edges of wood, weatherboard, using portable router or power saw, and hand tools.
Installed prefabricated windows and doors, insulation, wall, ceiling and floor panels or siding, using adhesives, hoists, hand tools, and power tools.
Aligned and fastened materials together, using hand tools and power tools, to form building or bracing.
Repaired or replaced defective locks, hinges, cranks, and pieces of wood, using glue, hand tools, and power tools.
Applied stain, paint or crayons to defects and filter to touch up the repaired area.


Degree in Electrical Engineer from University of the Visayas (2002).

Sample Output
Modern House

First Floor Dining Room

2nd Floor Dining Room

Living Room

First Floor Plan

2nd Floor Plan

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