Project Manager

Name : Federal Builder
Industry Type : General Contractors - Managers
City & State : San Antonio,TX
Job Title Project Manager
Relocation Preferences : anywere
Objective : On site project manager working on Federal construction projects or programs.
Resume :  
Summary of Qualifications:
Experienced Construction Project Manager for major multi-year remodeling and Design/Build contracts. (SABER, JOC, TOC, MATOC, Medical JOC, Energy Monitoring TOC).
Familiar with FAR and DFAR Acquisition regulations.
Proficient in performing detailed price book estimates in all 16 CSI divisions, identifying methods of execution, subcontractor selection and material and equipment procurement.
Experienced in establishment of project budgets, monitoring of job costs, project cost analysis and reporting results to Management.
Preparing and maintaining detailed project schedules using software programs.
Responsible for developing and implementing USACE Quality Control Programs
Responsible for developing and monitoring Site Safety Plans, preparing and investigating accident reports, maintaining OSHA logs.
Preparing monthly billings to Owner, approving disbursements for subcontractors and for project payrolls.
Responsible for selecting Design professionals, sub-contractors superintendents, Quality Control personnel and office staff.
Responsible for initiating and conducting all meetings with Owner and subcontractors for; Initial job scope, price negotiations, scheduling review, quality control processes, and safety issues, final closeout.
Responsible for review of contract documents for compliance with FAR clauses, International Building Code, Americans with Disabilities Act, OSHA and EM85-1-1 requirements.

Professional Experience

Comark Building Systems, 12/08 to 07/09 Ft. Bliss, TX Air Combat Brigade Barracks, Four each, three story modular barracks, Design/Build $55 million, review and forward submittals, compile information for LEED compliance (LEED Silver), inspect all construction for compliance with contract documents and International Building Code compliance, inspect Force Protection measures for compliance to Army directives, perform safety inspections and maintain safety records, write RFIs and maintain RFI log, post all changes to contract documents, estimate percentage of completion for preparation of monthly billing.

Comark Building Systems, 5/08 to 11/08 Parris Island, SC Sixteen each, single story modular barracks buildings, Design/Build $5.6 million, fast track design/build to increase pipeline for new Marine recruits, worked with Navy ROIC and Marine Corps to maintain security and assist other contractors with utility installations. Install Force Protection requirements, inspect all construction for compliance with contract documents and code compliance, review and forward submittals, and perform Safety Audits for compliance with OSHA and EM 385-1-1 compliance.

Aerotek, 02/07 to 05/08 Ft. Sam Houston, Renovate Building 1350, Demolition and remodel of a three story barracks (Starship), Design/Build $5.5 million, including installation of energy efficient air handling units, new ductwork and diffusers, Energy monitoring and control system, new energy efficient lighting, new electrical distribution system, new Fire Alarm and Mass Notification system, new Force Protection installation modifications, created and maintained project schedule using MS Project, presented and negotiated all progress billings with the Owner, received and negotiated all progress payment with subcontractors.

RKJ Construction, 09/06 to 02/07 Ft. Hood, TX Command and Control Facility, Two story Modular Administrative Building, Design/Build, $8.5million, and Motor Pool Renovation, renovation of six building, participate in constructability review of design effort using Dr. Checks, review and report on LEED requirements, prepare scope of work for subcontractor bids, preliminary design and construction schedule using MS Project, conduct job walks with subcontractors for asbestos abatement.

RKJ Construction Inc.01/05 to 09/06 Randolph AFB, TX Renovate Front Entry, Demolition and reconstruction of main roadway, primary utilities and security buildings, Design/Build $14.5 million, participate in design review for compliance with contract and International Building Code compliance; process, review and submit all submittals required by contract documents; inspect all underground utilities replaced by contract; liaison with base personnel on construction issues, inspect all concrete and asphalt paving, inspect all landscaping and irrigation systems, inspect all building construction for compliance with contract documents and code compliance, compile and submit all documents required by USACE Red Zone, commissioning specifications and LEED requirements, meet with Owner and Security Forces to maintain site security.

Chugach, 09/04 to 11/04 Lowry AFB, VA, SABER Contract, Hurricane Isabel Disaster Relief, prepared detailed estimates in support of applications for FEMA funds, incorporating appropriate Force Protection and energy conservation directives into the scope of work.

Chugach, 05/04 to 09/04 Dover AFB, DE, SABER Contract, Prepared detailed estimates for a large number of roofing replacements and a USACE designed working dog kennel.

J and J Maintenance Inc. 05/02 to 07/03 Fort Sam Houston, Medical JOC, Managed security enhancements at entrances to military posts, prepared detailed estimates for physical security barriers.

Meridian Contracting, Inc. 09/01 to 05/02 Corpus Christi Army Depot, TX JOC Contract, 125,000 sf aircraft hanger roof replacement, heating and lighting enhancements to aircraft hangers, interior renovations to offices, laboratories and machine shops, renovation of electrical and steam lines to conform to Code, renovation of industrial flooring in aircraft hangers, prepared detailed schedules for renovation using MS Project..

Pi Construction Inc. 11/99 to 09/01Texas Dept of Criminal Justice JOC Contract North Zone, install security enhancements to the Death Row unit, $6.5 million renovation of the kitchen at the Michaels Unit while providing 10,000 meals per day, modification of security systems at the Administrative Segregation wings at several prisons, emergency renovations to prison cells due to tornado damage, upgrade security lighting in prisons, prepare and maintain detailed schedules using Primavera Suretrak software, prepare and negotiate all monthly progress request for payments, produce detailed estimates for negotiation with Owner, screen and select subcontractors, conduct initial security briefing for personnel and subcontractors performing work inside prison facility..

Alpha Building Corporation, Inc.01/96 to 05/97 Ft. Sam Houston, TOC Contract, selection of Engineering and Architectural firms, renovation of various exterior surfaces on large industrial buildings, renovation of medical clinics providing new mechanical, energy management and control systems, replacement of boilers and HVAC systems in dental clinics, responsible for subcontracting the removal and disposal of lead paint, PCBs and asbestos in accordance with NIOSH, EPA and USACE regulations, creating and maintaining detailed schedules using Primavera Suretrak software, provide management and inspection of the Historical Preservation of the Pershing House (Commanding Officers Quarters).

Alpha Building Corporation, Inc.03/87 to 12/95 Randolph Air Force Base, SABER Contracts; Provided detailed estimates, schedules, plans, scopes of work and negotiated approximately 900 individual contracts for $27 million for renovation and repair contracts for government facilities; including asbestos, lead paint and PCB abatement; Historical preservation and restoration within a Historical District, installation of a base wide Energy Monitoring and Control System , base wide Mass Notification system , Base wide security system for monitoring Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIF), Aircraft Barrier Arrest system on active runway, chiller replacements, air handling unit replacements, boiler replacements, electrical pad mounted transformer replacements, Fire Alarm and Mass Notification installations, abatement and painting of water towers.. Provided detailed estimates using a variety of computer based estimating software, provided detailed schedules using MS Project, compose detailed scopes of work, supervised design personnel, and prepared bid packages for subcontractors.

HB Zachry Co. Inc. 06/75 to 08/86 Prepared detailed estimates and schedules for dormitories for Texas Higher Education Agencies, International projects (Saudi Arabia, China and Angola), 23 story condominium (Assistant Project Manager), developed initial P3 schedule for Shamu Stadium at Sea World, closeout and commissioning of a cardboard manufacturing plant. Responsible for inspecting projects for quality and conformance to contract documents. Liaison with Structural Engineers, Architects, and Mechanical Engineers

Education, Training & Certification:
Army Corps of Engineers Certified Quality Control Manager 1996 to 2010
Gordian Group and RS Means Estimator Training for Progen and Pulsar
MS Word, Excel, Project, Primavera Suretrak
OSHA 30 Hour Safety, Certified Confined Space, Trench Safety, First Aid
University of Texas at San Antonio, BBA
PMI Member # 1576995

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