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Name : scottincapecoral
Industry Type : Design Build Firms
City & State : Cape Coral,FL
Job Title Project Manager
Relocation Preferences : Florida
Objective : Career in Project Management/Business Development in the water/wastewater solutions industry.
Resume :  
W. Scott Bradley
BS Marine Engineering
Massachusetts Maritime Academy Graduate 1992
1101 SW 27th Street
Cape Coral, FL. 33914
(239) 214-8284


Project Management
Engineering During Construction / Design Build & Contract Manager at Risk
P&ID development and design supervision
Proposal Development
RFI and equipment submittal review
Client Service
Black and gray wastewater treatment
Membrane Separation Technologies
Order execution
Reverse Osmosis
Engineering Supervision
Oily-water separation
Testing and Commissioning of systems and equipment
Budget and Schedule Management
Client Service
Service and Training scheduling

W. Scott Bradley


MWH Global
Supervising Project Manager: 2005 - 2009
Duties and Responsibilities- Responsible for design and engineering during construction of The City of Cape Coral Southwest Water Reclamation Facility Expansion Project, expanding the existing plant from 5 MGD to 15/20 MGD capacity. Responsible for supervising and implementing the design of seven major disciplines of design; Mechanical, Civil, Structural, HVAC, Architectural, Electrical and Instrumentation/Controls. Manage the design schedule from proposal to final delivery of product. Responsible for $7.9M budget and 4 year schedule, as well as managing the relationship with the client to ensure satisfaction. Duties include monthly client billing of all subcontracts and services, regularly scheduled progress reviews both internally and with the client. Multi-disciplinary reviews of all drawings and specifications, as well as local building and safety codes for compliance. Work closely with FDEP and SFWMD to ensure mitigation of environmental impacts as well as compliance in the design and building for permitting purposes. Upon final design delivery my role shifted to Project Management of Engineering where my focus was to ensure the construction of the design as intended. Manage 3 year build schedule, working closely with remote engineering staff, as well as the customer who was on site. Construction phases of the project included site clearing, demolition, underground piping, hydraulic structure construction, plant controls and commissioning. I brought this project to completion on time and under budget. In 2008, I was awarded the yearly MWH Employee Performance Award.

Project Manager: 2004 2005
Duties and Responsibilities- Manage engineering staff to propose, bid and deliver both custom and standard designs for multiple applications. Deliver both spiral and flat sheet membrane systems for industrial clients that needed solutions for paper mill wastewater streams, reuse, high purity water for electronics and potable water for rural areas. Employed standard designs with modifications. As project manager, I was responsible for delivering competitive bids while ensuring client fit and maintaining aggressive delivery schedules.

Marine Environmental Partners
Senior Project Manager: 2004
Duties and Responsibilities- Project management practices and policies, including ISO qualification and project organization from the ground up. New technology employed using dissolved air flotation and electro-chemical technology for shipboard applications. This served to broaden my technical expertise with respect to wastewater treatment where the influent concentrations of TSS and BOD are higher than the typical municipal fluid streams. I used my experience to apply my seawater application knowledge, ballast water treatment, ionized gas ballast water and wastewater treatment in specifying and selecting the proper materials of construction and fabrication specifications for the production of the systems.

W. Scott Bradley

KOCH Membrane Systems
Project Manager: 2001-2003
Duties and Responsibilities- Manage membrane system projects and Business Development for some of the companys most highly regarded customers, such as Ocean Spray and Toyota. My projects included such fields as e-coat, juice concentration and clarification, industrial wastewater, and oily-water separation. Serve external customers from the proposal and development stage through order execution. Work with internal customers to develop some of the most ambitious Research and Development equipment for the further advancement of KMS technology. Work routinely with Sales Engineers to create proposals to improve pricing and lead times, expand customer base to gain a competitive edge. Evaluate out-sourcing advantages to improve margins and lower costs. Work with the sales team to research new markets and attend trade shows and sales meetings. Functions also included, bid reviews, contract evaluation and risk assessment.

ZENON Environmental
Manager of Naval Systems/Project Manager/Integrated Logistics Manager: 1995-2001
Duties and Responsibilities- Develop Reverse Osmosis systems for the Department of National Defense. Some of my responsibilities included Project Management, Technical Authority, new proposals, design, field support and manufacture of all shipboard desalination/drinking water systems. Produce original designs, meet customer requirements and specifications, specify and source material, supervise drafting, electrical design, mechanical manufacture, factory testing, and field start-up for each shipboard system project. Work with subcontractors and infrastructure considerations on a municipal scale project.
With my desalination experience on shipboard applications I was selected to be part of an exclusive team of engineers to design and build a large-scale municipal desalination plant for a community in Saudi Arabia, which was the largest system of this kind at the time.
Given my experience with shipboard projects, I promoted the movement for ZENON to enter the cruise ship market with their ZeeWeed submersible membrane technology. Using the hollow fiber membrane I managed the project to incorporate the same municipal black and gray wastewater treatment design to Holland America cruise lines. With successful execution of this project and my excellent customer relations, orders for additional systems on a total of five cruise ships were achieved.
I was promoted to Integrated Logistics Manager, where my role with the Department of National Defense expanded to include lifecycle management of all military systems. I was point of contact for DND where I was responsible to provide and schedule training, service visits, respond to immediate operational requirements for service and/or spare parts and meet sales budgets. In this capacity it was my duty to respond to requests for proposals and technical queries and maintain a crucial relationship with customers. In this business development function I increased sales 1.5 times from the previous year by, developing key relationships with vendors, gaining preferred price agreements, as well as exclusivity rights for key components. I also gained invaluable expertise in e-commerce and proposal writing.

W. Scott Bradley


Massachusetts Maritime Academy (BS degree in Marine Engineering 1992)

Bachelors degree in Marine Engineering with a focus on Mechanical Engineering, combining knowledge and application of Electrical, Chemical, Structural and Civil Engineering disciplines. My education covers both theories of these disciplines as well as the practical application during training cruises aboard the school ship. Extensive operation, maintenance and repair experience with the following systems aboard the training ship PATRIOT STATE.
fuel oil
bilge system
auxiliary systems
reciprocating and centrifugal pumps
steam and water cycle
steering gear systems
flash evaporators
air conditioning
diesel engines
troubleshooting electrical systems


BS, Marine Engineering
United States Coast Guard License
Massachusetts Firefighting Academy
Emergency Trauma Technician
United States Navy Damage Control
MWH Yearly Employee Performance Award
Hydrogen Sulfide Safety
HAZWOPER (Hazardous Waste Operation)
CPR and First Aid

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