Project manager

Name : chevellesss5
Industry Type : Home Builders
City & State : Roaring Brook Twp,Pa
Job Title Project manager
Relocation Preferences :
Objective : To whom it may concern,

I have over 18 years of hands on, working experience in all areas of metal fabrication including welding, bending, shaping, and cutting. I also have over 18 years of experience in auto mechanics, engine rebuilding, replacement of suspensions, frame reconstruction, replacement of seals and bearings, use of meters, gauges, etc. I also have experience in the use of all drilling and cutting equipment as well as the use of hand tools as is listed in my resume. I continue to use a lot of mathematics as it relates to the measuring and cutting of materials for use in construction applications and the cabling industry. I have experience in all areas of construction from the replacement and installation of new ductile steel water lines to replacement and installation of Gas and sewer lines. I have 16 years experience in plumbing and also electrical. As a Project manager and supervisor, I was responsible for up to 45 men at any given time on projects ranging from telecommunications installations and fiber optic networks, to commercial construction and remodeling jobs. I know my skills and knowledge in all areas of construction will be very useful and an asset to your company. I am looking for a position in a great company with potential for advancement and long term employment. I look forward to hearing from you and working with you.

Thank you, William DeFazio
Resume :  
1141 Griffin RD
ROARING BROOK TWP., Pennsylvania 18444
United States
Home: (570) - 575-3631
Work: (570) - 575-3631

DeFazio Enterprises Inc. (12/15/2003 12/2007) - Electrician/Carpenter/Mason
Dupont, Pennsylvania United States
Supervisor: William M. DeFazio - 5705753631; Contact: Yes

Salary: $16.00 per hour
Hours per week: 45
Duties: Over 16 years of Hands on experience in all aspects of Building and Construction.
responsible for meeting with customers, setting priorities, developing plans and
schedules, and integrating these to ensure optimum utilization of resources. Used
and maintained power and hand tools, building and making repairs to structures, Roofing,
walls, floors, foundations, all plumbing fixtures, windows, doors, and concrete
walks, poured forms, etc. installed and tested a variety of electrical lines and
circuits to components and devices, such as distribution boxes, monitoring panels,
time and temperature relays, pressure and motor switches, lighting, fans and receptacles.
Replaced breakers, cabling, Lighting, Security systems, video Monitoring and CCTV
systems, High speed LAN and WAN systems. Check, repair and/or replaced damaged, or
burnt wire, outlets, switches, junction boxes, and electrical panels. Ability to
read Mechanical drawings, diagrams, blue prints, schematics and specifications. Troubleshooting,
and Testing circuit boards, Disassembled re-assembled and installed junction boxes
and switch panels and connected component parts and wiring to power sources. I work
independently performing calibration, alignment, testing, troubleshooting, and fault
isolation. Repairing problems in single layered printed circuit boards, Micro switches,
measurement and diagnostic equipment used in the overhaul of multi service communications
systems and electronic equipment. Removing and replacing components and assemblies
that have been identified by automatic test equipment (ATE) as being defective. I
Follow detailed schematics and wiring diagrams, layout diagrams, and instructions
to construct individual chassis and components of electronic and mechanical equipment.
Maintain records, documented actions, as well as cost of materials and equipment
used for projects. All aspects of preparation, design, and painting of Murals, signage,
designs, striping, pictures, etc. I have used all methods of paint removal and application,
varnish removal, floor stripping, re staining, and Polyurethane etc. Also certified
in auto body repair and painting. Experienced use of abrasives such as zinconia-oxide
and patented abrasive to remove paint, rust, and foreign substances from sheet metal,
equipment, and tools. proper use of respirators, spray guns, air compressors, air
tools, Sanders, sand blasting equipment, grinders, drills, MIG welding and metal
fabrication, Bending, welding, shaping and rust repair of sheet metal, steel, aluminum,
framing, tubular chassis, and body panels. welding of Structural steel up to 5/8
inch thick with multiple passes. Used standard coating methods such as brushing,
rolling, and spraying, applying coating materials prepared in accordance to standards
to ensure surfaces coated were protected and free of flaws. I use steam cleaners,
power washers, brushes, buffers, scrapers, power sanders, grinders, Dina files, wire
brushes and tools necessary to remove paint, sludge, grease, carbon, oil, corrosion,
and rust. I have Thinned, stirred, mixed, and applied poly-cote Solvent based polyurethane
primers and sealer. Applied Enamels, Lacquers, Urethanes, varnishes, shellac, using
brushes, rollers, and spray guns, assuring the finish met surface protection requirements.
Hand sanded scraped spackled and puttied. Worked without supervision while instructing
others on ways to prepare and apply solvents keeping tools neat clean and in order.
I follow all safety practices and rules while maintaining a clean and safe working

Platinum Solutionz Inc. (12/15/2007 - 12/2009) - Logistics Support, Voice/Data Networks
DUPONT, Pennsylvania United States
Supervisor: Vincent Grazious - 570-466-2149; Contact: Yes
Salary: $17.25 per hour
Hours per week: 50

Duties: I receive assignments for the design, fabrication, or modification of routine
and non-routine mechanical assemblies and or components in electronic and or electrical
configurations housed in a variety of enclosures such as vans , power units, and
prototype rooms. I review and analyze all drawings, specifications, standards required,
technical manuals, and manufacturer\'s catalogs to determine functional design requirements,
necessary material, component parts, and other information necessary to complete
tasks. I can design and prepare sketches of less complex mechanical parts and assemblies,
such as brackets, storage compartment, slides, supports, covers, etc. Prepare listings
of required material and parts to be procured by description, quantity, estimated
unit and total cost, and required delivery dates. Estimate and allocate man-hours
for completion of project by pertinent support shops through standard systems. I
Performed general inventory of shop. I Maintained logs and files, Operated machinery,
Inspecting and packaged containers using methods according to operations and type
and quality of the product. Observed inspecting and packaging operations to verify
conformance to specifications and work performance. I Assessed work area to detect
malfunctioning equipment, process problems and employee safety. I Took initiative
to facilitate problem solving and corrective actions when repairs were needed, Conferred
with Team Leader of previous shifts regarding production status, machine condition,
and availability of production materials and personnel and reviewed process batch
records and logbooks. Studied production orders and conferred with process leader
to ascertain type and quantity of product to be inspected, packed, or shipped and
requirements, such as containers or materials to be used, to coordinate the department\'s
activities with other processes. Completed paperwork to obtain all equipment and
supplies personnel needed for the effective and efficient function of the department
production and maintenance. I received stored, issued equipment, materials, supplies,
merchandise and tools, and compiled stock records of items in stockroom of all my
transactions. I sorted, or weighed incoming items to verify receipt of items on requisition
or invoice. I Examined stock to verify conformance to specifications, stored articles
in bins, on floor or on shelves, according to identifying information, such as style,
size or type of material, filled orders and issued supplies from stock, prepared
periodic inventory of stock and requisitioned items to fill incoming orders. Compiled
reports on usage of stock and equipment, adjustments of inventory counts and stock
records, regarding damage to stock, location changes, and refusal of shipments, I
marked identifying codes, figures, and letters on items for identifying purposes.
I distributed stock among production workers, keeping records of material issued,
I made adjustments and minor repairs to items in stock as needed. As an IT Systems
Administrator, I provided support and guidance on acquiring, installation, and operating
of computers, servers, peripheral equipment and software. Install, monitor, troubleshoot,
and repair computer hardware and components. I resolved hardware and software interface
problems and communications difficulties between components. I worked with customers
installing, troubleshooting, and providing assistance in using a variety of business
programs, communication, word processing, database, spreadsheets, network software
and re-imaging customer workstations. I isolate causes of problems and user errors,
facilitating upgrading of systems to more modern platforms, installing, testing,
and implementing new networks and providing user training on operating systems, and
application systems. Experienced with the capabilities and limitations of computer
hardware, software, and communications systems, utilized or designed for the Windows
NT, XP, and 2000 operating systems, providing advice and assistance while providing
support in a manner that minimizes interruptions in employees ability to carry out
critical business activities.

WILKESBARRE, Pennsylvania United States
Supervisor: HARRY VENTURE - company closed; Contact: unknown, company closed

Salary: $18.83 per hour
Hours per week: 50
Duties: Installation of LAN and WAN Networks and Cabling systems. I was responsible
for Planning work, setting priorities, developing plans and schedules, and integrating
these to ensure optimum utilization of resources. My responsibilities included inspection
of work performed, writing of order reports, and activity reports, the outline of
overall work objectives, coordination of work activities, I would evaluate and discuss
operating problems and procedures and recommend improvements to provide greater effectiveness.
I would enforce regulations, policies, and other written directives, and review and
rate performances, interview and make selection of new employees, and provide necessary
training and guidance to increase production. I managed my contracts to meet customer
requirements and to ensure completion by the contract dates. I would ensure distribution
of and inventory of equipment and tools, monitor progress, prepare daily reports.
I interviewed candidates for positions in my Dept., recommended hiring, promotions,
reassignments or terminations. I was directly responsible for the Engineering, Design,
and Installation of High Speed Data, Coaxial, Fiber Optic, and Telephone Wiring Networks
and Systems. I Presented daily and weekly reports at conferences with upper management.
Lead development of Data system and cable pathway plans, communications and testing
programs, Developed and managed formalized system operating procedures, Managed Data
and telephone systems for large corporations, businesses, colleges, and school districts
throughout the U.S.A. Developed specifications for custom Fiber optic and Data networks
projects. I have a working knowledge of project budgeting and business systems, can
read blueprints, floor plans, wiring diagrams, technical manuals, Mechanical drawings,
and schematics. I was responsible for meeting with the client, assessing their needs,
designing a wiring system to meet demands, surveying the jobsite, engineering the
installation of the systems, forecasting of materials needed for the systems, ordering
and inventory of Materials, tools, and equipment on sites. Identified Items for specific
jobs. I served in a Project Manager capacity for up to 45 men at any given time on
projects. I was responsible for the safety and supervision of installers on job sites.
Safe building of cable pathways, Ladder racking, cable trays, etc. removal and building
of walls and raised floors for the installation of all wiring, termination of panels
and outlets, testing for category certification with Microsoft Pentascanner. Omniscanner,
Fiber optic Power meters, Fluke meters, etc..., repair and replacements of failing
or deficient parts, equipment, wiring, termination panels, jacks, etc. Testing of
Fiber optic cables and replacement of deficient cable testing over .3 DB loss, providing
a printout of test results to the customer for warranty certification. I was responsible
for ensuring that the materials/parts needed for contracts and jobs were available
when the scheduled work was to be performed. I was responsible for obtaining, routing,
receiving, issuing and expediting supplies, parts, equipment, and other material
to the various job sites. I determined if the requested materials were in stock and
initiated action to obtain remaining items through established supply and procurement
channels. I input information relating to bills of material in various automated
systems and through various vendors and suppliers.

High School
PITTSTON AREA HIGH SCHOOL (09/05/1978 - 06/01/1992)
YATESVILLE , Pennsylvania
United States

Commonwealth Communications Inc. (07/05/1993 - 11/01/2002)
256 N. Sherman St.
Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 18641
Degree: Certifications - Telecommunications / Construction

Approximately 10 years of on the job training. I am trained in the safe use of heavy
equipment such as bucket trucks, Backhoe, Large Cable trucks, Large cable trailers,
Gree lee cable pulling machines, Block and tackle systems, winches, harnesses, Lift
machines, scissor lifts, high lifts, Heavy duty hammer drills, jackhammers, Hilti
powder actuated nail gun, and Core drilling equipment. I am trained in the implementing
of all Data cabling Networks and systems, Telephone cabling networks and systems,
and Fiber optic cabling networks and systems, including the installation, termination,
testing and certifications of all systems. Use of the Microsoft Penta scanner, Cable
locating devices and equipment, Manhole safety, confined spaces safety training,
and air quality testing.

Body Beautiful Garage: On the job training
201 Rocky Glenn Rd.
Avoca, Pa. 18641
Certification: Mechanics

I have over 20 years of combined experience in the restoration, building, and repairing
of classic and antique Auto\'s. I have a vast collection of my own cars and have restored
cars by 1st stripping them down to the bare chassis and frame, completely removing
all paint and rust with sandblasters and chemical solvents and completely rebuilding
them mechanically from the frame up. I rebuilt entire suspensions, rear ends, braking
systems, steering systems, wiring systems, interior upholstery, replacement of body
panels, rebuilding of engines, heads, carburetors, clutches, U-joints, bearings,
electronic ignition systems, air intake systems, etc... Replacement of belt driven
systems, water pumps, generators, starters, regulators, and pump systems.

ON THE JOB TRAINING - BEJESKI CONSTRUCTION (6/1/1990 - 9/6/1990 and 6/5/1991 - 9/9/1991)

Operation of heavy equipment, John Deere Backhoe, Dump trucks, front bucket loaders,
generators, boom lifts, torches, utility trucks, concrete saws, ductile steel cutting
saws, gas powered tamper, jackhammer, pressure testing for maximum PSI on water mains
and pipes, pipe fitting, restoration of properties and roadways with concrete and
asphalt. fused and pipe fit all size copper and ductile steel water pipe, and PVC
sewage pipe. Installed new water and sewer services for homes and commercial dwellings.
constructed and connected valves and tees for shut off to lines, connected and electro
fused couplings to gas and waste lines. Installed water lines from the Main to homes and
other dwellings. I have performed work involving construction, installation, repair,
or modification of wood and wood substitute structures and items requiring close
tolerance fit and structural soundness. I have constructed and repaired structural
items such as building frames, rafters, walls, doors, windows, interior and exterior.
Repairs to foundations, walks, flooring, roofs, doors, windows, guttering, rafters,
concrete walls, and block walls. Repair or replace window frames and sashes. Fit
and hung screens, storm doors and glass windows. Repaired roofs by replacing shingles,
sheeting, or composition roofing.
Also constructed workbenches, counter tops, Oak Cabinetry, Bars, and shelving units,
equipment containers, etc. that have required extensive decorative trim and molding.
Planned and laid out work in accordance with drawings, sketches, blueprints, and
my own knowledge of carpentry. I have cut, turned, shaped, joined, bonded, fit, and
assembled materials and parts using hand and power woodworking tools. set up and
operated a variety of wood working techniques such as miters, rabbets, dados, biscuit,
and mortise. I have overall knowledge, experience, and training to independently
perform the duties of a carpenter. Experience and knowledge of equipment assembly,
installation, repair, etc.; technical practices of the trade theoretical, precise,
artistic. The ability to interpret instructions, specifications, etc. including blueprint
reading, measurements and layout. The ability to use and maintain tools and equipment
and the knowledge of materials. Usually I work standing at a bench, while material
is on supports. required to work in standing, stooping, and bending positions. Also
work on ladders and scaffolds requiring me to do overhead work in a stretched, cramped,
or awkward position. I have lifted and carried items weighing well over 100 pounds.


Trained and certified in auto body repair and painting. Trained in the proper use
of respirators, spray guns, air compressors, air tools, Sanders, sand blasting equipment,
grinders, drills, MIG welding and metal fabrication, Bending, welding, shaping and
rust repair of sheet metal, framing, tubular chassis, and body panels. welding of
Structural steel up to 5/8 inch thick with multiple passes. Used standard coating
methods such as brushing rolling and spraying applying coating materials prepared
in accordance to standards. Using techniques ensuring surfaces coated were protected
and free from drips and runs. I used steam cleaners, brushes, buffers, scrapers,
power sanders, grinders, Dina files, wire brushing and tools necessary to remove
paint, sludge, grease, carbon, oil, corrosion, and rust. Thinned, stirred, mixed,
and applied poly-cote Solvent based polyurethane primer/sealer. Applied paint, varnish,
shellac, using brushes, rollers, spray guns, and assuring the finish met surface
protection requirements. Used standard surface prep and coating to remove scale,
rust, dirt, old paint, from all surfaces assuring coating materials adhere properly.
Hand sanded scraped, bondoed and puttied. Worked without supervision instructing
others on ways to prepare and apply solvents keeping tools neat clean and in order.


I was trained on the job for a period of ten years in the Design, engineering, implementing,
installation, Termination, testing, and certification of high speed Data systems.
I have a vast knowledge and over ten years of experience working with intricate wiring
and circuit boards, Patch panels, mechanical switches, electrical switches, telephone
switch systems, cable pair counting and identification, installation and termination
up to 3600 pair count telephone cabling, Fiber Optics and Laser emitting diodes (LEDs),
cabinets and amplifiers. I obtained certification from Hubble Wiring Systems, Mohawk
Cabling Systems, Lucent Technologies Systems, AT&T Wiring Systems, Amp Cabling Systems,
IBM Wiring Systems, Fiber Optic Cabling Systems, Cam light Fiber Optic Connectors,
Fiber Optic Polishing, Use of Fusion Splicing machines for Fiber Optic Cabling, Aerial
Cabling Systems, lashing machines, placement of steel stranded cable as a support
system for communication cabling working with bucket trucks and cabling trailers
in heavy traffic situations with the use of flagmen and wheel blocks to secure cable
to existing telephone poles, Underground Cabling Systems, manhole placement, trenching
for schedule 40 PVC pipe between manholes, core boring up to 5 inch holes through
solid concrete walls and floors for installation of pipe as a cable pathway. Use
of block and tackle, steel shoes, angles and mathematic formulas in order to be able
to pull heavy cable through pipe systems etc... Installation and design of Valcom speaker paging systems, Installation of Closed Circuit Television, or (CCTV) and DVR recordable surveillance systems for system monitoring and security systems.

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