Name : Michael Theis
Industry Type : Energy Producers- Developers
City & State : Houston,Tx
Job Title I&E QA/QC
Relocation Preferences : Will discuss
Objective : To complete jobs on time or ahead of schedule and under budget.
Resume :  
Address:2406 Strait Lane Houston, Texas 77084
Phone: 832-528-1513
E-Mail: michael_theis58[at]hotmail.com

Title:I&E QA/QC Quality Inspector (Field Engineer)

Education:1978-1979, Basic Electronics, Hallmark School of Business, San Antonio, Texas

Short Courses: BROWN & ROOT TRAINING: Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant, Glen Rose, Texas; Digital Controllers and Heaters; Supervisory Training Course, NATIONAL CRAFT TRAINING, Houston, Texas; Electrical Instructor, CPR, and First Aid Trained; OSHA 10 Hour Course; Safety STOP Training Course; American CE, Texas Electrician CE Course
Training:Drafting, 6 years; Graduated 1977

Certifications:Journeyman License Texas, License # 27651
NCCER Certified Electrical Instructor
NCCER Certified Industrial Electrician
NCCER Certified I&E Technician

Mr. Theis has more than 34 years experience in Quality Control and QA/QC, Supervision, Startup, and as an I&E Technician. Additional skills include Field Engineering as well as a Certified Electrical Instructor for NCCER and Wheels of Learning (ABC); ability to interpret and design prints, Schematics, Specifications, NEC, and local codes; installation, set-up, and testing of various equipment: (PLCs and DCS systems: Bailey, Triconex, Honeywell TDC 3000, Fisher-ProVox, Rosemont, Modicom, Allen-Bradley, Siemens Teleperm, and Delta V); VFDs: Allen Bradley, A.E.G. and Alstom Drives; GE Frame 5 Turbines and Generators, Siemens Turbines and Generators, SwitchGear, Motor Control Centers, and Relay Cabinets; Computer knowledge: Excel Spreadsheets and Networking (Lotus Notes, and Outlook).

Representative assignments include:

I&E Quality Control / QA-QC Lead (Field Engineer), Capitol and Maintenance Projects,
BP Texas City, Texas. Responsibilities include complete inspection of all Instrumentation and Electrical work performed; coordinate work with subcontractors and Jacobs Field Services. Review all working packages, create I & E Inspection Procedures and Field Inspection Test Plans for subcontractors (ITP).

I&E Quality Control / QA-QC, FCCU-3 NSR Project and Non Road Diesel Project, ExxonMobil, Baytown, Texas. Responsibilities include complete inspection of all Instrumentation and Electrical work performed; coordinate work with subcontractors and Jacobs Field Services.

Electrical QC Inspector, Capital Projects, LyondellBasell, Houston, Texas. Responsibilities include complete inspection of all Electrical work performed; coordinate all turnovers with LyondellBasell, review all prints, prepare and submit all redline drawings to Project Engineering.

I&E Quality Control / QA/QC / Field Engineer, BP 1 SIS Upgrade Project, LyondellBasell Chemical, Bayport, Texas. Responsibilities include complete QA-QC inspection of all work performed, review all prints and build spread sheets for tracking all work performed, prepare and submit all redlines drawings to Jacobs, coordinate all turnovers with LyondellBasell and Jacobs.

I&E Quality Control / QA/QC/ Field Engineer, S Zorb Project, PRSI Refinery, Pasadena, Texas. Responsibilities include design and set-up of all temporary power, complete QA/QC inspection of all work performed, submit all redline drawings to Fluor Daniels, build all packages and coordinate turnovers to PRSI.

I&E General Foreman, ULSD Project, Valero Refinery, Houston, Texas. Responsibilities included design and set-up of all temporary power, Supervisor of 120 craft and 10 Foremen, installation of all Electrical and Instrumentation.

I&E Foreman, Reliant/HL&P, WA Parish, Thompson, Texas. Responsibilities included Installation of SCR Emissions system and the Intelligent Soot blower system for Units #5 & #6.

General Foreman Instrumentation, Phoenix Project, Dow Chemical, Freeport, Texas. Responsibilities included Supervisor over 5 Foremen, 100 craft personnel, installation of fiberglass cable tray, installation of Instruments and stands, installation of instrument Junction boxes, and the Terminations of Zeta bond cable.

I&C Technician / I&E Quality Control, QA/QC / Startup Coordinator, Reliant/HL&P, WA Parish, Thompson, Texas. Responsibilities included installation of SCR emissions system, installation and startup of pug mill, installation of Bailey control system, installation of Low NOx Burner Control system, installation of Intelligent Soot blower system, installation of Motors, Alstom VFD drive units for ID and FD fans, complete point to point inspection of all work performed, build all packages and coordinate turnovers to Reliant Energy, design, communicate and network all field design changes to Reliant Energy and Sergant & Lundy Engineering company.

I&E Technician / Startup Technician, Lyondell Chemical, Channelview, Texas. Responsibilities include Rack room upgrade, installation and startup of digital Triconex System for MTBE and Polyols Unit.

Electrical Superintendent. Responsibilities included all material take-offs, all testing and field engineering for Fuel Gas Process and Heat Process skids, setup and coordinate Plant Maintenance.

I&E Technician / Startup Technician, BOP-X, Exxon, Baytown, Texas. Responsibilities include Quality Control, Hookup and Startup on new Olefins Unit BOP-X, Commissioning of a 175 mw CO-Gen. Power Plant BCX 3 & 4.

Control Room Technician / I&E Technician, BCX 3 & 4, Exxon, Baytown, Texas. Responsibilities included Hookup and point to point checkout 175 mw Co-Gen Power Plant.

I&E Technician / Startup Technician Bayer Chemical, Baytown, Texas. Responsibilities include installation and startup of 1,300 lb. Extruder, design installation for the Side Feed AEG Drive at Macrolon unit, revamp and upgrade of HDI unit, and Coatings unit.

Control Room / I&E / Startup Technician, Laminated Paper Machine, Temple-Inland Paper Mill, Evadale, Texas. Responsibilities included installation and startup of ProVox Automated Control System, installation and startup of Allen Bradley VFDs, point-to-point checkout and startup.

Electrical Lead Man / Startup Technician, Chevron USA, Port Arthur, Texas. Responsibilities included Sour Water Stripper unit, Startup of Sulfur unit, and Sour Water Stripper Unit, I&E Checkout and Startup of Wastewater Treatment unit.

Electrical Forman, Martin Power Plant, Indian Town, Florida. Responsibilities include installation of Turbine, Power Control Center and Condenser unit for 850 mw Combined Cycle Power Plant for FP&L.

Scheduler / Lead Man / I&C Technician, Calaveras Power Plant, San Antonio, Texas. Responsibilities included control room technician, installation of Bag house, Scrubber, Turbine, Generator, and Coal Conveyer system for 680-mw Power Plant for CPS.

Journeyman Electrician, Unit I: Auxiliary Building, Fuel Building, and Containment Building, Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant, Glen Rose, Texas. Responsibilities included hookup and point to point checkout.

Special Fields of Knowledge:

NFPA-70 National Electrical Codes (NEC Code Book)

Employment History:

Jacobs2007 2009
I&E Quality Control, QA/QC

Triad Electric and Controls2005 2007
I&E Quality Control, QA/QC, Field Engineer
I&E General Foreman

H.B. Zachry Company2004 2005
I&E Foreman

ISC Inc.2003 2004
Instrument General Foreman

Amber LP.1999 2003
I&C Technician, I&E Quality Control, QA/QC
Startup Coordinator

Texas System Controls Inc.1998 1999
Electrical Superintendent

Amber, Inc.1996 1998
I&E Technician, Startup Technician

H.B. Zachry Company1995 1996
I&E Technician, Startup Technician

Kamtech Inc.1994 1995
Control Room Technician, I&E Technician,
Startup Technician

Becon Construction1993 1994
Lead Man
Startup Technician

H.B. Zachry Company1989 1993
I&E Foreman, Lead man, Startup Technician,
Scheduler, I&E Technician

Brown & Root1985 1989
Journeyman Electrician


Russell Crouch, Quality Manager, Jacobs Engineering, 832-351-7172
John Coates III, QA / QC Manager, Jacobs Engineering, 713-321-4633
Michael Woody, Electrical Engineer, Triad Electric & Controls, 281-479-9490 ext. 118
Michael Michel, Instrument QA /QC Manager, 713-906-9598
Randy Kern, QA / QC Manager, Jacobs Engineering, 409-943-2213
Wayne Roper, QA / QC Manager, Jacobs Engineering, 409-941-6732

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