Construction Manager

Name : Calvin Nara
Industry Type : General Contractors - Managers
City & State : McGill,NV
Job Title Construction Manager
Relocation Preferences : company asst
Objective : To obtain a position in construction as a construction manager or superintendent. I like to work in the western US, Canada, Australia.
Resume :  

CALVIN NARA / RESUME                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Box 681, 27 2nd Street

McGill, Nevada 89318

Home phone: 775 235-7955

Cell phone:  775 293-3501

e-mail:  calvinnara[at]         


Experience in mining and metals, oil refinery, power plant, water/ waste treatment, commercial and hazardous waste construction projects.  These projects were direct hire construction, engineer-procure-construct, Engineer, procure-construction management with union or merit shop construction forces in the United States, Canada, Peoples Republic of China, Australia, Peru and Mexico.

Archtructural Design- Denver Technical College- GPA-3.89

National School of Heavy Equipment Operation- Weiser, Idaho- -GPA-3.98

US Navel Boiler and Turbine School- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania- GPA-3.85

Carpenters / Millwrights Apprentice Program- Denver, Colorado-Grad Journeyman

Home Study: ICS: Building Construction and Drafting. GPA-4.0

                               Surveying and Mapping.  GPA-4.0

Safety: MSHA-surface/underground, OSHA, First Aid, CPR, OSHA-for Supervisors.

Psychological Associates,  Saint Louis, Mo.-Dimensional Management Training Program (outstanding student award)

US Navy: Fire Fighting, Class I, II,III (team leader).



American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical and Petroleum Engineers- 25 yr member

Business Round Table- company representative..

ABC-company representative

NCCER-skills training- company representative

AGC- Chairman wage negotiation committee.



Carpenter, carpenter foreman, millwright, crane operator, marine power plant operator, underground miner, shaft sinker, tunnel driver, design engineer, project construction engineer, project superintendent, heavy lift supervisor, project construction manager,  construction manager, operations.  USN damage control leader, Salvage II special ops team leader. ISO: 9001


Self Employed/ Contract Employee/ Consultant/ direct employee. Confidential clients.  Working on business development, estimating, proposals and project construction manager.

Clients: SNC Lavalin- Power Division. Vancouver, BC, Canada

               Pre-construction planning:: Power plant, 500MW, clean coal, $2.5 billion. Canada

                                                            100MW diesel fired. $1.0 billion.  Dominican Republic.

                                                             100MW existing coal fired to multi fueled. $800 million

                                                             Position: Project Construction Manager



             Intermountain Rigging and Heavy Haul- Salt Lake City, UT

              Disassembly of all steel making machinery/ equipment of Geneva Steel Works. Ready for sea

              transport to existing steel mill in Peoples Republic of China. Position: Project Manager.


              HC Price/ ConAm Construction- Anchorage, AK

              Construction of 2 unit expassion to existing 100,000 bbpd oil refinery for Alaska Refining , North

              Pole, AK. Pre-construction planning, and bid submittal for 2 major gold mines in Alaska.  Positio

              Project Construction Manager


              Lintek Engineering, Denver, CO.

              Construction of a 500 tpd gold mill , air strip, camp, offices, and shop.  Air access only in remote

              Area of Alaska.  Position:  Construction Site Manager.


              Centeral Industrial Construction, Lehi, UT

               Placer Dome, Cortez Gold Mine, Nevada.  Construction of South Area Heap Leach Project.

               Position: Project Site Manager



CDK/ Skanska Contracting Company- Farmington,  New Mexico.  Manager of Nevada office including business development, estimating, proposals, and project construction project management.   Position:  Contracting Manager, Senior Projects Manager, Project Superintendent.




Ford, Bacon and Davis- Dalles, Texas.  Manager of construction operations including business development, estimating, bid proposals and contract negotiations, scheduling, and the execution of field construction.  Position:  Manager of Construction Operations.


McNally- Pittsburg- Pittsburg, Kansas.  Management EPC projects in the US and the Peoples Republic of China.  Planning and organizing of field construction forces, equipment utilization, materials procurement, cost and scheduling, QC/QA, safety, client and public relations.  Direct hire and construction management.   Position:  Project Construction Manager, Site Manager. 


Dravo Corp., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Duties consisted of the field construction management of mining/process plants, EPC and EPCM.  Position: Senior Construction Manager.


Morrison Knudsen Company, Inc., Boise, Idaho.  Duties consisted of business development, estimating, scheduling/cost control,  and the organization of field construction forces.   Position:  Manager-Projects


MM  Sundt  Construction Company, Tucson, Arizonia. Duties consisted of business development, estimating, scheduling/cost control and direct supervision of project field construction forces. Position: Project Manager


A.G. McKee Inc./ Western Knapp Engineering and Construction- San Francisco, California.  Positions:  Project Construction Manager,  Project Construction Engineer, Project Superintendent.


MINING /MINERAL PROCESS PLANTS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                A  Amax Lead Company,. 8000 tpd concentrating plant, two mine shafts, and railroad, ancillary buildings.  EPC, direct hire project.  $20 mill.  Position:  Project Construction Engineer.







Amax Lead Smelting Company, Missouri.  100,000 tpy lead smelter, ancillary buildings, 22 miles railroad.  EPC, direct hire project.  $20 mil. Position:  Project Construction Engineer.


Anaconda Minerals-Colorado.  Revamp and addition to coal handling, slip formed silo/storage and load out facilities.  EPC, direct hire project.  $10 mil.  Position:  Manager of Construction.


The Anaconda Company- New Mexico.  Re-vamps, new facilities, maintenance of existing uranium mill, open pit and underground  mines, ancillary buildings, railroad, company housing.  Design engineering and construction.  EPC in house direct hire mining company employees and sub-contractors.  $10 mil. Position: Design & Construction Engineer.


Barrick Gold Strike Mines-Nevada, 65000 gph  mine water treatment plant , $42 mil.  8,000 tpd gold roaster plant.  Crushing, load-out, leaching plant, and oxygen plant.  $22mil portion of $4oo mil. Project.  Misc. buildings, structures and ancillary facilities.  $20 mil.  Senior Projects Manager.


Comimco of America- Missouri.  6500 tpd lead-zinc concentrating plant, ancillary buildings, one mine shaft with slip formed head frame and hoist machinery and railroad.  EPC, direct hire project.  $15 mil Position: Project Construction Engineer.


Cleveland Cliffs Iron Company- Michigan.  40,000 tpd iron ore concentrating  pellet plant, and ancillary buildings.  $240 mil. EPCM and EPC project.  Project Construction Superintendent.


Cyprus Mines-Idaho.  25,000 tpd moly concentrator, ancillary buildings, power line and substation ,camp and access road.  EPCM, $350 mil. Project.  Position:  Construction Director.


Cobriza Copper Company- Peru, SA. 3000 tpd copper concentrator, underground mine, ancillary buildings, camp and townsite, power plant, 65 km access road (8,000 to 13000 elv.), airstrip at 14000+.  EPC, direct hire, $150 mil. Project.  Positions:  Project Construction Engineer to Project Construction Manager.


Echo Bay-McCoy Mine- Nevada.  Addition of SO2 treatment plant to existing gold process plant.  EPC, direct hire project, $ 3 mil.  Position:  VP/ Construction.


Echo Bay-Republic Mine- Washington.  Addition of SO2 treatment plant to existing gold process plant. EPC, direct hire project. $3 mil. Project.  Position: VP/ Construction.


Holmam Cement Mill #3.- Utah.  Addition to existing cement plant, finishing mill and 4 storage silos.  Direct  hire project.  $10 mil. Project.  Position:  Senior Construction Manager.


Homestake- Sapin Mining Company.  New Mexico.  New facilities, re-vamp existing, shut-downs, additions to two existing uranium mills, three underground mines, company housing, and estimating for new proposed mines in US and or foreign.  $20 mill.  EPC direct hire projects.  Position:  Design & Construction Engineer.






Houston International- Manhattan Mine.  Nevada.  Revamp, additions and  new construction to existing gold mill.  EPC, direct hire project.  $10 mil. Project.  Position:  Senior Construction Manager.


Intermountain Power Project- Utah.  1500 mw coal fired  power plant.  Coal Handing system. Car dumper, stacking stations, conveyors 24 in to 96 in about 18 miles of conveyors, crushing plant, pulverizes, dust collectors, etc.  EPC, direct hire $42 mil. Project.  Position:  Project Construction Manager.


Kennecott Copper Company- Utah.  Several projects at mine, mill, smelter, refinery, boiler plant, and new locomotive shop. Direct hire +- $50 mil. Projects. Position:  Project Construction Manager.


Moly Corporation of America- New Mexico.  15,000 tpd concentrating plant and ancillary facilities, tailings impoundment conveyor tunnel, and 100mw power, gas fired power plant.  EPC, direct hire, $25 mil. project.  Position:  Project Construction Engineer.


Nevada Gold Fields, Inc.- Alaska.  500 tpd gold concentrating mill permanent man camp, power generator, ancillary facilities, air strip, (only access is by air).  EPC, direct hire $20 mil. Project.  Position: Project Construction Manager.


Newnont Gold- Nevada.  Several projects.  Primary Crushing Plant, Secondary  Crushing Plant,  Met Lab, Bio Lab, utility piping, 3 heap leach projects.   EPCM, $75mil. Projects.  Position:  Manager of Construction Operations.


Noranda Aluminum, LTD-  Missouri.  100,000 tpy aluminum smelter, river and railroad in-out, ancillary facilities, power line and substation and 600 mw coal fired power plant.  EPC direct hire, $480 mil.  Position:  Project Construction Engineer.






Pacific Corp Power- Wyoming. Coal load-in station, overland conveyor, stacker, and upgrade of existing coal handling facilities.  Direct hire, $8 mil. Project. Position: Senior Projects Manager.


Ping Shou First Coal-  An Tai Bao Surface Coal Mine- Shanxi Province, Peoples Republic of China.  3000 tph coal preparation plant, handling and conveying system, dryer facility, storage barn,  railroad loadout.  EPCM,contract $1.2 bil. Project.   Position:  Site Manager.


Queensland Alumna Ltd.- Australia.  2mtpy alumna refinery.  Deep water port, bauxite and alumna storage, process plant, ancillary buildings, tailings impoundment, water and waste treatment facilities and 200 mw coal fired power plant.  EPCM, $650 mil. project:   Construction Manager


Quintana Minerals Company- New Mexico.  10,000 tpd copper-moly concentrating plant, open pit mine, power line and substation, and ancillary buildings.  EPC, direct hire, $80 mil. project.  Position:  Project Construction Manager.








Republic of Mexico- Iron Projects

Hercules Iron Company- 8000 tpd iron concentrator, power line and substation and ancillary buildings.  $80 mil. EPCM  project.

La Perla Iron Company- $10000 tpd iron ore concentrator, power line and substation, and ancillary buildings.  $60 mil. EPCM project.

Lazard Cardenns- 3mtpy iron pelletizing plant ,power line and substation and ancillary buildings.  $100 mil. EPCM project.

Monclova Steel-  3mtpy iron pelletizing plant and ancillary buildings..  $100 mil. EPCM project.

Pipeline-  250 mile iron concentrate slurry pipeline connecting Hercules Iron, La Perla and Monclova Steel.  $60 mil. EPCM project.

Position:  Construction Manager.


Santa Fe Gold-Twin Creeks Mine- Nevada.  Process piping contract for the concentrator plant and autoclave circuit, general construction of oxygen plant.  Direct hire, $10 mil. Contract. Position: Senior Projects Manager.


Solder Creek Coal- Utah, Construction of 3 underground mine portals river course diversion system. Direct hire, $5mil. Project.  Position:  VP/ Construction.


United Nuclear Corporation-New Mexico.  3000 tpd uranium mill, ancillary buildings, and tailings impoundment.  Direct hire, $42 mil. Project.  Position:  Project Construction Manager.




Rlaska Petroleum Company-Mapco Refinery-Alaska.  Addition of two units to existing 100,000 bbpd oil refinery.  $20 mil. Direct hire construction project.  Position: Project Construction Manager.


Amoco Petroleum-Utah.  Concrete foundations, pipeline installation, process equipment installation, and process piping installation.  Shutdown for tie-ins.  $10 mil.  Direct hire construction project.



Chevron Refining-Utah.  Construction of  concrete  machinery foundations,  general excavations, plant roads, process pipe installation, structural steel erection, process equipment installation, pre-engineered building erection.  Shut down for tie-ins.  $8 mil.  Direct hire construction project.  Position:  VP/ Construction.


Giant Refining Company-New Mexico.  Dismantle, move, ( 150 miles), re-erect, retro-fit, and new construction of Isom-Tip unit, spring turnaround.   EPC,  $ 14 mil., direct hire fixed price project.  Position: Manager of Construction Operations.


Pennzoil Refining Company/  Seagull Refining Company.- Utah.  Dismantle, move, (1500 miles, Texas to Utah), re-erect, retro-fit, three process units, add new cat cracker, new lo-cat, daf, 5 new tanks, new fire protection system and plant control system.  EPC,  $20 mil. fixed price, direct hire contract. Position:  Manager of Construction Operations.







Texaco- Canada.  Ontario, Canada.  100,000 bbpd grass routes oil refinery.  Six process lines, tank farm, ancillary buildings, water & waste water treatment plant, railroad spur, truck and deep water tanker load out terminal.   EPC, $400 mil. Direct hire project.  Position: Project Superintendent.


Seagull Refining Company.  Utah. 10,000 bbpd unifier/plat former and dewax units.  Dismantle, move, retro-fit to existing oil refinery.  Additional work of two spring turn-arounds.  EPC, $18 mil., direct hire project.  Manager of Construction Operations.


Sinclair Oil Company.  Wyoming.  Oil refinery turn-arounds and boiler plant re-builds/ retro-fit.  $5 mil. Direct hire project.  Position:  Manager of Construction  Operations.


Northwest Pipeline Company.  New Mexico to Wyoming.  Dismantle, move, re-erect, retro-fit, and new additions to compressor station .  EPC, 2-11,000 hp compressors.  EPC, $8 mil.  Direct hire  fixed price project.  Position:  Manager of Construction Operations.



Intermountain Power Project, Utah.  1500 MW coal fired power plant.  Coal handling contract.  Car dumper station, stacking stations, conveyors (24 to 96) about 18 miles in various systems, crushings, pulverizers, dust collectors, etc.  EPC and manufacture of much of the process equipment.  $42 million fixed price (engineering $ not included)  Position:  Project Construction Manager.


Associated Electric Power, Missouri.  600 MW coal fired power plant.  EPC, contract, $400 million.  Position:  Project Construction Engineer.


Pacific Corporation Power, Wyoming.  Coal load-in station, overland conveyor, stacker, dust collectors, electrical and control systems, up-grade of existing coal handling system.  Direct hire construction project.  $7 million.  Position:  Senior Projects Manager.


Queensland Alumna LTD. Australia.  200 MW coal fired power plant.  Power for 2 mtpy alumna refinery.  EPCM project.  $650 million.  Position:  Area Construction Manager.


Moly Corporation of America, New Mexico.  100 MW gas fired power plant.  EPC project.  Position:  Project Construction Engineer.


Santa Fe Gold-Twin Creeks Mine, Nevada.  Two diesel fired 1000kw generating units for emergency power.  EPC project.  Position:  Senior Projects Manager.


Nevada Gold Fields, Inc., Alaska.  Diesel fired power plant, 100 MW.  Power supply for mine, mill, camp and air field.  EPC construction project.  Position:  Project Construction Manager


Cleveland Cliffs Iron Company, Michigan.  !00 MW gas fired power.  Supply backup power for mine, mill, pellet plant , power line and substation and ancillary buildings.  EPCM project. Position:  Project Construction Superintendent.




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