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Name : Robert
Industry Type : Architects
City & State : Naperville,IL
Job Title Mech/Piping Engr
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Over thirty years of combined experiences in engineering design construction and modification in Nuclear and Fossil Fired Commercial Power Generating Stations, Refuse Recovery Facilities, Refinery, Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industries.

ASTI ENGINEERING SERVICES, Munster, IN September 2008 Present
Assigned in Munster, IN office as Staff Mechanical Engineer.
At present, re-calculating size of refurbished Condensate Vertical Turbine Pump to verify if it will work to the new piping route.
Select and size a steam Flow Control Valve to be used to inject steam to the Cold Blast Furnace line.
Assigned at BP Refinery in Whiting, IN with the BP TAR Engineering Group.
Performed engineering upgrades and retrofit projects requested by BP thru Job Notes.
Assigned at EXXONMOBIL Refinery in Joliet, IL.
Performed Field walk-down of Process Piping Systems for different units, Field sketches used as part of the design.
Designed New Process Piping to Upgrade existing Systems to enhance System Safety features and increase production output for FCC, USGP & ALKY units. These will be for the Turn Around in 2008. SDV for all these units are being designed for the coming turn around. Field data gathering and Piping Isometrics sketches were performed accurately for this project.
ORBITAL ENGINEERING, INC., Hammond, IN August 2006 July 2007
Assigned at BP Refinery in Whiting, IN. as Mechanical Engineer /Process piping specialist.
Performed various projects for the Refinery such as Laboratory Gas Carrier Project, Vapor Emission System (Nitrogen Blanketing) for the Water Treatment Sump Pit area, Chemical Injection System for the Water Treatment Facility, & CAL A (Re-routing Xylene piping and running them underground plus decommissioning of tanks as part of the upcoming Plant expansion) and Fire Water underground piping and fire hydrants survey.
Coordinated with Multi-Discipline Engineering teams and project engineering managers and Assisted in Equipment Selection and Layout, Pipe Sizing/pressure drop calculations and preparation of Bill of Materials. Initiated the preparation of Process Piping Schematics for CAD layout inclusive of Component Pipe Supports, P&IDs and Equipment Connections.
JACOBS ENGINEERING SPE, Indianapolis, IN August 2002 July 2006
Contracted for Eli Lilly Pharmaceutical Company in Indianapolis, Indiana as Field Engr/Piping Engr/Designer
Performed Utility P&ID Verification (Steam, Condensate & Nitrogen) and Equipment P&ID for Building B-100.
Assigned at Kellogg Plant in Pikeville, KY. Did various projects such as new COP Room, Burst Testing Instrument Installation (11 Units), Rack Washer Installation, Belt Washer Installation, Pneumatic Conveying Lines Repair for the Dented lines of the Bulk System. Performed selection of equipment and various components, oversee and supervise the construction of the projects.
Confirm proper installation of Modularized Packaged Equipment (such as: Freeze Dryers, Autoclaves, Compartment Washers, Part & Ultrasonic Washers and Glove Box Compartments) and systems for Change Control Documentation for Buildings B-105,
and B-110.
Complete verification of as-built plant configuration, to confirm actual the Equipment, Piping and Instruments to be Demolished for the Decommissioning of the existing Water For Injection (WFI) system in Building B-105. Develop demolition and decommissioning P&IDs.

Roberto G. Leonidas

Provided Technical Support to Commissioning and Validation Engineers for Bldg.B-105: Freeze Dryers: #1A, #2, #3, #4, #5, & #6; Autoclaves: #2, #5, #9, & #13; Compartment Washers, Parts & Ultrasonic Washers: #1, #2, #4, #5, #6, & #8; Stopper Prep Washer #2; Vial / Bottle Washers #1, #5, & #6A, are the Modularized Package Equipment involved.
Assisted Jacobs Engineering personnel to perform Systems Piping As-built drawing Review in Building B-328, which will be used for FDA Audit & Inspection for Compressed Air, House Supply Steam, Purified Water Endotoxin Control (PWEC), Water For Operation (WFO), and Potable Water Systems.
UNIVERSAL FORM CLAMP, Bellwood, IL April 2002 August 2002
Contracted on site to Universal Form Clamp in Bellwood, IL
Piping Engineer, duties included General Arrangement of a Tank Farm consisting of 22 tanks ranging from 1 [at] 900 Gal., 6 [at] 2000 Gal., 3 [at] 5700 Gal., 10 [at] 15,000 Gal. & 2 [at] 13,000 Gal
Engineered and Designed Piping for this tank farm that will produce Epoxy paint.
Selected and Procured the instrumentation, pumps and piping, for this tank farm project
Designed, Procured and managed condensate piping to be used for heating the 8 tanks in the process area. Manage the design, construction & installation of the project.
JACOBS ENGINEERING SPE, Lafayette, IN May 2001 April 2002
Confirmed proper installation of equipment (such as: Pumps, Furnace, and Fans) and systems for Change Control Documentation for Lilly Pharmaceutical Company in Lafayette, IN.
Assisted other engineers as needed for validation and/or technical support.
Performed plant-engineering upgrades on Equipment and Plant Layout, Piping Design, Data gathering and Field Verifications.
Performed Hydraulic engineering calculations and Design of Piping Systems.
Designed RFP (Reinforced Fiberglass Piping, 20, 12 dia) from the Thermal Oxidizer Plant to the Water Treatment Plant.
RHODIA, INC., Chicago Heights, IL May 1999 May 2001
Contracted for Rhodia, Inc. in Chicago Heights, IL for the Project Engineering Group to perform Plant-Engineering Upgrades on Equipment and Layouts. Selected and Procured Equipment involved in all Projects. Manage the Construction of all Projects.
Upgraded the Compressed Air System to provide services to the GMP Upgrade of the CDDITAB ATAB Packaging areas, and TRIMAG pumps upgrade.
Participated in various TRICAL projects; central vacuum system, T-502 agitator installation, diverter valve installation.
Designed, Sized and Selected the new Air Compressor and the new air 6 diameter SS header from the boiler house to Area 3 (CD) piping. Designed the 150# steam reducing station, boiler automation for low-pressure steam and assisting in the installation of the new 250# steam header for the three boilers, mapping out the emergency compressed air piping for the boilers and assuring compressed air is delivered to the boiler area during emergency.
Equipment Selection, Bid Package Preparation and Procurement, Layout; Material take off; Piping Layout and Design.
Supervised multi-disciplined craft, during Construction and Installation
National Engineering Services Corporation, Portsmouth, NH February 1999 May 1999
Contracted to Siemens Power Corporation in West Allis, Wisconsin as Mechanical Engineer with the Plant Mechanical & Civil Engineering group for the Chouteau Power Plant project at Tulsa, Oklahoma. This project is a combined two HRSG (Heat Recovery Steam Generator) units and a Steam Turbine Power plant.
Developed Bid Package for Piping Suppliers, Selection and Procurement of Components.
Verified Correctness of Plant Layout Foundation Drawings, for proposed equipment prior to release for construction.
Checked P&ID and Physical Drawings for Changes, Piping and Support Drawings for Constructability per Siemens Piping Design Specifications.
Reviewed the Total Dynamic Head calculations for the Circulating Water System.
Selected Valves for Type, Classification and Proper application.

Roberto G. Leonidas

The Estes Group, Inc., Waukegan, Illinois December 1998 January 1999
Assigned on site at Braidwood Nuclear Station, Braidwood, Illinois for Bechtels SGRG as Design Engineer.
Review accuracy of DCRs, ECNs, and FCRs packages.
Dynamic Engineers, Joliet, Illinois May 1998 December 1998
Contracted for Amoco Chemicals in Joliet, Illinois for Jacobs Engineering as Field Engineer.
Field engineering, Construction Support, Piping Design, & Modifications, Equipment Layout.
Field Fixes for on the Spot Conceptual Design and Pipe Routing and Sketches.
Ensure that tie-ins were made correctly and as per schedule.
Sargent & Lundy Engineers, Chicago, Illinois October 1997 February 1998
Assigned on site at LaSalle Nuclear Station, LaSalle, Illinois as Design Engineer Physical Design Engineering Group).
Construction Support, Incorporating DCRs, preparing ECNs and FCRs.
Field Verification for Constructability of the Design using sound judgment.
For Small Bore Piping: Load Locations, Piping Analysis, Component Qualification (Standard and Non-standard).
Draftech Technical Services, Ottawa, Illinois March 1997 July 1997
Field Engineer Piping Line Walkdown and Field Sketches per application of 40 CFR Part 63 Subpart H (LDAR).
Leak Detection and Repair for hazardous organic air pollutants. Process Flow and Piping
Components are accurately identified in the isometric drawings for a successful LDAR program.
Dynamic Engineers, Joliet, Illinois December 1996 March 1997
Carus Chemical Company, LaSalle, Illinois to perform Plant Modifications.
Equipment selection and layout, process piping design, and instrumentation of a pneumatic conveying system for potassium permanganate - base product.
Sterling Engineering, Westchester, Illinois February 1995 November 1996
Performed Energy Conservation Projects for Quantum Chemicals at Tascola, IL. Worked on the replacement of a new Reboiler for the Prerectification Tower of the Alcohol unit. Provided field engineering on all major systems of chemical plants.
Provided Field Engineering on Piping Systems of Amoco Pipe Line in Longview, TX. As-built new and existing Piping Installations.
Implemented OSHA guidelines for preventive maintenance at the Joliet Amoco Chemical Plant.
Raytheon Engineers & Constructors, Ten Mile, Tennessee April 1993 Feb. 1995
Watts Bar Nuclear Power Plant (Startup Group)-Mechanical, Construction, and Hydro Engineer.
Test Director, Supervised and Directed Hydro Engineers and Craft to Perform Hydrostatic, Pneumatic and In-Service Leak Test of Piping and Instrument Tubing.
Designed and Engineered Piping used and Special Spool Pieces for Flushing all Major Piping Systems.
Planned, Designed and Scheduled the Fabrication and Installation of Flush Piping.
Interfaced with Cross Discipline Engineers and Team members to Support other Ongoing Projects.
Supervised Craft on the Ongoing Projects. Field Constructability Verification of Design Documents.
Supported Start-Up Engineers to perform their Pre-Operational Testing of Equipment and Systems. Performed Accurate Inspection, and Scheduling for Room and Area Turnover to the Utility (TVA).

Roberto G. Leonidas

Dynamic Engineers, Joliet, Illinois November 1990 April 1993
Field Engineer - Performed Plant and Maintenance Engineering at Amoco (TMA) Chemical Plant - Joliet, IL
Designed the changeover of heating from AN3 (hot oil) to 400 # steam.
Other functions involved Design, Field Survey, Equipment Selection and Procurement, Material Cost Estimate, Fabrication and, Installation of Assigned Projects.
Performed Final Update of Piping and Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID) per Project.
Planned and Scheduled Detailed Engineering Design activities, Reviewed Design and Fabrication Drawings subsequent to submission for Construction and Installation.
Ambitech Engineers, Glen Ellyn, Illinois May 1990 October 1990
Davy McKee Engineers, Chicago, Illinois1987,Ogden Martin/EDS, Elmhurst Illinois 87-90 HPD Inc., Naperville, Illinois 1986, Salem Technical Services 1985-1986
Performed engineering calculations, design and field modifications to assigned projects.
Develop project proposal for bidding, fabrication and construction of petro-chem plant & refuse recovery facilities.
JEBCON INC., Florida November 1981 June 1984
Contracted for Callaway Nuclear Power Plant on site, at Fulton, Missouri with Technical
Support and Startup Engineering Group.
Performed Technical Support, Planning, Scheduling and Coordinating with Other Disciplines on Hydrostatic Testing and Flushing, Hanger Buy-Offs.
Performed Status Control on Walk-Down Inspections and Systems Turnover to the Utility.
Coordinated Post-Turnover work and Documentation.
During Hot Functional Testing (HFT), gathered Seismic Traces and Vibration Signatures (Pipe Movements). Objectivity is for Maintenance Comparison. Performed Verification of Final Design.
Supported Power Ascension Testing by Field Verification using NRC Generic Letter (GL) 79-14 to Safety Related Component Piping Supports.
Interfaced with AE and Field Engineers in the Design and Buy-Off of 30,000 Hangers for the Utility (Union Electric).
Sargent & Lundy Engineers, Chicago, Illinois March 1977 November 1981
Designed and Sketched Piping Layouts for various essential Systems of a Nuclear Power Plant.
Created various design concepts and drawings on all assigned phases of mechanical systems.
Assisted in resolving construction problems.
Designed and calculated for Standard, Non-standard Piping Supports or Restraints.
Worked with other technical disciplines to ensure Quality and Accuracy of Design Layouts to avoid Field Interferences during construction.
National Power Corporation, Manila, Philippines January 1973 December 1976
Mechanical Engineer- Responsible for Power Plant Operation and Shutdown Maintenance.
Assigned as Construction Engineer for the Erection of Unit # 2.
Performed Pre and Post Installation Inspections on various Components of the Power Plant such as pumps, the boiler, the turbine, gas recirculation fan, refractories in the boiler, and Piping Installations.
Revised operations procedure manuals to be operators friendly.
Performed plant engineering to improve equipment performance.
Selected and procured equipment for Unit # 1.
Pre and Post Installation Walkdown in all stages of Unit #2 Construction.
Directed and Supervised Craft on every stage of Plant Construction.

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
Mapua Institute of Technology, Manila, Philippines

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