Industry Type : Engineers
City & State : CAMUY,PR
Relocation Preferences : USA
Resume :  
Humberto J. Cruz Martnez, P.E.
Education1994-1999University of Puerto RicoMayagez, PR
B. Sc. Electrical Engineering
Magna Cum Laude
Professional experienceJanuary 1st, 2009 - Present Solar Energy 2000; San Germn, PR; Washington DC
PV Installer- Project Manager
Design, Installation, Testing, starting up and maintenance of residential, commercial and industrial Photovoltaic (solar) systems. Meeting with clients and government officials to implement all the applicable standards and codes to maximize energy production, minimize costs and provide the highest standard of quality and safety available in the market.
Project management of renewable energy systems design and instalation
July 18, 2008 Nov 6, 2009 Dept. of Transp. And Public Works, Mayagez, PR
Construction Engineer
Monitoring, estimating and supervising all aspects of road maintenance and repair in the western area of Puerto Rico, including directly supervising the following Divisions: Construction, Maintenance, Permits, Traffic Control, Administrative and Human Resources Offices. Managing and supervising contracts, design drawings, estimates, payroll, purchase orders, storage areas, vehicle repair workshops, vehicle and machinery fleet, among other activities. Implementing safety regulations for road workers. Managing and evaluating permits and endorsements applications.
Nov. 1st, 2007-July 18, 2008 Dept. of Transp. And Public Works, Mayagez, PR
Regional Director
Duties include implementing Public Policy, Supervising top managing staff and employees in order to maintain the Sate Roads of the Western Region of Puerto Rico. Managing budgets, meeting with high level governmental officials, such as mayors, representatives, senators, Executive Director of Public Works and the Secretary. Coordinating works with other directors of Public Corporations and Agencies such as ARPE, AAA, AEE, DRD, DRNA, JCA, Municipalities, etc. In charge of Road maintenance, pavement reconstruction and repair, bridge repair, green area maintenance, road marking, traffic control systems, road signs, emergency response to clear debris and open roads. Development of construction projects to maintain, improve and repair roads and bridges. Evaluation and approval of permits and endorsements, estimates for construction projects and bonds, inspecting projects, segregations, among other activities.

March 16, 2004-October 31, 2007 Dept. of Transp. And Public Works,San Juan, PR
Engineering Project Manager - Directorate of Community Development-Special Communities Program
Assistant to the Auxiliary Director: Duties included the preparation and follow-up of design, inspection, and supervision contracts, among other types of professional services contracts with the agency. Also prepared interagency agreements. Prepared drafts, attachments, cost analysis, amendments, Debt Recognition Documents, among others. Worked many contracts at the same time in different stages of preparation beginning with the selection of the professional until the contract was registered in the Puerto Rico Comptrollers Office.
Project Manager-Arecibo Region: Duties included analysis, need assessment, coordination of the design and bid process, supervision of the construction process in conjunction with designers and inspectors, acquisition processes, obtaining permits and endorsements from other government agencies, including DRNA, AEE, AAA, Department of Health, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, ARPE, among others. Evaluation and analysis of General and Special Conditions for many types of Agreements, including Design, Inspection, Supervision and Construction Contracts in order to solve conflicts, determining cost options and responsibilities of the different components of a construction project. In charge of every aspect of the construction project management and development.

2003-2004 EFM Inc., San Sebastin, PR
Director of Design and Construction
Duties included, among others, the management of construction and design projects, preparation of invoices, bid and contract proposals, obtaining permits and endorsement from government offices, evaluation of drawings, cost analysis, constructability analysis, evaluation of general and special conditions and specifications.
Professional membershipsPuerto Rico License # 20080 P.E.
CIAPR Active Member
Tau Beta Pi National Engineering Honor Society
Energy Affairs Administration Photovoltaic Installer License AAE-PV-0098
ReferencesAvailable upon request

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