Project Manager

Name : Courtland Holman
Industry Type : Facility - Building Owners
City & State : Patterson,CA
Job Title Project Manager
Relocation Preferences : Yes
Objective : Date: February 22, 2010

Dear Human Resource Manager,

I am interested in applying for a management position that utilizes my diverse background in maintenance, environmental compliance, construction, project management, redevelopment and economic development.

I have worked at two major oil companies eventually becoming the Sr. Project Engineer and Construction Manager. I supervised and worked with consultants, architects, real estate staff and marketing. I managed the site plans, budgets, created estimates, hired consultants and contractors, and built the prototype convince stores. These projects ranged in cost from a few hundred thousand to over $21 million which included the first known mass produced LED sign and various sites were I install BP Solarex systems.

During my past eight years I have been working for the Redevelopment Agency of the City of Pittsburg and prior the City of Brentwood in the Economic Development Division. My position required presentations to City Council, negotiating loans with business owners, low income housing developments, commercial development and economic development.

I have an understanding of varied interests involving business owners, developers, planners, the community, other stakeholders, and can facilitate an effective strategy to meet your goals.

Letters of recommendation or references are available.


Courtland Holman
1205 Puffin Court
Patterson, CA 95363
Resume :  
Courtland Holman
1205 Puffin Court
Patterson, CA 95363
(209) 202-6955


A management position that utilizes my strong management, development, engineering and construction skills gained through more than 20 years of experience with the Redevelopment Agency of the City of Pittsburg, City of Brentwood, ARCO, Tosco, and other companies.


City of Pittsburg, California
Redevelopment Agency Project Manager April 2008 Present

Responsible for various mixed use and economic development projects within the Redevelopment Agencys adopted areas as well as marketing Pittsburgs downtown to developers, brokers, and business owners in order to revitalize an under-utilized downtown.
Lobby government officials for additional funding for low income housing.
Provide or implement infrastructure so that low income and commercial development can occur.
Write staff report and resolutions to Agency Board and City Council for funding, loans, property purchase or sales, and contracts.
Negotiate with property owners and developers on loans, contractual issues, terms and conditions for commercial, low income residential, market rate residential, and mixed use projects that include Los Medanos Village, Siena Court Senior Apartments, Bay Area Regional Transit, Mecca Block, and others.
Construct various residential and commercial building while maintaining budgets associated with various projects that range up to $15 million.
Created or obtained marketing tools and demographic studies and developed materials to attract business and industry to locate within Pittsburg.
Coordinated with governments, consultants, and outside legal counsel on mixed use and historical project.
Hired and directed a marketing consultant in a focus effort for the revitalization of the downtown.
Interact with real estate brokers, SBDC and other economic development associations in East Contra Costa County.
Act as the safety coordinator for the Redevelopment Agency.

City of Brentwood, California
Economic Development Project Manager November 2001 February 2008

Responsible for attracting new business to this fast-growing Northern California city and facilitating the interactions between developers, brokers, residents, business owners, and the city to ensure a positive experience. I helped attract over a million square feet of new commercial development to the City of Brentwood.
Acted as a single point of contact between developers, business operators and the City, meeting with and assisting them with their projects. Serve as an advocate for the City as well as the new businesses, providing assistance to the departments of Planning, Engineering and Parks to ensure timely responses from city staff, developers, business owners, consultants, and applicants.
Created or obtained marketing tools and demographic studies and developed materials to attract business and industry to locate within Brentwood. Created an innovative web-based property locator to enable developers and businesses to quickly locate and evaluate potential building sites in the city.
Created a one stop preliminary fee estimate for developers that greatly reduced the time involved in obtaining permitting for projects from each department by a factor of months.
Successfully focused efforts to grow and retain existing retail business and to expand home based business into storefront or business park locations.
Proactively reached out to desired businesses and industries with direct mail and marketing, encouraging them to locate in Brentwood and at the City sponsored Sunset Industrial Park.
Worked with East Bay Economic Development Alliance to attract Bio-Medical firms to East Contra Costa County.

Greenburg Farrow, Inc.
Site Development Coordinator, Oakland, CA. August 2001 November 2001

Short-term position to manage and complete several commercial development projects for a major retailer. Managed staff, consultants and contract terms to ensure projects were on budget and financially successful.
Primary client point of contact for projects
Managed project schedule and real estate transactions

A&S Engineering, Inc.
General Manager, Walnut Creek, CA. January 2001- August 2001

Managed architectural-engineering office and projects in the convenience retail field including gas stations and retail outlets, responsible for hiring office staff, sub-consultants and general contractors. Managed budgets and created the bid, building and implementation process for a variety of new ground-up and remodeled construction projects.
Reviewed construction drawings as created by staff and consultants.
Attended public hearings and facilitated the development and permitting for construction.
Negotiate contract with business owner or developer.

Tosco Marketing Company
Construction Manager, Costa Mesa, CA. June 2000- January 2001

Construction management for the retail marketing arm of Tosco Corporation, one of the largest independent marketers of petroleum products in the U.S. and the largest operator of company controlled convenience stores. Managed contractors, consultants and budgets of more than $10 million.
Managed and created the bid, building and implementation process for a variety of new ground-up and remodeled construction projects for the Circle K convenience stores and 76 gasoline stations.
Attended public hearings to facilitate the development and permitting for construction.
Managed staff responsible for mailing bids, assigning purchase orders and processing invoices.

ARCO Products Company
Sr. Project Engineer, La Palma, CA. August 1988- June 2000

Increasing management responsibility at Californias largest petroleum marketing company. Work lead to two company-wide awards for energy and environmental efficiency. Responsible for the management of significant corporate projects with multi-million dollar budgets throughout the state of California.
Managed the implementation of ARCO and am/pm Building and Brand Image a marketing program to update ARCOs and am/pms identity.
Created comprehensive scopes of work, budgeted, implemented and managed numerous New Look marketing and branding projects involving more than 1200 sites including: $21 million canopy fascia, $18 million am/pm building, $3MM SmogPros and conventional station, $2MM coffee dispensing, and $4 MM maintenance programs.
Managed the bid, build and implementation process for a variety of unique buildings and the prototype quick serve restaurant concepts, some of which were adopted throughout the chain.
Managed the construction of a variety of co-brand fast food restaurants at ARCO am/pm locations.
Worked with marketing department on their projects, made suggestions, changes and implemented the final results.
Estimated, designed and managed the installation of some of the states first photovoltaic energy generation systems at 3 ARCO facilities.
Estimated new, reconstructed and remodeled locations for ARCO stations and optimized master building and canopy drawings and reduced construction costs by $200,000.
Environmental Compliance Health and Safety Engineer from 1989 through 1996 for buildings and USTs.
Helped develop and implement ARCOs compliance testing and reporting database.

Kawneer Company Inc. Engineer, Visalia, CA. August 1987- August 1988

Designed and drafted curtain walls, doors and windows for various projects including the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas Nevada and the Atrium at Lawrence Livermore Labs in California.

B.S., Mechanical Engineering, California State University, Fresno CA.
Mechanical Engineering, College of Sequoias, Visalia CA.

ARCO awards only 10 prestigious Stamp out Waste employee Awards each year, company wide, for employees who identify new ideas to save the company energy, money or to improve the environmental impact of the company.
Stamp out Waste 1999 and 1992. Worked with a team member to design, build and implement a proprietary LED identification sign that is energy efficient and was a first in the industry and worked with a team member to research and implement a device to prevent leaks in single wall underground storage tanks, saving the company more than $1 million dollars in cleanup costs.

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