Land Development Liaison Officer

Name : Bryan Stewart
Industry Type : Real Estate Developers- Managers
City & State : Tampa / Jacksonville,FL
Job Title Land Development Liaison Officer
Relocation Preferences : Tampa or Jacksonville Florida
Objective : The following questionnaire/ document is deigned to assist in developing a better understanding of my background, experience, related projects. In addition, I provided references with whom I have worked with as colleagues or worded for over the years.

1. Describe the two largest developments youve worked on to date:

Coastal Oaks at Nocatee (Nocatee DRI) - A 20,000+unit DRI with a scheduled build-out of 20+ years. This planned community is mix use, with a commercial center, industrial parks, residential development pods surrounded by preservation and parklands, and five designated school sites. DRI submitted to DCA in 1999. Currently, both Toll Brothers and Pultie Communities are under way.

- At what point did you enter and exit the project life cycle? I began working on the DRI submittal as a consultant in 1998, and worked on portions of the project until approvals in 2003. I worked on the community Costal Oaks at Nocatee as a developer with Toll Brothers from 2004 until the present. The Toll Brothers development is in five phases and consists of over 850 units. We are currently completing the development of the first phase, and have started construction on the first homes in the Nocatee DRI.

- What were your specific duties? As a consultant, I was responsible for putting together the DRI package in various stages of approval. We were responsible for negotiating with the owner/developer, St. Johns County staff and Commissioners, The SJRWMD, FDEP, USACOE, FDOT and the DCA. With Toll Brothers, I worked with the approved master plan developer The Parc Group, negotiating any site specific or off site improvements with the state and local government. My responsibilities include site planning, environmental issues, design and permit review; managing the consulting engineer, surveying, contractor bidding and selection, budgeting/scheduling through construction to dedication.

- What are the most challenging entitlement processes youve faced? With regard to the Nocatee project, The US Army Corp of Engineer individual permit for the site at Coastal Oaks was by for the most challenging due to the political environment at the time. The project impacted wetlands that were not part of the mater plan agreement with the Corps. This required a patient and long permit-negotiating period that was costing Toll Brothers and the Parc Group money. However, well-established relationships up-front, persistent discussions and creative terms enabled us to get the project underway within our scheduled time period.

Villages of Tuscany (St. Augustine Shores PUD) The original St. Augustine Shores PUD consisted of 12,000 units and was one of the first Planned Communities established in the state of Florida in 1978. Originally developed by the Deltona Company, it consists of 7 single-family, multi-family and commercial units. If developed today, The Shores would be a large scale DRI. The PUD was last amended in 1989 to add additional multi-family units.

Toll Brothers is developing 900+ units in Unit 7 named The Villages of Tuscany consisting of single-family and multi-family homes, and is currently in the process of a major modification to the 1989 PUD to increase the lot count to 1,200.

- At what point did you enter and exit the project life cycle? I started with the project three months into the PUD modification. Thus far, we have been successful in developing 226 units of single family, but are still in negotiation with the St. Johns County and the existing homeowners association for the remaining 900+ units.

- What were your specific duties? I have negotiated all site specific and/or off-site improvements with the state and local government, and lobbied the state and county governments for modifications to the existing PUD. My responsibilities include site planning, environmental issues, design and permit review, managing the consulting engineer, surveying, contractor bidding and selection, budgeting/scheduling through construction.

- What are the most challenging entitlement processes youve faced? The most challenging part of The Villages of Tuscany PUD entitlement process has been modifying an existing PUD that is 30 years old. This project would be a DRI in todays government. Adding to the difficulty, the existing community has aged and does not want new up-scale development. This has been a hard sell, and in an election year you have to play smart politics to get approvals.

2. Describe a particularly challenging site development issue youve faced (if applicable). With engineering it would have to be balancing a large-scale developments fill quantities. At the end of the day, you do not want to be left holding tons of dirt that you paid a premium for early in the site development process. This is an art. No matter how many times you do the calculations the unforeseen issues such as unsuitable soils seem to cause problems with the final numbers.
Planning and permitting allows comes down to the politics of entitlements. You want to know the players and processes very well upfront. Also, communicate with the people in the surrounding communities, as much as possible, from the very beginning.

3. What is the most common challenge you face, week in/week out, in your current role?
On a day-to-day, and from a development standpoint, managing contractors is the most common challenge that I face. Also, finding affordable land that can be entitled and permitted in the most desirable markets.

4. If placed in a new and unfamiliar market, how would you go about learning the local entitlement process, best consultants, etc.? First I would have a complete understanding of the companies entitlement projects, the local entitlement process and the political environment of the communityThan I would set meetings with the decision makers in government (staff and commissioners) that will get the projects approved. Meanwhile, I would maintain necessary relationships, and lobby government on a regular basis.

5. What are the two best business decisions you made in recent years...Selling my corporate stock at ETM when I did, and getting more involved in the hands on land development process at Toll Brothers.

6. What are the two worst business decisions you made in recent years? I purchased antiquated software to complete a project for a client, cutting into profit margins. Not getting more of a community pulse before going to the planning commission.

7. Given the opportunity, what questions would you like to ask our client?
- In your words, please explain the job description to me?
- The companys presence in the Florida market?
- Their current project focus, available resources, development types and sizes?
- The companys standing relative to their closest competitors?
- The companys investment in entitlements to increase the value of their holdings?
- What is the companys vision for the Florida market, growth in the last 5yrs?
- Have Joint Ventures with other developers?
- Who is the direct report for this position?
- Corporate organization and structure?
- What is the next step after this position (some success stories)?
- When do you want to fill this position?
- Compensation, Bonus structure, Review periods, Benefits, Relocation?
Bryan R. Stewart


Jim England - (Character reference and previous CEO of ETM/Partner) (904) 613-4200

Preston Doub - (Colleague / Fellow Vice President at ETM) (904) 642-8990

Tom Fallin - (Colleague / Fellow Vice President, Partner at ETM) (904) 642-8990

Jason Gregory - (Worked on my team for over five years at ETM) (904) 491-2076

Mark Middlebrook - (Former client with Mayors Office in Jacksonville) (904) 509-0918

Dave Jones - (Former client with Duval County Health Department) (904) 237-6488

Marty Child - (Colleague / Fellow Vice President at ETM) (904) 731-5440

Kirk Drost - (Consultant / Project Principal at Kimley-Horn Jax) (904) 687-6764


Mayor Paytons Administration (Jacksonville Mayor)
Various City of Jacksonville Council Members
City of Jacksonville Planning and Development
City of Jacksonville Engineering Division
Jacksonville Economic Development Commission
Clay County Planning Department
Clay County Engineering Department
Clay County Economic Development Council
Nassau County Planning Department
St. Johns County Development / Engineering Department
St. Johns County Planning Department
Florida Department of Transportation
Florida Department of Environmental Protection
St. Johns River Water Management District
US Army Corps of Engineers (Jax District all of Florida)
Daytona Beach Engineering and Planning Department
Volusia County Planning Department
Florida Power and Light
Various Contractors throughout The State of Florida
Various Consulting firms represented in The State of Florida area

Resume :  
BRYAN R. STEWART375 Alvar Circle. St. Johns, FL 32259
Stewart.bryan[at]hotmail.comCell:(904) 238-1848


Proven leader and land development executive with 14 years of diverse experience. Originated and expanded consulting services for highly respected engineering firm in land planning, land development, and land management. Managed a dozen land development projects for large homebuilder throughout the NE Florida division, totaling over 2,500 units in various stages of acquisition and development. Experienced in land entitlement, due diligence, permitting, construction management, agency/client negotiations and budgeting/financial management. Some of my strengths are:

Relationship Builder: Ability to develop relationships with City Council Members and both Mayoral administrations in Jacksonville, Florida. Leveraged relationships with various departments of government, including surrounding county and city governments, Corps of Engineers, Dept. of Environmental Protection and Water Management Districts to aid in the approval process; and third party professionals to aid in executing existing projects, and to acquire new business

Forward Thinker: Understands the Big Picture and how to strategically use available or obtain needed resources to meet current challenges, and anticipate potential issues and/or benefits. Key driver to use alternative funding strategy in Jacksonville, Florida which yielded $12M+ in grants and matching funds for land acquisition; creating the largest acreage of parks in the Nation. Understands what it takes for a site to move from acquisition through site planning and design to final development.

Leader and Team Builder: Keen ability to develop a team, delegate as needed, continuously assess the situation, and remain flexible in executing projects through completion. Built a 12-person team, at England, Thims and Miller, with synergy. Identified key members to obtain new business, manage projects, develop plans and execute required tasks to get the job done on time and under budget.

Results Driven: Driven manager with a strong sense of urgency. Solid organizer and communicator that knows how to gain corporate acceptance to establish objectives, set priorities and use resources to meet or exceed well thought out deadlines. Ability to exceed revenue targets, $800K+ in 2003. Managed the acquisition, planning and development of over 2,500 units from 2004 through 2006.


Department of the Navy, CNRSE6/08 - Present
Regional Encroachment / Development, Liaison Officer, Southeast U.S.
Chaired bi-monthly briefs with Admiral Alexander, Commander Navy Region Southeast, regarding development and encroachment issues. Discussed development resolutions as it related to developers building to close to Military Training Zones.
Managed encroachment-partnering meetings with the TPL and TNC to develop strategies to purchase large tracts of land through matching stat fund.
Identified target areas throughout the southeast where we believed developers could acquire land that would impact out military training mission.
Managed all Encroachment Liaison Officers through out the Southeast region to maintain continuity of the Regions Mission and to assist in lobbying at the federal, state, and municipal levels to make the Navys position known, and clear.

TOLL BROTHERS, INC., Jacksonville, FL3/04 4/08
One of the top 10 Home Builders in the Country
Director Land Development, Florida North
Managed land development team throughout the Northeast Region. Responsible for due diligence, design, planning/permitting, agency negotiations, budgeting, bidding/contracting and construction management for the division.
Supervised the management of three projects under construction, two in permitting and design, and seven in various staged of acquisition and due diligence.
Responsible for developing and managing the hard and soft cost budgets for three projects under development. Totaling over $20M in construction.
Assisted in various stages of acquisition, including market & site research of both raw land and entitled properties, conducted necessary due diligence, developed pro formas/ROI & site improvement assessments, and assisted in client negotiations.
Negotiated two PUDs, a DRI, land use changes and various environmental issues through St. Johns County Planning and The State of Florida Devolvement and Review Committee.
Successfully completed - Corporate Land Development University, Negotiation Training and NPDES/OSHA Certifications.

ENGLAND-THIMS & MILLER, INC., Jacksonville, FL 8/96 1/04
Highly respected and largest land development engineering firm in Northeast Florida
Vice President, Partner (2000 2004)
Made Partner at England, Thims and Miller in four years (youngest and only non-engineer).
Built from inception and managed 12-person department responsible for in-house regional planning, due-diligence, site selection, permitting, and database development.
As partner, responsible for all my own business development / NBI (New Business In) and carried my own Profit & Loss responsibilities Fiscal year 2003 invoiced revenue was $2.8 Million at an 18% profit, accounting for 12% of overall corporate revenue.
Assisted in development of client budgets, schedules and scopes of services and conducted all contract negotiations and invoicing with sub consultants and clients.
Coordinated sub-consultant activities. Included development of project schedules, bidding, initial due diligence, permitting / design and construction management.
Managed seven large-scale municipal capital improvement projects and park development projects from planning through construction, including the engineering and architectural construction drawing review and approval processes.
Assisted in the acquisition of over 2-dozen properties throughout Jacksonville in support of the Mayors land preservation initiative. Conducted site analysis/selection, lobbied for community and City council acceptance, and executed negotiations related to land acquisition activities.
Project Manager/Planner (1996 2000)
Planned / executed regulatory permitting for multiple residential land development projects (including DRIs and PUDs) through DEP, The Corps, Water Mgmt Districts, and other agencies.
Developed multiple project design standards, and conceptual / preliminary master plan studies leading to final master plan approval.
Coordinated and developed project schedules, budgets and Memorandums of Agreement (MOAs) with multiple government agency involvement.
Coordinated construction with sub consultants, limiting change orders, through final approval.
Provided ongoing monitoring of sub consultants and government approval agencies for planning, platting and regulatory approvals.

Largest retail video store in the Nation
Real Estate/GIS Analyst
Developed in-house Geographic Information System (GIS), assisting in site selection, acquisition and project racking of over 120 retail stores.
Performed site evaluation modeling, sales forecasting, store network optimization, revenue impact and market analysis leading to the opening of over 80 stores.
Determined market potential and existing market penetration of stores throughout the east coast.
Performed all aspects of real estate contracting / negotiating with outside brokers and franchisees.


FLORIDA NATIONAL GUARD, Lieutenant, Commissioned Officer, Camp Blanding, FL 97 00
U.S. NAVY, Reserve, Aircrewman/Rescue Swimmer, NAS Jacksonville, FL 91 95
U.S. NAVY, Active Duty, Aircrewman/Rescue Swimmer, NAS Mayport, FL (AA degree in Service)86 91


B.S., Geography/Urban and Regional Planning, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL 1994
B.A., History, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, (Cum Laude 3.75 GPA) 1993
Graduate Studies - Land Planning and Real Estate, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL 1994


Infrastructure Committee Chairman for Clay County Economic Development Council, 2003
Currently hold Real Estate Sales Associate license in Florida and License in Georgia (inactive)

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