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Name : Fred Dunn
Industry Type : General Contractors - Managers
City & State : Franklin,WI.
Job Title Site Manager
Relocation Preferences : None
Objective : Currently unemployed and looking for work.
Resume :  
8501 Forest Hill Ave.
Franklin, Wi. 53132
Cell 219-688-8498
E-mail drednnud[at]
Fred Dunn
Summary of Qualifications
Thirty six years experience in power plant construction, modification and maintenance. Equipment such as boilers, turbine /generators and all associated aux. equipment etc.
Managed removal and replacement of HTSH outlet header and HTSH Horizontal Elements on twin boilers.
Managed removal and replacement of division walls and hot reheat arch wall.
Organized, planned and assisted in cost estimate and schedule, replacement of HTSH pendent elements.
Managed major water wall tube panel replacement on 6 C.E. boilers.
Managed complete re-tubing of Auxiliary Boiler.
Managed complete overhaul of multiple condensers including removal and replacement of condenser tubes.
Managed overhaul of 4 Alstom GT-24 CCGT and Steam turbines including HRSG repairs.
Managed construction of 4 Westinghouse Gas turbine generators and exhaust duct for HRSG.
Managed construction of 4 GE 7FA Gas turbines and associated equipment
Managed Construction of 4 GE 7 FA CCGT with D 11 steam turbine, HRSG and all aux. equipment for complete construction of 1000 MW facility.
Managed over 9 year period with assistance of other construction field engineers 900 billion dollars of construction modifications , retrofits and new equipment installation on boilers, turbine generators and plant aux. equipment.
Managed construction of 140M SCR.

Professional Experience
2010 / 2007- 2004/2003
Site Manager Oak Creek WI.
Day & Zimmerman NPS
Perform duties of site manager, managing office staff of 6 in the process of planning, estimating, scheduling and preparing the site for 8 major boiler outages over a 3 year period. Managed 6 major boiler modifications supervising all multi - craft personnel during the performance of the work. Also managed the company safety program and had no OSHA recordable incidents in 3 years. Managed capital projects including, VFD installation, boiler shock cannons, new 36 major gas line for entire plant, new reverse osmosis demineralizer and numerous other projects.
Superintendent. Milwaukee WI.
Assist in planning, estimating, scheduling and co-ordinating safety program for 40 M replacement of 2 HTSH outlet headers and HTSH Horizontal Elements in 2 boilers.
Managed removal and replacement of HTSH Components.
Managed all other boiler repairs associated with outage.
Managed repairs on 3 air heaters.
General Superintendent Cumberland City TN.
Manage 700 craft employees during construction of SCR for a 1350 MW Coal Fired Unit.
Assisted in planning and scheduling the construction activities from start of construction to completion and start up.

Superintendent. Johnsonville TN.
Managed the planning and assisted in scheduling and cost control for replacement of the economizer section of the boiler.
Managed the removal and replacement of the economizer.
General Foreman ( Boilermaker ) Pleasant Prairie WI.
Supervise craft labor performing catalyst replacement on SCR, drip screen removal and replacement and miscellaneous boiler tube repairs as well as expansion joint dust shield replacement.
General Foreman Boilermaker
Tweet Garrot Mechanical Contractor Alma WI.
Supervise craft labor removing and replacing 18 expansion joints on bag house duct work, economizer outlet duct, and precipitator inlet duct including mobe and demobe.
General Superintendent Dunkirk NY. Somerset MA. Oswego NY
Shaw, Stone & Webster
Manage 4 boiler outages per year performing major water wall and miscellaneous tube replacements.
Manage cost and schedule.
Manage craft labor performing work.
Manage installation of new economizer ash removal system.
Manage safety program.
Disassemble and re-tube Aux. Boiler
Manage condenser re-tube on Westinghouse condenser
Manage all emergency boiler outages at both NY facilities.
Project Manager Bakersfield CA.
Power Maintenance Resources
Manage office and craft supervision performing major overhaul and retrofit of 4 Alstom GT 24 gas and steam turbines.
Manage cost, schedule, and safety.
Oversee complete disassembly of the gas turbines.
Oversee blade removal and replacement for blade upgrade
Oversee Diaphragm replacement for modification.
Completed project 3.2M under budget.
Superintendent. Bakersfield CA.
Performance Mechanical
Manage all mechanical aspects of the construction of 4 GE 7FA and D-11 Steam turbines for 1000MW facility.
Assist in cost control, planning, estimating and managing all craft personnel.
Managed construction of facility from ground up to start up.
Superintendent. Joliet IL.
Phillips, Getschow, Mechanical Contractor
Supervise major boiler outages throughout the state of Illinois.
List of projects.
Manage condenser re-tube.
Managed major cyclone repairs, water wall tube leaks, tube replacement in reheat and superheat pendants and numerous other miscellaneous other activities.
Managed re-tube of mud drum.
Managed cyclone tube replacement.
Managed cyclone studding replacement.
Managed construction of 4 Westinghouse 501 D simple Cycle Gas turbines and all associated aux. equipment from ground up to start up.
Managed construction of 2 GE 7FA gas turbines and all construction associated equipment for later installation of 2 HRSG units. Ground up construction.
Managed complete air heater overhaul on 3 air heaters including basket removal and replacement and all seal removal and replacement.

Managed complete rebuild of 3 air heaters replacing all internal and external components.
Managed installation of new over fire air system on 9 cyclone boiler.
Managed installation of 2 Westinghouse 501 gas turbines.
Managed numerous emergency boiler outages throughout the Ameren Energy System.
Construction Field Manager/Owners Representative/Supervisor Chicago Il.
Job Duties
Site manages and supervises various construction and maintenance projects throughout the Commonwealth Edison Fossil Division. Which included but was not limited to start to finish projects, from writing work scopes and reviewing specifications and drawings, estimating costs, receiving and evaluating bids, awarding contracts, planning and scheduling work, coordinating the work, cost tracking and field supervision of the contractors craft performing the work to ensure that projects were completed on time and under budget with little or no impact with the day to day operations of the facility.
Major Accomplishments
Manage removal and replacement of HRH from top of boiler outlet to turbine inlet.
Complete rebuild of precipitator after explosion destroyed more than half of it.
Managed overhaul of Allis Chalmers Cross Compund HP, IP and LP turbine generators.
Managed removal and replacement of 48 cyclones and 30 ft. of bottom water walls and side wall headers.
Managed installation over fire air ducts.
Managed overhaul of generator and offsite management of a total rotor re-coring.
Managed all major turbine valve overhauls.
Managed replacement of 4 Penn crusher hammer mills and reinstalled all new hammer mills and all new chute work.
Managed complete HP, IP, and LP turbine and generator overhauls including replacement of generator collector rings.
Managed overhaul of GE and Westinghouse steam turbines.
Managed numerous turbine valve disassembly, repair and reassembly projects.
Managed construction of 24 cooling towers and associated equipment from ground up to start up.
Managed construction of new rotary car dumper and new radial stacker for coal handling facility.
Managed the re-coring of HP and LP generator stators.

More Project Information available on request.

Currently OSHA 30 Certified
Currently STS Safety Certified
H.S. Diploma
Additional Training Classes
Supervising for results
First Line Supervisor training
Respirator fit testing, half mask, PAPR, supplied air, SCBA Competent person in all.
Diversity training
Confined space entry ( Competent Person )
LOTO training ( Competent Person )
CPR and first aid trained
Scaffold Inspection ( Competent Person )
Familiar with ASME and AWS
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