Name : Eric Powell
Industry Type : Engineers
City & State : Smyrna,GA
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Relocation Preferences : Southeast U.S.
Objective : Eric Powell
3799 Cliff Crest Drive SE, Smyrna, GA 30080
etpowell4[at]gmail.com ~ (229)-589-1439

To Whom It May Concern,

I am submitting the attached résumé for consideration of the Mechanical Engineers position, which is posted online at www.tradejobsonline.com. My background has provided me with a comprehensive knowledge and understanding in many facets of mechanical and industrial engineering that will contribute to your organizations goals and objectives.

You will see after reviewing the attached résumé, I have established an extensive knowledge of mechanical and industrial engineering concepts through my mechanical engineering studies at Georgia Southern University and my engineering internship with Viracon. I have also gained a thorough understanding of materials and manufacturing processes and engineering analysis techniques, including a significant amount of hands-on and technical experience.

My internship with Viracon provided me with insight into the corporate and industrial side of mechanical engineering and the concepts of Six Sigma and lean manufacturing. My professional experience also allowed me to design and develop actual production equipment using SolidWorks and AutoCAD software. I realize what is expected of me as an engineer and as a vital part of a research and development team, and I am prepared and eager to learn from others and to gain the experience that will aid me in becoming an integral factor within your organization.

I am enthusiastic about exploring opportunities with your company and look forward to meeting with you. Thank you for your consideration.


Eric Powell
Resume :  
3799 Cliff Crest Drive SE
Smyrna, GA 30080Phone: 229-589-1439
E-mail: etpowell4[at]gmail.com
Eric Powell
[ Fall 2003- Spring 2009] Georgia Southern University Statesboro, GA

BS in Mechanical Engineering Technology

Related Courses:
Finite Element Analysis, Heat Transfer, Thermodynamics I and II, and Thermal Science Lab
Systems Safety in Manufacturing, Materials Processing, Manufacturing Processes & Materials, Materials Science, and Plastic Materials and Processes
Machine Design, Mechanism Design, and Machine Component Design
Fluid Mechanics, Strength of Materials, Statics and Dynamics
Calculus I, II, and III, Linear Algebra, and Physics I and II
Solid Modeling and Analysis, Mechatronics, FORTRAN Programming, and Electrical Devices & Measurement
Mechanical System Design: Design, fabrication, and construction of a mini-baja car for the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) competition.
Software experience includes: Pro-E Wildfire, SolidWorks 2008, Solid Edge, AutoCAD, ANSYS, MATLAB, LabView, and Microsoft Office Applications.
Related Work Experience[ May 2008-August 2008 ] Viracon
Engineering Internship
The central focus of the engineering internship:
A HVAC study which included the monitoring, documenting, and managing of the HVAC system of the 400,000 sqft. facility in an attempt to reduce electrical costs and increase energy efficiency during peak usage hours and maintaining a continuously comfortable working environment at all times.
The design and implementation of a successful scheduling plan that resulted in an annual savings of over $100,000 in energy costs. The scheduling plan and other related recommendations were personally created and designed, then presented to management by exhibiting CAD drawings, collected data, and calculated energy savings.
Other responsibilities and accomplishments:
Mechanical design of production tools, which included engineering drawings, 3D rendering of components using Solid Works 2008, and fabrication of a working prototype. The machines and processes that were utilized during the fabrication included a lathe, vertical milling machine, tapping and threading tools and many other processes and equipment.
Assisting the Coating Systems Engineer with various repairs, upgrades, maintenance, and fault assessments of the glass sputter coater.
Assisting the lead Process Engineer with design decisions, component selection, and component installation. Aided in the system evaluations of various processes related to improving productivity, quality, and overall efficiency.

3799 Cliff Crest Drive SE
Smyrna, GA 30080Phone 229-589-1439
E-mail etpowell4[at]gmail.com
Eric Powell
Peyton Zeagler, Engineering and Maintenance Manager, Viracon
Office: 1-912-871-3500, Ext. 8360
Cell: 1-912-531-5729
Paul Jones, Process Engineer, Viracon
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Cell: 1-912-536-9378
Keith Faber, Coating Systems Engineer, Viracon
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Stuart Trimble, Engineering Consultant, Automation Associates LLC
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