Plans Coordinator

Name : Victor Sardon
Industry Type : General Contractors - Managers
City & State : Martinez,CA
Job Title Plans Coordinator
Relocation Preferences : Oregon, Idaho, Tennessee, Utah, Colorado
Objective : To acquire the position as a Senior Level CAD Designer with an engineering firm that will offer opportunities for advancement based on professional achievement and personal effort as well as an opportunity to learn new skills.
Resume :  


To acquire the position as a Senior Level CAD Designer with an engineering firm that will offer opportunities for advancement based on professional achievement and personal effort as well as an opportunity to learn new skills.


With 20 years experience in the civil engineer industry. I have worked on a variety of projects which includes the preparation of Horizontal Control plans, Grading Plans, Utility Plans, Erosion Control Plans, Civil Details, Cross Sections, Plan and Profile Plans, Survey Parcel Maps, A.L.T.A. Maps, Final Maps, Signing and Striping Plans.

Type of Projects Include: Elementary and High School Rehabilitation, Retail Centers, Subdivisions, Self Storage Facilities, Medical Hospital Facilities, City Streets Rehabilitation and Resurfacing, Roadways and Residential Streets, Storm Drain and Sanitary Sewer Studies, Airport Taxiways, Lightning Protection Plans, Steel Fabrication Details.

AutoCAD, LDD 3 - 8,Civil 3D 2008
Currently using LDD 8 and Civil 3D
Communication & Organization Skills
Microsoft Office Excel, Word
Experience in performing objective analysis and task performance to meet objectives
Conscientious and Creative
Willing and eager to assume responsibility
Reliable and Effective Team Member
Proven Ability To Learn Quickly
Windows XP


Galletti and Sons Concrete Pumping
05/09 Present
Rebar Estimator, Plans Coordinator
Martinez, CA

I have provided rebar estimates for concrete structures such as footings, grade beams, caissons, columns, pads, slab on grade, slab on metal decks, stepped footings, concrete shear walls, tilt up concrete walls for projects such as fire stations, schools, retail centers,
tank farms, and warehouse centers.

Winzler and Kelly Engineers
02/07 02/09
Senior Civil CAD Designer
San Francisco, CA

Hunters Point Phase 1, San Francisco, CA A Catellus Project
A multi-phased project that rehabilitates a former Naval Ship Yard into a mixed use Condominiums and businesses community.
My major tasks were to build working grading plans utilizing LDD8 and Civil 3D to incorporate aerial surveying and drawing files provided by an engineering firm previously assigned to the project.
As part of the grading design, I was also assigned to create grading contours from profiles provided by the former engineering firm. Additionally I designed the various pad grading for each of the building pads.
Assisted in the design and placement of combined sewer and storm lines, water lines, and joint trench line for dry utilities.

Vandenberg Air Force Base, Vandenberg, CA
Assisted an electrical engineer and corrosion engineer with providing exhibit drawings for lightning protection of various former ammunition bunkers on base.
The exhibits included plan views and cross section views of the ammunition bunker to illustrate how the lightning protection will be implemented. Other exhibits included rolling sphere lightning protection.

Camp Pendleton MCAS Airfield, San Diego, CA
A design and build project for the United States Navy and a paving contractor that incorporated my skills of design and draft of the widening of existing taxiways to accommodate for USAF Lockheed C-5 Galaxy transport aircraft.
The design also included the addition of a new taxiway to facilitate a direct route for all fixed wing aircraft to a refueling area.
The new taxiway crossed an existing concrete drainage canal. The design had to provide the same drainage capacity with RCP under concrete encasement and concrete taxiway pavement panels that could withstand C-5 Galaxy wheel loads.
Provided 3D surface modeling for Grading Plans and Plan and Profile drawings.
Plan set included a Pavement Marking Plan utilizing US Navy pavement marking standards.
Participated as integral part of communication and coordination between the paving contractor, US Navy, and Winzler and Kelly design team.

Mission Bay, San Francisco, CA A Catellus Project
A multifaceted project, I was involved in the design and relocation of an existing sixty-six inch sewer force main.
The design includes precise 2D and 3D orthographic fabrication details of two sixty-six inch steel wye connections that will be used to connect the new force main alignment with the existing force main alignment.
My tasks include coordinating with our structural engineers to provide precise structural documents illustrating the anchoring of the wye connectors to thrust blocking
Provided Plan and Profile drawings of new force main.

Mission Boulevard Rehabilitation and Water Line Relocation, Daly City, CA
Coordinate with project engineer and sub-consultants with conceptual layout and design.
Incorporate conceptual roadway alignment from sub-consultant into civil plan set and prepare for full design documents.Provided conceptual signing and striping plans for progress submittal set.
With use of conceptual sketches, I provided a detailed alignment for the relocation of water line. In addition, I provided the relocations of existing fire hydrants, water meters, and any other utilities (i.e. Gas, Cable TV, Electrical) that could impact the new alignment.
Provided 3D surface modeling for Grading Plans and Plan and Profile drawings.
Coordinate with survey crews provide a detailed survey for design documents.

Pacific Land Services
03/05 02/07
Engineer Tech III
Concord, CA

Vintner Square Retail Center, Richland, WA
Design and draft Grading Plan using LDD5 Civil Design to illustrate site drainage.
Utilized Civil Design to create 3D poly lines and generate 3D model of finish grade to create proposed contours.
Proposed spot elevations were created from finish 3D surface and added using the labeling menu
Create existing surface based on provided Topographic Survey using LDD4 AutoCAD program. In addition, create a proposed surface based on grading design using LDD4 AutoCAD
Assisted in the design of the proposed Utility Plan. Profiles were not created for storm drain system due to the design utilized infiltration trenches and dry wells.
Created a site pavement plan depicting varying asphalt thickness with gray scale solid hatching for areas of pavement designated for parking, heavy truck traffic such as fire trucks and delivery trucks, parking drive aisles.

Rancho Mirage Retail Center, Ranch Mirage CA
Design and draft Grading Plan using calculations to slope parking to drain on a hillside site for grading permits.
Assemble Erosion and Pollution Control Plan.
Create existing surface based on provided Topographic Survey using LDD4 AutoCAD program. In addition, create a proposed surface based on grading design using LDD4 AutoCAD
Assist in the design of proposed Utility Plan. No utility profiles were necessary.

Genesee Plaza Retail Center, San Diego, CA
Layout Site Plan and tenant building location based on Architects concept plan. In addition, laid out parking lot using
Architects concept and City Standards.
Assisted in the Grading and Utility design of servicing the retail shops. Utilities include electrical for parking lot lighting, water service for buildings and fire service, storm drain system to remove on-site water, and sanitary sewer service to all building on-site.

Safeway Retail Center, Novato CA
Design and draft Preliminary Grading Plan implementing calculations to slope parking to drain into existing on-site concrete box culverts. In addition, incorporated drainage bio-swales into storm drain system.
Assemble Erosion and Pollution Control Plan.
Create existing surface based on provided Topographic Survey using LDD4 AutoCAD program. In addition, create a proposed surface based on grading design using LDD4 AutoCAD
Assist in the design of Preliminary Utility Plan illustrating the proposed installations of Sanitary Sewer, Storm Drain, Fire Service and Domestic Water Service to on-site Safeway Store and adjacent retail shops.

BkF Engineers
09/00 2/05
Engineer Tech II
Walnut Creek, CA

Wilson Avenue Roadway Widening, Vallejo, CA
Assisted with the design of the new roadway alignment, curb and gutter, sidewalks, and resident driveway approaches. In addition I created pavement plans depicting areas of wedge grinding and overlay to areas of complete reconstruction.
Assistant in design of project signage and striping.
Assisted in the design and re-route of existing 36storm drain line inclusive of plan and profile drawings..
Designed new sanitary sewer line showing connection of existing laterals to new line and connection to existing manholes. Task included the creation of plan and profiles.

Pine Valley Middle School Soccer Field, San Ramon, CA
Designed new parking lot based on Architects concept and City Standards
Assisted in the Grading and Utility design of two soccer fields. Utilities include electrical for lighting, water service for irrigation and drinking fountains and storm drain. Storm drain design included the use of sub drains in the soccer fields that connected to new catch basins. System connected to on-site existing storm drain system.

Pinole Ridge Shopping Center, Pinole, CA
Worked in collaboration with project engineer in the design of retail site. Typical design included, based on Citys design standards, were the location of curb, gutter and sidewalks along store frontages. The locations of tenant buildings were based on Architects design as approved by City Planning department of Tentative Map. Moreover, the design included the use of retaining walls, which had to locate on Site Layout.
Aided in the design and drafting of detailed Utility Plan, which included the relocation of transformers, on site storm drain catch basins, manholes and fiber optic utility boxes. Inclusive, was the design of new storm drain lines and sanitary sewer lines, the routing of new gas and electrical lines and the locations of new storm drain catch basins and area drains.
Contributed to the grading design of retail site that included the resolution of complex drainage issues, multi-leveled building pad and finished floor elevations that required the support of retaining walls and the drainage difficulties at site driveway entrances.
Maintained communication with project engineer, project architect and contractor during the construction of site design. Based on personal design knowledge, I assisted in the resolution of in field construction complications in a timely manor as not to abrupt scheduled construction. I built a personal rapport with architect that built confidence in my superiors of my client and design team communication skills.

Mount Diablo Unified School District (MDUSD), Concord, CA Various schools rehabilitation
Designs include the demolition and replacement of existing classroom buildings as instructed by Architect and School district.
Extensive Pavement Plans were created illustrating areas of existing pavement to be removed and replaced, A.C. overlay as well as pavement to be pulverized, recycled and new A.C. overlay.
Drafted and designed Demolition plan annotating existing entities and structures that warranted removal based on site plan design.

Designed Grading and Utility plans to address and resolve drainage and utility specific issues resulting from the removal and addition classroom buildings.
Frequent site visits were required to observe existing conditions due to undesirable and incomplete topographic surveys. Detailed photographic surveys were incorporated to assist in design.

Looking Glass Network, City of San Jose, City of Mountain View, CA Various Fiber Optic Cable Installations
Designs include the routing proposed fiber optic cable.
Drafted and annotated existing fiber optic lines and structures that warranted removal based on site plan design.
Drafted and designed proposed fiber optic cable routes and annotating pull box structures. Additional required annotation included the lengths of cable between manholes and junction boxes and lengths of coiled cables in pull boxes that provide service various agencies and businesses.
Design included the quantity of strands of fiber optic cable lines to be housed within specified conduits The type and size of fiber optic cables used were based on service required.
Additionally, traffic phase plans were created to route city traffic around construction site.

SLS Associates
06/95 09/00
Engineer Tech I / Drafter
Walnut Creek, CA

Lowes Home Improvement Center, Livermore, CA
Using AutoCAD 14, I designed a complete site layout inclusive of building structure location in relation to boundary and easement lines from topographic survey. In addition, I performed the task of the parking lot layout based on Lowes and The City of Livermore design criteria for stall and drive aisle dimensions and take in account the ratio of standard, compact, and accessible stalls versus buildings square footage.
I assisted in the design of an extensive utility plan based on Lowes strict typical design standards.
Created plan and profile drawings for storm drain layout and sanitary sewer layout.
Assisted in the design of the Grading Plan and performed the task of drafting the entire grading plans.
Prepared an Erosion Control and Waste Management Plan and a Demolition Plan

1400 lot subdivision for Catellus Industries, Hercules, CA
Followed City Planners and Architects concept in laying out street design including curb, gutter, and sidewalk and residence lot locations. Plan also included typical roadway signage and striping.
Produced Grading concept with the use of AutoCAD 2000 Land Development software implementing 3D poly lines to create sub grade entities for earthwork calculations
Calculated grading spot elevations based on minimum and maximum slope criteria and created finished surface 3D poly line entities.
Generated cross sections for roadway design.
Served as a survey rod man during supplemental topographic survey.

Seal Beach Retail Center, Seal Beach, CA
Responsible for producing Sanitary Sewer design and Storm drain design.
Additional tasks include the completion of plan and profiles drawings of Storm Drain lines and Sanitary Sewer lines
Assisted in design and drafted the grading plan of the retail site
Used Autoturn software to perform delivery truck and emergency vehicle access to site and loading dock areas.

BkF Engineers
02/89 03/95
Walnut Creek, CA

Hansen Hill Ranch Subdivision, Dublin, CA
Hand drafted A.L.T.A. Survey and Parcel Map labeling bearings and distances along boundary and easement lines.
Annotated easements, survey structures and labeled acreages of Parcels.
Drafted lots plats describing foundation position within lot and annotating set back requirements and drainage swales.
Digitized hand drafted Grading Plan into AutoCAD format for earthwork calculations.

Leona Park Condominiums, Oakland, CA
Hand drafted Site Plan depicting building structures around a center courtyard including setback distances from property lines.
Completed Utility Plan showing the location of storm drain lines, catch basins and area drains. In addition, the plan showed the location sanitary sewer lines, domestic water lines and structures, fire service lines and structures, electrical and gas lines.
Produced Grading Plan sheets showing plan and profile of site pad being cut into steep hillside. In addition, the plan showed extensive contours and day lighting of contours into surrounding terrain.

Morello Elementary School, Martinez, CA
The Site Plan demonstrated street widening of Morello Avenue with new curb, gutter and sidewalk as well as a new driveway entrance/access road. The Site Plan also included new classroom building structures.
Utility Plan showed drainage of newly graded play field to new catch basins as well as the placement of water, sanitary sewer and storm drain service to the new classroom buildings and connection to existing services.
I created a Pavement Plan describing the area of pavement overlay and the replacement of damaged A.C. pavement.


Diablo Valley College Pleasant Hill, CA
Mathematics Courses 2001 - 2003
Diablo Valley College Pleasant Hill, CA
Mathematics Courses 1998
Diablo Valley CollegePleasant Hill, CA
Mathematics Courses 1996

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