jobless Project Architect

Name : Jay Heath
Industry Type : Architects
City & State : Speedway,IN
Job Title jobless Project Architect
Relocation Preferences : midwest
Objective : Employment as Project Architect, including design development, technical design, coordination of disciplines, creation of production documents, construction observation and administration
Resume :  
Jay Heath, R.A.

EducationBachelor of Environmental Design, Miami University of Ohio, cum laude; Master Architecture, University of Illinois

Professional RegistrationCertified NCARB
States: IN

Professional Experience:JRA-Architecture Indianapolis, IndianaJune 2008 to Oct. 2008
Architectural Personnel Various Contract Positions
June 2006 to March 2008
Herman & Kittle, Inc. Indianapolis, INJune 2004 to May 2006
Gibraltar Design Indianapolis, IN April 2001 to November 2003
HNTB Indianapolis, IN May 1993 to April 2001
Mills/Wallace Associates Evansville, IN July 1992 to February 1993
E.I. Brown Co. Indianapolis, IN March 1984 to February 1992
Archonics Indianapolis, IN June 1980 to February 1984

ExperienceYears of Experience: 27 years
Mr. Heath is a project architect with extensive computer experience. He has considerable hands on experience with both AutoCad and Microstation computer systems.

Mr. Heaths most recent experience, with JRA-Architecture, dealt with precast concrete wall panel warehouses with office space, and with an assisted living facility.

Mr. Heath worked for Hanum, Wagle and Cline as a contract employee on Design/Build projects.

Mr. Heaths worked for Herman and Kittle Properties, Inc. a developer, builder, owner, and manager of "affordable" housing, financed in part by federal income tax credits.
Mr. Heath was HKP's first in-house architect, and as such was responsible for the following:

Preliminary site planning:
1) Dealing with zoning, easements, topography, and neighborhood issues.
2) Determining the mix of buildings in order build the desired number of each apartment unit type.
3) Designing the site plan, which apart from the issues of zoning, must conform to the financial requirements of HKPs Development Department and the use requirements of the Property Management Department?

Creating and producing construction documents for each apartment development:
When Mr. Heath started at HKP, they had the construction documents for one standard building product: two story buildings with apartments one over the other. In his brief tenure at HKP, Mr. Heath created construction documents for a standard three story building, one-story building, and most of the pieces required for unique low-rise elderly apartment buildings. He co-ordinated work with outside consultants in order to create a database containing information necessary to build all the standard building types in different climates, seismic zones, and soil conditions. He also created alternative plans and documents as required for different building codes.

Aviation Architecture:

Standiford FieldLouisville, KY October 1995 to May 1996
Responsible for development of architectural construction documents for the base building at Standiford Field. This 18,000 s.f. building houses the Radar/Tracon, administrative and other FAA support services. An HNTB project.

OHare Airport Concourse F Holdroom Expansion Chicago, IL September 2000 to February 2001 The project consisted of several phases: Phase I consisted of remodeling existing concourse areas to move existing gates; Phase II consisted of remodeling Apron Level support spaces for (3) different commuter airlines; and Phase III consisted of extending the existing concourse 70 feet to add holdroom space on the Apron Level for commuter flights, and creating additional holdroom space on the Concourse Level. Phase III also included the addition of two (2) new exit stair and elevator towers along the length of the existing concourse. Mr. Heath served as project architect throughout the Phases of the construction documents. He participated in verifying existing conditions, and he was the primary producer of architectural design and construction drawings, coordinating with the mechanical, electrical, civil, and structural engineers also involved in the work. All phases of the project were on an extremely tight schedule and design sketches usually were turned directly in construction documents. An HNTB project.

Municipal Architecture:

Garfield Park Conservatory RenovationIndianapolis, IN early 1980s
Project architect for the renovation, addition, and site development of an underutilized 1954 conservatory. Architectural modifications included the addition of a gift shop, insulated retrofitted glass roof, interior landscape elements, fountain and new HVAC system. Site work included landscaping around the conservatory and throughout the park as well as upgrading a 19th century limestone bridge. An Archonics Project.

Indianapolis Police Department, Quadrant I FacilityIndianapolis, IN October 1988 to June 1989
The project was an adaptive re-use of a 1920s commercial building to become a neighborhood police station. Mr. Heath was Project manager and architect, performing client contact work programming and design presentation, architectural design, producing all the architectural construction drawings in coordination with the engineering disciplines, and performing the construction administration duties. An E.I.Brown project.

Muncie DPW Vehicle Maintenance GarageMuncie, IN December 1993 to October 1994
Project architect for this $1.2 million facility that included a maintenance garage, office area, locker rooms, break room, and vehicle storage garage. Responsibilities included client meetings, programming, architectural design and the primary responsibility for the production for the architectural construction drawings. Mr. Heath was also responsible for coordinating with the other involved disciplines in creating the design solution. An HNTB project.

City of Bedford Law Enforcement ComplexBedford, Texas March 1997 to January 1998
A new freestanding Police and Fire Department Administration Facility and City Jail of 51,000 square foot. Mr. Heath had a major responsibility in the creation of the architectural construction drawings. An HNTB project.

Southern Indiana Operations and Treatment Center (SIOTC) Jeffersonville, IN October to December 1997
Design/Build Water treatment plant complex with Bowen Engineering. Mr. Heath assisted the Project Architect in production of construction documents, also participating in design of various elements within the office building portion of the complex, coordinating the integration of the structural, mechanical, and architectural systems. An HNTB project.

City of East Chicago Vehicle Storage and Office Building East Chicago, IN October 1997 to July 1998
A storage facility for garbage trucks, street sweepers, and recycling trucks, with attendant offices and classroom. Mr. Heath was Project Architect. He designed the building, produced the architectural construction drawings, and performed Construction Administration duties, including shop drawing review, construction observation and writing field notes, and attending construction progress meetings. An HNTB project.

Fort Wayne War Memorial ColiseumFort Wayne, IN January to May 1999
This project was the substantial enlargement of a 1948 Municipal Arena, literally raising the roof, and adding laterally to the structure to expand seating and create corporate suites. Mr. Heath was project Architect through the end of Design Development, being the primary producer of architectural presentation and design drawings. He worked extensively with the structural engineers to determine how to accomplish the design. An HNTB project.

Historic Preservation and/or Adaptive Re-use:

Arsenal/Technical High School Indianapolis Public Schools Indianapolis, IN September 2002 to 2004
Project architect for remodeling two historic buildings at the historic Arsenal/Technical High School. The architectural scope of work included renovating classrooms and providing state of the art combined science lecture and lab spaces, completely gutting and re-building the restrooms, exterior masonry renovation, and new windows for one of the two buildings. A Gibraltar Project.

Circle Theatre RenovationIndianapolis, IN September 1983 to February 1984
Project architect for the adaptive reuse of a National Historic Landmark 1916 vaudeville theatre. The theatre is the most significant surviving example of neo-classic Adam-style architecture in the city. Exterior restoration was performed on the original terra cotta, pedimented, neoclassical facade of the 54,000-square-foot structure. Interior work involved extending the stage to accommodate a 100-piece orchestra, enlarging the Proscenium arch, expanding the lobby, and reconstructing the box-seat balconies. The project was completed on time and at $400,000 below the original $6.5 million budget. An Archonics Project.

Goddard AuditoriumEarlham College in Richmond, Indiana April 1996 to October 1996
Renovation of 1920s college lecture hall and stage, inserting new stage rigging and a new acoustic shell, bringing the Auditorium and ancillary use areas in compliance with ADA, inserting a new projection booth, and installing new seating. Mr. Heath was Project Architect. He completed architectural documentation of the existing conditions, and produced the architectural construction documents, coordinating with the design consultant and the mechanical and electrical engineers. An HNTB project.

Hoover Hall Spiceland, IN September 1999 to January 2000
Mr. Heath served as Project Architect for the historic preservation and adaptive re-use of a late 19th century building, turning it into a community center. The project involved bringing the building up to present building code by, among other things, creating a new exit stair system and ADA compliant restrooms. Mr. Heath was responsible for continuing the documentation of the existing conditions and producing the design and construction drawings, coordinating with the mechanical and electrical engineers. An HNTB project.

Historic L&N Depot Bowling Green, KY Phase I: February to March 1998;
Phase II: December 1998 to January 1999; Phase III: November 1999 to March 2000
Renovation of a historic 1925 train depot that served as a 16,000-square-foot station for the Louisville and Nashville railroad line. The first phase of the project involved restoring the exterior building and the second phase involves site work and interior renovation for tenant spaces. Phase III created a computer lab branch library for the Bowling Green Public Library out of the space under the exterior waiting shed roof and created new ADA compliant restrooms within the historic building. Mr. Heath was the Project Architect: he participated in the design, and was primary production person for the Construction Document Drawings. An HNTB project.

Residential Development:

Backbay Condominiums Indianapolis, IN early 1980s
Project architect for this luxury residential development at Geist Reservoir. The 168 units are built in 42 stone and cedar Manor House structures, each with a view of the lake and wooded ravines. Units include vaulted ceilings, large windows, game rooms, walk-out patios and upper-level decks. An Archonics Project.

Unaccompanied Officers Quarters Fort Benjamin Harrison Indianapolis, IN May 1985 to November 1985
This unbuilt project was to house officers temporarily assigned to Fort Harrison while attending one of the various schools the U.S. Army operated there. It was to have been a 3-story complex of three linked buildings of studio apartments. Mr. Heath was Project Architect for this project, attending design review meetings with the Army Corps of Engineers, participating in the design of the project, and being the primary producer of the architectural construction drawings. This project was put on an accelerated time schedule with the duration of the project in house being less than six months from design inception to the end of construction documents, inclusive of the design reviews by the Army Corps of Engineers. The project was to have been built in time to house athletes for the 1987 Pan American Games in Indianapolis. Congress did not fund construction. The project was unusual for central Indiana in that the Army Corps mandated that the building meet all the structural requirements for seismic zone 2. An E.I.Brown project.

Village at WestclayCarmel, IN April to July 1999
Project Architect for the first phase of a new town to be developed north of Indianapolis by Brenwick Development. The Village at West Clay will be built in phases following the planning principles of new urbanism. This first phase project is on the entry corridor, named Broad Street, and will involve the historic character design of 14 properties. Mr. Heath developed detailed floor plans and elevations for the different properties, based upon design sketches from various other Architects at HNTB. An HNTB project.


Ronald McDonald House Indianapolis, IN early 1980s
Project Architect for this facility, which serves as a residence for the parents of chronically ill children staying at Riley Hospital. The building was designed to provide a comfortable home-like setting, and is constructed of a combination of heavy timber and wood frame with a brick and limestone veneer. The $1,600,000 structure includes a great room, 24 bedrooms, kitchen, managers apartment, laundry, quiet rooms, library, recreation rooms, music room, and outdoor play area. An Archonics Project.

The Dunbar Deadwood, South Dakota October 1994 to June 1995
This as yet unbuilt project was to have been a destination resort. It included a 600-room hotel, restaurants, a casino, and a theater, as well as various physical recreation facilities. The amenities included ski slopes, tennis courts, basketball courts, a golf course, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, and a weight training room. Mr. Heaths primary responsibility was the detailing of the hotel rooms and clubrooms, and the production of the documents pertaining to them. A TSP project Contracted labor with HNTB.

Henry Houston State ParkChapel, TN January 1997 to August 1997
Renovation of the state park hotel, motel and cabin facilities. Includes major rework of the hotel lobby providing a new elevator, lighting, and interior upgrade. Other work includes remodeling of guest rooms, corridors and meeting rooms. Mr. Heath served as the project architect on all phases of the project, documenting the existing conditions, meeting with the client, and producing the architectural construction drawings. An HNTB project.

Belterra Resort and CasinoVevay, IN June to October 1999
Mr. Heath served as Project Architect for the 1300-car parking garage component of the project. Other components included a 309-room, 14-story hotel, and 200,000-square-foot pavilion building. He produced the architectural design and construction documents. An HNTB project.


St. Vincent Stress Center Indianapolis, IN early 1980s
Mr. Heath participated in creating the construction documents for this freestanding facility located near the existing St. Vincent Hospital was built with interiors that are rich in colors and provide an atmosphere of warmth and assurance. The center includes a 30-bed inpatient psychiatric care unit, a 40-bed chemical dependency rehabilitation unit, and a 12-bed hospice unit. An Archonics Project.


Pike Township High School Freshman Center Indianapolis, IN Autumn 2001 to Spring 2002
Mr. Heath was project architect for a 250,000 square feet addition to Pike High School. The addition is a wing segregating the freshman from the rest of the high school population and includes not only the full range of classroom spaces but also separate music department, media center, and cafeteria. He participated in the design and was personally responsible for producing over 50% of the architectural construction documents. . A Gibraltar Project.

Barker and Krueger Middle Schools Renovation Michigan City, IN Spring 2002 to Autumn 2002
Mr. Heath was project architect for a the complete gutting and renovation of two early 1960s school buildings, and the addition of area to add 6th grade and turn two Junior High Schools into Middle Schools. The buildings had had several additions and the renovation and additions to both harmonized and unified the buildings into single entities. He participated in the design and was responsible for producing and supervising the production of the architectural construction documents. Particularly challenging was fitting the addition of air conditioning inside the existing building envelope because of the very low existing roof decks. . A Gibraltar Project.

Lawrence Central High School Addition and Renovation Lawrence, IN 1990 to 1991
The project was a substantial expansion and extensive renovation of an early 1960s high school facility. Mr. Heath was one of several project architects working on different parts of the building. Mr. Heath detailed and produced the construction document drawings for the Auditorium and Media Center areas. An E.I.Brown project.

Georgetown College Arts BuildingGeorgetown, KY June 1995 to May 1996
Design of the new arts building, which includes classrooms, works studies, faculty offices, sculpture work labs and a large gallery. The new building was designed to blend with the existing Georgian style architecture on campus and provide a cultural center for the students, faculty and community. Mr. Heath was Project Architect for this project, participating in the design of the project, meeting with the client, being the primary producer of architectural construction documents, and performing Construction Administration duties, including the checking of shop drawings, performing the site observations during construction, chairing construction progress meetings, and writing and publishing the meeting notes. An HNTB project.


Indiana Girls SchoolClermont, IN - April 2001 to June 2001
First as a contract cad technician, then hired as a full time employee, Mr. Heath assisted the completion of a $22 million project for the Indiana Department of Correction. Of the several buildings involved in the project, Mr. Heath was responsible for completion of the architectural documents for the additions to the Dining Hall and to the school building. A Gibraltar Project.

Westville Correctional CenterWestville, IN
Project manager for this maximum-security prison unit at the Indiana Department of Corrections facility/campus in Westville, Indiana. One of Indianas first maximum control complexes, a prisoner is assigned there by virtue of having been a problem somewhere else in the correctional system. Mr. Heath primarily worked on construction administration during Phase II of the project where his duties included checking shop drawings and submittals and attending semi-monthly project progress meetings in Westville, performing site observation at those times. An E.I.Brown project.

Henry County Juvenile Detention CenterNew Castle, IN September 1991 to February 1992
Project manager and architect, performing both client contact work - meeting with the client during the remainder of production document process and presenting to the public at County Board of Commissioners' Meetings - and creating the architectural construction drawings. An E.I.Brown project.

City of Bedford Law Enforcement Complex Bedford, Texas March 1997 to January 1998
A new freestanding Police and Fire Department Administration Facility and City Jail of 51,000 square foot. Mr. Heath had a major responsibility in the creation of the architectural construction drawings. An HNTB project.

Lake County Juvenile Justice Complex Crown Point, IN April to August 2000
The project provides a new 40,000-square-foot court facility and 64 additional beds to the existing juvenile detention center. Mr. Heath served as one among several architects producing the construction drawings for the project An HNTB project.

Additional Information:

With a previous firm, Mr. Heath was responsible for organizing the construction drawings to create the Family of Automated Designs System (FADS). FADS is an automated system for producing construction documents for 13 different sizes of Post Offices, ranging from 450 to 7,500 square feet. No matter which options are chosen, a complete set of documents appears. Mr. Heath created the information that told the computer which drawing files to use and how to use them: over 1,500 drawing files and over 5,000 instructional files were involved. Mr. Heath also produced about 50 percent of the drawings used within the system. After FADS was complete, he created and checked the documents as the building orders came from the U. S. Postal Service.

Mr. Heath was also involved as project manager with the Henry County Juvenile Detention Center in New Castle, Indiana, and the Westville Correctional Center at Westville, Indiana. E.I.Brown projects.

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