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Name : josephmstancy
Industry Type : Mechanical Contractors
City & State : Tampa,Fl
Job Title Pipe Fitter
Relocation Preferences : where the work is
Objective : I am a certified and union trained plumber/steamfitter with over 20 years experience. I am well versed in the construction field and have run large mechanical projects. During these projects, I have interaction with other trades and often have sub-contractors working under me. I have to schedule, design, organize, plan, budget, order materials, set manpower levels and duties, inspect and approve work. I know the inner workings of buildings and construction. I have run the maintenance department of a large business complex and worked many large projects.

I started in the trades with UA Local 38 as a pipe fitter in the shipyards of San Francisco and applied for and received a Top Secret Clearance for the nuclear reactor and sonar spaces.
I moved to an apprentice plumber/steamfitter with UA Local 38 and graduated in the top 5% of my class. I worked my way up to a journeyman and then foreman in the trades.

I moved to Florida from San Francisco, California in Dec. of 2005. I purchased, built and sold a successful business but want to return to my trained profession. I have recently worked for Florida Mechanical Contractors. I designed and installed many hydronic and refrigerated HVAC systems. I have managed and maintained my own rental properties and apartment buildings for many realtors.

I have experience in customer service, budgeting, human resources, computer programs -Microsoft and Windows. I have the ability to see through the situation and find multiple solutions to the problem pick the best choice and implement the solution.

I am a team player that can motivate others to do their best. I empower them to bring innovative ideas to the project to save time and money, while remaining on the cutting edge of innovation. I believe the job gets done with people acting as a team and reaching for the common goal of a project, that all can be proud of. I think safety comes first and practice it always on and off the job. I feel that I have great skills and work well to focus on the important and leave the trivial aside so accomplishing the goal becomes the focus and leave the obstacles behind. I can adapt well to changing priorities while getting the job done, under budget and on time.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope I can become a player on your team. I am willing to relocate.

Thank You
Joseph M. Stancy
8406 Standish Bend Drive
Tampa, Florida 33615

Resume :  

Joseph Stancy
8406 Standish Bend Dr. Tampa, Florida 33615
PH 727-441-6096


I am seeking a HVAC position for which I have twenty years experience. I have worked on ships, hi-rises, hotels, convention centers, water treatment plants, sewer treatment plants, hospitals, apartment buildings and single family homes. Installing and repairing domestic water, fire sprinklers, sewer lines, compressed air and hydraulic elevator systems, water heaters, bathroom ruff-ins. Using my skills to install these and other systems to prints, plans and specifications. I completed a five year apprenticeship program graduating at the top five percent of my class. I bring with me skills and experience but also a pride in craftsmanship.


Gorden Tech. High School 1976-1978
Taft High School 1978-1980
Lincoln Tech. Institute 1983
San Mateo Community Coll. 1985 GED
Steamfitter Apprentice School 1988-1993
American River Coll. 2003
Certified Auto Technician


May 2009 - Sept 2009
JR Long Mechanical Co.
Tampa, Florida
Supervisor- David Tetlow 813-965-3912
Job Title - Pipe Fitter
Duties - While working for JR Long as a pipe fitter, installing commercial HVAC systems for Pinellas and Pasco county schools. I supervised a crew of five men, installed HVAC systems per plans, wrote daily reports, reported to the superintendent, coordinated with other trades and sub-contractors, attended weekly meetings and coordinated with the general contractor. I installed piping, pumps, chillers, cooling towers, coils, VAV boxes, supports, controls and air handlers. I prefabricated and installed piping and air handlers.

Joseph Stancy 8406 Standish Bend Drive Tampa Florida 33615 727-441-6096

March 2009- M ay 2009
Superior Mechanical Systems
6468 Park Blvd Pinellas Park, Florida
Supervisor- Tom Carey Ph-727-410-8749
Job Title- Lead Pipefitter
Duties- I installed and supervised a crew of seven men for the installation and design on a heating and cooling system for the theatre at Mc Dill Air Force base. I did design and lay out, material ordering, budget and specifications. We installed boiler, chiller, cooling tower, pumps, drains, air handlers, piping (above and below ground) controls, water makeup station with backflow, supports, coordinate with other trades and supervise sub-contractors, keep office informed of progress, attend weekly meetings, coordinate with general contractor and write daily reports.

May 2005-July 2009 Owner of Dry Dock Laundry Services
1704 N. Ft Harrison Clearwater, FL 33755 Ph 727-667-3477
Duties: I owned and ran a small laundry business. My responsibilities were as follows I supervised, budgeted, planned, customer service, repairs, maintenance, bookkeeper, file taxes, negotiate with suppliers, delivery driver, advertisement, rent negotiations, equipment and supply purchasing, sales and quality control.

Oct 2003-Jan.2005 Safety Center Inc. Sacramento, CA. 916-366-7233
Job Title: Facilities Maintenance Manager
Supervisor: Don Rhodes/CFO
Duties: Run maintenance department, departments budgeting, supervising, material ordering, meeting with other department heads and planning future projects. I also ran heavy equipment, tractors, backhoes and trucks. I planned and developed projects to meet the needs of different departments. I planned maintenance projects, scheduled regular maintenance and assigned work. I also supervised and planned for sub-contractor work.

1999-2001 Air Conditioning Company Glendale, CA 818-244-6571
Job Title: Journeyman Steamfitter/Steamfitter Foreman
Supervisor: Bill Duran/Superintendent
Duties: I supervised a crew of seven men in the installation of commercial and industrial HVAC systems. I was responsible for material ordering, design, communication between trades and sub-contractors and reporting to the general contractor. I reported directly to the superintendent by phone, written reports and monthly meetings. I wrote daily reports, I scheduled material and material deliveries, rented equipment and followed a scheduling guideline. I completed on time and under budget three large projects and three small tenant improvement projects some overlapping others.

April 1997-June 1998 City & County of San Francisco DPH/LHH 415-554-2587
Job Title: Plumber
Supervisor: Gerhard Mollenhauer/Director of Plant Services
Duties: Design and install an anti-scald system for all 115 argo tub systems. Repair waste lines, water leaks, drain stoppages, faucet repairs, water heater replacement, ac repairs and replacement, dishwasher repairs and replacement, small capital project improvements, repairs to boilers and chillers, pumps and replacement of water and control valves using Add-A-Valves and or freezing procedures to repair piping and valve replacement without shutting down whole systems.

Joseph Stancy 8406 Standish Bend Drive Tampa Florida 33615 727-441-6096

1996-April 1997 Homer J. Olsen Construction Company California
PH 510-780-9040
Job Title: Journeyman Steamfitter
Supervisor: Frank Smith/Foreman
Duties: Water treatment plant chemical feed pumps and test stations for water purification testing procedures. I also installed glass lined and cement lined ductile iron piping and valving. Install water piping, hydrostatic testing and layout.

Jan 1996-Nov 1996 San Luis Gonzaga Construction San Francisco, CA
PH 415-333-7970
Job Title: Steamfitter Foreman
Supervisor: Fred Castro/Superintendent
Duties: Supervise a crew of seven men in the installation of pumps, piping and supports for the remodel and repair of the existing sewer treatment plant. Hold weekly safety meetings, check safety gear, order materials and report to superintendent. I also laid out upcoming work and worked with other crafts to avoid conflicts.

1995-1996 Purcell Plumbing 2255 Judah St. San Francisco, California 415-564-0525
Job Title- Plumber
Duties: Sales and Service of Plumbing repairs, re-copper houses, install water heaters, low-flow toilets and faucets.

1994-1995 Department of Defense, US Navy Public Works, Housing 2000 Navy Pentagon Washington DC 202-685-6545
Job Title- Plumber
Supervisor- Jim Brady
Duties: Plumbing repairs and maintenance of military housing and work centers, service, repair and install HVAC systems at Persideo of San Francisco, Hamilton Air Force base, Fort Cronkite, Fort Baker, Persideo Monterey, Alameda Naval Air Station, Treasure Island and Fort Mason. I did storm watches to keep bases from flooding, emergency response team leader, leadman for trades and capital improvement projects. File reports on manpower, material and project progress. I did boiler and chiller troubleshooting for the officers club, hotels, restaurants, office buildings, pools and gyms. I did underground piping, remodel projects and work orders.

1992-1994 Pribuss Engineering 523 Mayfair Ave. South San Francisco, California
Job Title- Apprentice Steamfitter/Plumber
Supervisor- Bayardo Chamorro
Duties: Assist with various piping projects and service work for Plumbing and HVAC systems in hi-rises, hotels and residential plumbing

May 1991 - Sept. 1992 Marelich Mechanical Hayward, CA 510-785-5500
Job Title: Apprentice Steamfitter
Supervisor: Bob Fredricks/Superintendent
Duties: Assist in the installation of the HVAC System at the San Francisco Moscone Center. Supervise all steamfitter apprentices on job site.

Joseph Stancy 8406 Standish Bend Drive Tampa Florida 33615 727-441-6096

Nov. 1989-April 1991 Linford Air and Refrigeration Oakland, CA
Job Title: Apprentice Steamfitter
Supervisor: Ken Dufford/Superintendent
Duties: Material Handler, Prefab Piping, Clean up and Assist Journeymen..

Feb. 1989-Nov. 1989 Service Engineering San Francisco, CA
Job Title: Journeyman Pipe fitter
Supervisor: Michael Breanne/Superintendent
Duties: Installation of piping for US Naval Ships on Boilers, Generators, CHT systems, Potable Water, Sea Valves and High Pressure Oil and Air Systems, Nuclear Reactor piping, oil lubrication and fire suppression systems.
US Navel Top Secret Clearance for Nuclear Reactor spaces and Sonar rooms.

Jan. 1986-Jan. 1989 Continental Maritime of San Francisco
Pier 50 San Francisco, CA
Job Title: Journeyman Pipe Fitter
Supervisor: Ken Corn/Superintendent
Duties: Order Materials, according to mil-spec, check in materials against mil-specs, document history of material and check for mercury free certificates. Material Handler, Pipe repairs, Prefab shop, welding, brazing, US Naval Top Secret Security Clearance for Nuclear Reactor spaces and Sonar rooms for Reactor piping, oil lines and fire suppression systems. Pressure vessels and high pressure piping, install chill water systems and boiler controls following mechanical engineering drawings, fast track jobs and materials.

Two letters of commendation from the city and county of San Francisco, department of public health, Laguna Honda Hospital for my work during JACO inspections for skilled nursing facilities.

Job Related Experience:
Universal Refrigerant License
Certified Medical Gas Welding and Brazing
Certified HVAC Commercial/Industrial Journeyman Steamfitter Mechanic
US Naval Top Secret Security Clearance
Material Order Specialist
Backhoe Operator
Forklift Operator
CPR training
Work Site Safety Specialist
Electrical and Electronics training
Graduated in the top 5% of Apprenticeship class
Scissor Lift Operator
Aerial Lift Operator

Joseph Stancy 8406 Standish Bend Drive Tampa Florida 33615 727-441-6096


David Tetlow-Superintendent, JR Long Mechanical Contractors, Tampa, Florida 813-965-3912

Tom Carey- Superintendent, Superior Mechanical Systems, Pinellas Park, Florida 863-607-4969

James Custance- Owner, Ace Furnace, San Francisco, California 650-219-4331

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