general foreman

Name : katman8
Industry Type : Mechanical Contractors
City & State : dover,oh
Job Title general foreman
Relocation Preferences : open for anywhere
Objective : to perform as a general foreman, foreman or as a pipefitter in an industrial application.
Resume :  
Dear Sir:

I am sending you my resume in the hope of attracting your attention. My resume by no means covers the skills and experience that I can offer. I would like to take this opportunity to tell you a little about myself; what I have done in the past and what I would like to accomplish in the future.

This is a completely informal cover letter but I feel necessary for you to get a feel of who I am.
I graduated high school in 1990 from Buckeye career center. My course of study included Industrial Electricity. I worked for a local electrician doing mostly residential wiring then attended college at Stark State college and Kent State University. I majored in electrical engineering however I did not graduate and after two years decided that there has to be an easier way to pay for college. I joined the U.S. Army. I valued my four years in the service and would not change a thing. I learned many life skills, independence, motivation, self reliance, and above all how to work as a team to accomplish a goal. After my honorable discharge I thought I should go back to college, but once there realized that at that time college really wasnt for me.

I worked as a receiving manager for a large department store for a year. Realizing that that wasnt my cup of tea an opportunity arose to work as a manager for a local Wendys franchise where I quickly rose through the ranks to store manager then to district manager covering two stores. Several years passed and I wasnt happy with my salary so started looking for something new. I joined the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and started working for a railroad as a brakeman. Once again I quickly rose through the ranks and became a conductor and then later a locomotive engineer. I loved that job. I got married and started a family. Realizing that working an average of over 100 hours a week was nice for my wallet but hard on the family I decided to get back to the tools. An opportunity to work for a refrigeration company presented itself and I took it. Gordon Refrigeration was a Union shop and after a year and a half I became a member of the United Association of Plumbers and Pipe fitters. My work encompassed installation and service of supermarket, industrial and commercial refrigeration systems. I have changed compressors, troubleshot rack systems and installed miles of copper pipe. I have worked on HVAC systems and installed and serviced air conditioners large and small. I worked for Gordons for about five years and realized that I needed to branch out and learn more about the trade. So I called the hall and they sent me out to work for Graycor Industrial Constructors. I worked for them at a steel mill in Zanesville, Ohio for five months. We removed a pickling line and a tempering furnace then reinstalled. When that job was over I was dispatched to American Electric Power at Conesville Ohio to work for Sauer Industrial Contractors. Sauers has the Contract for the construction of the F.G.D project. Basically it is a system using crushed limestone to clean the stack smoke from the coal fired boilers at an electric generating facility.

I started there as a pipe fitter and within two weeks was made a foreman where for almost a year I ran a crew . I personally was responsible for at one time half the project and then as we manned up and more foreman were set up I ran the F.G.D. building west side , the Hydroclone building and all main reservoir tanks. As the job started to wind down Sauers received the contract to install an additional 1000-1200 pipe hangers. I took the job of area foreman and within two weeks became General foreman.

I have been responsible for installing many sizes and types of pipe. These include. Carbon steel, copper, stainless steel , F.R.P. (fiberglass reinforced pipe), P.V.C.,C.P.V.C., carbon steel rubber lined.

I have installed valves, valve stations, pumps and pump stations and lube oil skids.

I currently have my O.S.H.A. 10 certification, E.P.A. Universal refrigerant certification, U.A.70 weld test certification, State of Ohio Backflow certification, N.F.P.A. brazing and medical gas installation certification.
I have been responsible for the direct supervision and performance and quality control as a foreman, area foreman and a general foreman.

My career as a pipe fitter has covered many different aspects and I am grateful for that but neither do I want to be pigeon holed into just being a fitter. I have consistently tried to better myself through education. Before joining the pipe fitters I took night classes for refrigeration at the local joint vocational school, later I taught those same classes for two years. I finished my apprenticeship classes and received honors from Owens Community College for each semester ( our locals partner in education) As a fifth year apprentice I began teaching for the Joint Apprenticeship in Cambridge ( basic electricity). I continue to do so. I am also going through the United Associations instructor certifications courses in Michigan every year. Washtenaw Community College also offers an associates degree in construction supervision that I am currently enrolled in.

My goals for the future : Continue my education and advance in management positions, Relocate to a more conducive job market.

As you can see I am a highly motivated person, yet I maintain a core belief in some of the guiding principals of life that I incorporate in my work. Honesty, hard work and the ability to adapt and overcome have become a trademark of my lifein and out of work. Please feel free to contact me . I am open to any opportunitys that might broaden my horizons. Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon.



Work as a skilled tradesman : Pipe fitter foreman or Refrigeration Technician


I have held numerous management positions throughout my life. In addition, I am skilled in many areas, combined my skills and training make me an ideal fit for this position.

06/01/09-06/26/09 Local 495 Apprenticeship committee Cambridge, Ohio
Instructor: Basic electricity, builders level and transit
Create lesson plans and instruct students
Test and evaluate apprentices

01/01/08-05/07/09 Sauer Industrial Contractors: Conesville, Ohio
General foreman
Responsible for a five million dollar construction project
Plan and layout work using P[at]IDS, schematic drawings, piping diagrams, building blueprints and customer ecns
Directly supervise four foreman and fifty-four journeyman and apprentices
Interface with company and customer officials
Perfom safety inspections and job safety box talks
Inspect and provide corrective actions for deficiences found
Plan and request tools and material
Install various pipe( carbon, stainless, fiberglass, pvc,copper)
Install various equipment (pumps, hydroclones,valves, valve stations)

07/01/2007-01/01/2208 Graycor Industrial Constructors
Journeyman pipe fitter
Install various piping systems (hydralic,pneumatic,process,)
Install burners and associated hardware on blast furnace
Perform as a job steward

05/01/2001-07/01/2007 Gordon Refrigeration Inc.
Refrigeration Technician
Install and service of HVAC-R equipment
Commercial rack systems
Commercial roof top units
Industrial chillers
Commercial and industrial coolers and freezers
P.M.s on industrial and commercial acounts

04/05/1999-05/01/2001 Wheeling and Lake Erie Railroad
Railroad Conductor/Locomotive Engineer
Responsible for performance of crew members and overall surveillance of train activities ensuring safe,efficient and timely transport over 800 miles of company track.
Operate, inspect and perform locomotive operation
Comply with all Federal, State and company laws, policies,and rules governing train movements
Transport and interchange freight cars including dangerous, hazardous and high dollar commodities

05/01/1997-04/05/1999 Basec Management
General Manager
Managed budgets above company standards in areas of food%.labor$, utilities,paper and miscellaneous expenses
Set standards and goals for eight managers and thirty-four employees
Implemented training courses for new hires- speeding profitability

07/01/1996-05/01/1997 Elder-Beerman Department store
Receiving Manager
Inventoried incoming stock, issued outgoing stock
Managed four person crew
Managed store cleaning crew

07/01/1992-07/01/1996 U.S. Army
Team Leader Ammunition Specialist
Responsiblie for squad training and day to day job performance
Execute mission planning, performance evaluations, and job delegations
Responsible for $700,000 +of tactical equipment and computers
Operated material handling equipment
Operated tactical equipment
Responsible for issue and receipt of live ammunition from small arms to ground based missle systems

05/01/1990-07/011992 The Mnor Restaurant
Responsible as afternoon shift kitchen manger

05/01/1988-05/01/1990 Davis Electric Inc.
Responsible for residential and light commercial wiring
Self starter and worked with little to no supervision

03/01/1986-05/01/1988 Double P Farms
Farm hand
Performed farm duties such as milking, newborn calf delivery, baling hay and mucking stalls


07/01/2001-07/01/2006 Local 495 Apprenticeship Plumbers and Pipe fitters Cambridge, Ohio
Honor student all semesters
Certifications in Backflow prevention, Medical gas brazing and installation, OSHA10, Foreman, Plumbing Code, U.A. 70 weld test,U.A. 21 weld test

06/01/1991-1992 Kent State University Canton, Ohio
Course of study: Core classes
06/01/1990-1991 Stark State College Canton, Ohio
Course of study Electrical engineering
06/01/1988-1990 Buckeye Career Center New Philadelphia, Ohio
Course of study Industrial electricity
06/01/2000-2002 Buckeye Career Center New Philadelphia, Ohio
Course of study Adult education H.V.A.C-R
Currently enrolled in United Associations Instructor Training program
Pursuing construction supervision Associates degree
07/01/1992-1996 U.S. Army
Honor graduate Basic Combat Training
Honor Graduate Advanced Individual Training
Graduate Primary Leadership Development Course (top 10)
Graduate Small Arms Repair and Maintenance( unit armored)
Graduate Basic German Language course
International drivers license


Hunting and fishing


Camping and marksmanship, motorcycles


Semi-fluent in German


Joe Calcek Superintendent
Sauer Industrial Contractors
30 fifty-first st.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Duston WilikinSR.
Sr. General foreman
60030 Coshocton Co. rd. 9

Dan Gordon
Vice President
Basec Management
1047 N. Tuscarawas Ave.
Dover, Ohio 44622

Sam Aston
Gordon Refrigeration
2000 Red Hill Rd.
Dover, Ohio 44622

Trent Lenhart
Senior Industrial Engineer
Gradall Co.
406 Mill Ave. S.W.
New Philadelphia , Ohio 44663

Sincerely, Justin Herrington

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