Master Electrician

Name : Justin Spears
Industry Type : Electrical Contractors
City & State : Mammoth Spring,ar
Job Title Master Electrician
Relocation Preferences :
Objective : looking for projects where I can be of service, I am a hard worker and a problem solver.
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6223 Pleasant Valley Rd. Mammoth Spring, Arkansas 72554 (870) 895-4960


Spears Electric Service
(09/2009 - Present)
Self Employed

West Plains Electric Controls and Automation (08/2006 08/2009) Service/Engineering
West Plains, Missouri
Supervisor: Mike Kutter (417 256 8749)

Duties: Design, quote and install electric control systems for industrial applications.
Extensive experience with NEMA and IEC three phase motor power and controls which includes:
Specifying, installing, troubleshooting and performing initial start up on Wye Delta, Autotransformer and solid state Soft Starters.
Specifying, installing, troubleshooting and performing initial start up on Variable Frequency Drives.
Installed 300 TPH Asphalt Controls complete from service.

Extensive experience with thermal soil remediation control design and installation which includes:
Large three phase motors with softstarts.
Burner controls for various types of fuel.
Many smaller motors interlocked for safety by PLC.
Datalogging temperatures.
Damper controls both manual and automatic.
Baghouse controls.

Eaton Corporation (04/2004 08/2006) - Manufacturing Engineer
Mountain Home, Arkansas
Supervisor: Buddy Walker (no longer with Eaton, call maintenance)

Duties: Modify industrial equipment to improve output and reliability. Consistently demonstrated ability to apply engineering skills in order to solve technical problems. Consistently demonstrated ability to learn new electrical and electronic skills in order to repair and modify undocumented, obsolete equipment.

Designed and installed automatic control systems for three very large steam autoclaves, including all safety interlocks, HMI selection and programming, PLC selection and programming, enclosure selection, design and layout, as well as selection of inputs. The control systems were an original design that replicated a proven heat profile, replaced an unreliable industrial computer based control system and interfacing seamlessly with the original control system (mechanical drum-type sequencer controlling pneumatically actuated valves). The systems use a ladder logic PID loop that is able to control temperature to within 2 increments of resolution or 0.2F. The new control systems were installed during scheduled 24-hour shutdowns and have been so reliable that no one in maintenance has experience working on them because they dont ever break down. The first control system was installed twelve weeks from my hire date. I had to teach myself PLC and HMI programming as well as how the autoclave process worked by observing them in operation because the process was undocumented. The three autoclaves have been used continuously now for five years, processing all of the plants production except the stainless hose.

Designed and implemented improved control systems for cryogenic coolers, which were installed on sixty machines, reducing scrap by $20k per month.

Overhauled industrial wire winders, replacing load cells, magnetic particle brakes and tuning electronic PID boards.

Converted an extruder from DC drive and motor to variable frequency AC, upgraded controls to HMI using Ethernet communication for future data logging capability, upgrades doubled productivity on this individual extruder with 12 hours downtime during conversion.

Replaced numerous legacy Modicom and siemens PLCs with Allen Bradley micrologix units performing all programming and wiring schematic updates. One replacement on critical equipment was completed in 2 days including procurement of the replacement PLC, learning modicon modsoft software and rewriting the program in Rslogix500, installation and tuning.

Designed, specified and supervised installation of a steam hose testing system that uses 250psi steam at 406F to verify rubber composition of steam hose. System includes thermocouples, transducers, PLC, HMI and pneumatically operated valves. System interfaces with boiler controls and feed pump motor starter as well as make up feed water chemical treatment. System includes safety shutoff in the event of a burst hose during test because it is fully automated and test runs continuously for 168 hours before automatically shutting down.

Investigated feasibility and obtained quotes for additional power factor correction hardware and installation.

Investigated and obtained quotes for the replacement of two 400Hp DC drives and motors on critical plant equipment.

Modified three hydraulic impulse machines, converting mechanically actuated valves to electrical actuation to better control pulse width and frequency, saving $50K per machine.

Specified, procured and installed Kronos Time and Attendance system with security modules controlling maglocks. System uses Ethernet communications that link three clock stations and four security modules with a dedicated server running SQL. In addition, designed security badge in use at Eaton Plant, procuring all equipment and supplies to support badge making for 450 persons across four shifts and coordinated employee training to use new Time and Attendance system.

Replaced obsolete Panelview HMI on critical equipment with newer model. Handled selection, procurement, programming, installation and tuning with 26 hours of downtime. A subsequent failure on identical equipment resulted in only four hours downtime because I had ordered a spare Panelview and documented the first replacement so that maintenance could do the work. The second failure occurred on a weekend.

US Army National Guard (12/1999 08/2006) - Wheeled and Tracked vehicle mechanic
Mountain Home, Arkansas United States
Supervisor: Steven Killian - 870 425 3255

North Arkansas Electrical Cooperative (09/2002 - 01/2003) - Student Help Temporary
Salem, Arkansas
Supervisor: James Woody - (870) 895-6240

Duties: surveying and mapping with geographical information systems (GIS), designing and constructing substation trusses with AutoCAD, printing and proofreading reports, coordinating reclosers and fuses for the distribution system (sectionalizing) Worked outdoors during the ice storm in the winter of 2002 in cold, icy conditions. Gained experience with power transmission and distribution systems and components including transformers, voltage regulators, reclosers, fuses and switches.
United States Navy (11/1991 - 11/1997) - Nuclear machinist Mate second class
Norfolk, Virginia Supervisor: Richard Chambers

Duties: Operation and maintenance of a naval nuclear power plant. Required to observe the operation of the equipment in order to detect abnormal operating conditions and correct them before they become serious. Involved in the repair, service, maintenance, and overhaul of all types of propulsion plant equipment. Required to keep a complete and accurate log all work performed so that records will be available when required. Frequently used lock out tag out procedure when working on equipment.


Arkansas State University (06/24/1999 - 12/13/2002)
Jonesboro, Arkansas
Degree: BSE/EE
Major: Electrical Engineering
GPA: 3.06Semester Hours: 191


Master Electrician Arkansas (07/29/2009)
Certified CPR instructor on board USS Enterprise (CVN-65) (06/15/1993)
Certification - Gas Free Engineer (06/15/1993)
Confined space atmospheric testing, knowledge of ventilation practices and certification of atmospheric safety to perform work.

Specialized Education - Naval nuclear power school and prototype training (05/15/2003)
Orlando, Florida and Charleston, South Carolina
Degree: Qualified operator
GPA: 3.21

Operation of power plant, shipboard electrical distribution systems, operation of ships service turbine generators and associated switchgear, effects of transients, different types of motor controllers and general knowledge of shipboard propulsion plants, both surface and subsurface training.

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