Tunnel Project Manager

Industry Type : Architects
City & State : Delhi,Delhi
Job Title Tunnel Project Manager
Relocation Preferences : India
Objective : To achive the worldwide challenge in Tunnelling construction industry as superintendent/project manager/Engineer.
Resume :  


Date of Birth:30-5-1972



Years with the firm:16 years

Present Place of Work:New Delhi, India

Proposed Position in the Team:Tunnel Project Manager/Construction Manager

Key Qualifications:

In the successful execution and operation of the sewerage project of C11& C12, Jeddah and Doha Water line projects, Kuwait, YAP-II Wazirabad sewer and Bella road sewer; become the part of the project
Manage and supervise the team of open excavation, shaft construction, pipe installation, mechanical works, and technical design of the pipe, Microtunnelling and restoration teams.
Co-ordinated from the project beginning i.e. finding the place of the work yard, storage area and the offices as per contracts, find the cash flow of the projects, work programme schedule submittal, alteration of the drawing and design as per utility, controlling the man management, equipment management and conduct the training programmes
In the Microtunnelling department responsible for the design of the Jacking pits, receiving pits, inter jacking stations, Lubrication pipes (Bentonite pipes) for the excavated areas, selection of equipments according the soil testing reports, design the length of each drive depends the cost, utilities, ground conditions and design of the machine, site design according to the traffic and scheduling the work programme for different diameter and locations.

Responsibilities in Tunnelling

Highly skilled and qualified professional with over 16 years of experience in Tunnel construction, Site Engineering, Civil engineering, Geotechnical as well as Mechanical Engineering.
As a dynamic professional ready to provide leading-edge engineering solutions, utilizing strong research, problem solving and structure analytical skills to develop appropriate structures.
Rich experience in operation and maintenance of tunnelling machines like HERRENKNECHT, SOLTAU, ISEKI, MTS, and LOVAT.
Knowledge in Manhole installation, tunnelling construction, dewatering, piling and shaft excavation.
Experienced in all aspects of engineering, major project management, commissioning & maintenance, environmental & natural resources coordination, budget & labour control.
An articulate communicator with ability to work under pressure and interact effectively with people at all levels. Holds high personal standards and consistently leads teams to achieve objectives.

Areas of expertise include:
Technical Skill Underground Structure design Project Management.
Team Management Project Progress monitoring Installation & Maintenance.
Geotechnical instrumentation Leadership and Supervision Problem Solving.

Technical Skill
Maintaining strict quality control procedures, via regular testing of materials, visual inspections of work, and frequent tours of the sites.
Operational experience of Micro tunnelling and tunnelling machines from 250mm to 2500mm.
Highly skilled in management activities within site, audit and environmental areas.
Prepared & implemented strategies streamlining existing work-flows in order to increase efficiency.

Team Building and Management Skill

Seeks and builds effective personal relationships and networks within the team which contribute towards achieving organizational and team success.
Built long-term client relationships to efficiently and effectively meet business objectives.
High level of interpersonal skills to work independently and effectively with others.

Project Management

Successfully oversaw C11 & C 12 construction sewer, North Jeddah Saudi Arabia.
Diligently involved in Sewer construction of Doha sewerage renovation, Kuwait.
Lead in forming a collaborative and complete team of professionals to accomplish a fully coordinated and integrated project.

Major Accomplishment

Successfully done various kind of civil engineering work such as tunnel construction work, tunnelling work, site investigation work, geotechnical work, groundwater investigation work, site hazard investigation work.
Involved in planning site operation of the tunnel construction.
Expertise in underground construction and visited tunnels during construction.
Effectively done the borehole drilling operation and using deep wells for dewatering purpose on limited access.
Proficient in directing maintenance on the equipments and facilities including applying corrective engineering techniques to effect improvements in equipment reliability.
Expert in specifying processes, labour usage, and equipment that will result in safe, economical, and environment.


InstitutionDegree or Diploma obtained

Kerala University, Kerala
Bachelor of Technology- Mechanical

Safety construction course from Queensland council, Brisbane, Australia

Employment Record:

From : / April 2008To : / till date
Employer: Westcon Microtunnelling Int USA, In association with M/s Michigan Engineers Pvt Ltd.
Positions held :Microtunnelling operations Manager(Projects)
Location:New Delhi, India
Project Title: YAP- II/ Wazirabad Road Sewer/001 and Bella road Sewer, Delhi
Activities Performed:In this project my responsibilities includes tender study and execute according to the ASI codes, Quality control of the pipes fabrication Work programming within the duration of the project, and control the costs within the budgets.
Design of the pipes according Japanese standards, quality control on pipe manufacturing and coordinate with the inspection team.
Design of the site set up of Microtunnelling machines, equipment selections, fabrication and design of the machine skin for the pipe sizes, selection of desanding units according to the soil and size. Storage and procurement of the genuine parts of the tunnel machines.
In the Tunnel division included shaft construction, surveying, designing, final manhole construction, execution, procurement and planning.
Leading the team according to the contract study, submittal and variations as per site convenience.
Attending the meeting, submitting client requirements and negotiating with suppliers.
Selecting the equipments according the soil report, water table and site study. Negotiating with international suppliers. Also handling the day by day administerial problems arranging manpower, training the team for entire project.
Arranging the equipments from suppliers and dealers, constructing the pits with different method as per utilities. Handling the government departments and availing permissions for the smooth running of the projects.
Reporting to General Manager (projects) and helping to make the bills and payments. Also controlling the subcontractors and solve the political issues arising in the sites. There are seven machines such as Soltau 800, AVN800, AVN1000, AVN1200, AVN1800 and Akkerman GBM 450- 600, RVS 80Soltau Pilot Guided machines are working in Wazirabad site as well as Bella road, Delhi.
Client References:Mr. Kumar Subramanian, COO, Michigan Engineers, Delhi +91 9769264611
Mr. Mike Ellis, President Westcon Microtunnelling, USA +18017873498.
From : / March 2007To : / April 2008
Employer: Al Muhaidib contracting company, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Positions held :Tunnel Manager
Location:Saudi Arabia
Project Title(if any): C11& C12 Sewer project Jeddah, Saudiarabia.
Activities Performed:In Tunnelling department, controlling its operational and maintenance team, dewatering, and shaft excavation and machine recovery teams.
The responsibilities included edge engineering solutions, utilizing strong research, and problem solving and structure analytical skills to develop appropriate structures, execution as per planning and client specification, high environmental standard, safety and security of the mans and machineries. Hazardous identification and find the solutions.
Rich experience in operation and maintenance of tunnelling machines like HERRENKNECHT, SOLTAU, ISEKI, MTS, and LOVAT. Additional knowledge in Manhole installation, tunnelling construction, dewatering, piling and shaft excavation.
Skilled in all aspects of engineering, major project management, commissioning and maintenance, environmental and natural resources coordination, budget and labour control.
An articulate communicator with ability to work under pressure and interact effectively with people at all levels.

Client References:Mr. Salem Al Khudairi,GM, Al Muhaidib contracting, Jeddah.+966 500160511
From : / November 2006To : / Feb 2007
Employer: M/s Rob Carr Pty Ltd, Brisbane, Australia.
Positions held :Microtunnelling supervisor/operator
Project Title:CAL/009 Sanitary drainage in Queensland, Australia.
Activities Performed:Operating the Iseki TCC 500-TCC1100 and Soltau RVS250 shields with PJS TACS.
Leading the team of Microtunnelling crews, arranging the required materials and equipments, coordinating with client and safety construction departments, recording the documents in proper ways, training the crews and giving site inductions as per the law complied by Queensland (Australia) council, doing the proper maintenance of the machines, helping with pit construction and restoration crews.
Making the plan for proper schedule of tunnelling operations.
Making plan to do the best production and the quality work in the allotted budgets.
Played a pivotal role in excavation technique such as Trenches, Pits and Shafts
Safety construction standards of International levels such as confined spaces, hazardous places.
Managed team members to suitable duties for the particular works.
Client References:Mr. Angelo Soumboulidos, Construction manager, Robcarr PTY LTD, Australia. +61 413019143
From : / May 2006To : / November 2006
Employer: Al Muhaidib contracting company, Jeddah, KSA
Positions held :Tunnel Engineer
Location:Jeddah, KSA
Project Title:C11& C12 Sewer construction Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
Activities Performed:As a team leader of the Microtunnelling division, leading the all team of dewatering, Microtunnelling, Inspection team.
Main functions are coordinate with consultant, ministry for permits, keep the quality, bill payments, Inspection of work site, execution as per the specification, alterations if necessary, meet the target of production and administerial problem solving with the employees, work schedule as per programmed etc.
Leading the operational team of AVN 800, AVN 2000, AVN2000 EPB slurry, AVN1500 and MTS 800. Solving the different problems usually facing in the tunnelling operations. Finding solutions and executing as per the situations.
Making necessary arrangements for the smooth running of machines. Giving opportunity to new faces in this field for future. Handling the petty cash and monitoring the expenses. MTS machine working with TACS steering system and Herrenknecht machine working with UNS guiding system.
Responsible for site co-ordination as well as supervision of monitoring of tunnelling machines.
Used large of monitoring data to predict the future hazard to find the right preventing to structure around construction site
Arranged the manpower for daily work.
Client References: Mr. Salem Al Khudairi,GM,Al Muhaidib contracting, Jeddah +966 500160511
From : / Mar 2003To : / May 2006
Employer: Mushrif trading and contracting company, Kuwait
Positions held :Micro tunnelling operator/ TBM Engineer
Project Title:SE/67/2002-2004 Infra structure of housing, Kuwait. A /59/01-03 Water supplies and Irrigation project, Abdally.C4/02-04 Drinking water line project, Mutla to Airport. SE/46/03-04 Sanitary renovation for Salwa area.RA/97/04-05 Culvert project North Doha Area.340/99-01 NHA housing infra structure, Jahra, Kuwait.
Activities Performed:In the Microtunnelling section of Mushrif Company is a specialty division included piling, dewatering, CCTV, Work under to managing the site requirements and supervising the operation and maintenance of the latest edition of the tunnelling machine diameter of AVN400mm up sizing AVN500mm, AVN600mm,AVN800mm up sizing AVN1000mm, AVN1200mm up sizing AVN1400mm and AVN1600mm from Herrenknecht, Germany.
As well as operating and managing the pipe jacking machine MH-2 from Herrenknecht diameter of 1200mm, 1600mm, 2000mm. Executing the site activities like jack setting, laser fixing, flange fixing, concreting back side of the jack rig, making the complete set up for another operation and coordinating with the ministries, arranging the materials from the local market, make planning for the equipments and mobilization of the units after the operations.
Ordering the pipes as per schedule, planning the operation schedule.
Arranging the manpower and give training for the crews about the tunnel jobs and safety constructions. Keeping the safety measures and good house keeping of the materials and machines, mobilizing the machine and materials in full safety, keeping the drive records and daily report for future reference, making advance plans for the requirement of equipments without any delay of production.
Arrange the cleaning and further activities after the operation in completed tunnels. Making planning for preventive maintenance before the next operations
Sewerage Inspection:
Leading the team of sewerage inspection of the sanitary and the storm water supplies using the method of CCTV of Hytech, France.
Interacting with the Ministry Officials and making bill of quantity after the work for the payment. Arranging the equipments and managing the team.
Also helping the team of dewatering with well point methods and using auger machine of 7m length drill and raiser pipes, Header pipes, Perrot type materials and Hudig pumps for excavation. Helping the team of Sheet piling and the bore piling.

Client References:Mr. Babak Dhegani, Division Manager, Mushrif Company, Kuwait. +965 99828392
From : / November 2002To : / March 2003
Employer: House of trade contracting company, Kuwait
Positions held :Microtunnelling Engineer/operator
Project Title: SE59/20001-2002 Sanitary renovation of Rabya.
Activities Performed:In the microtunnelling section of House of Trade Company, leading and operating the team of tunnelling with SOLTAU, Germany diameter of 600mm and 700mm.
Making planning for the production and arranging the equipments, accessories using for tunnelling process.
Liaison with the ministry and the consultants, operating the job with international standards and safety procedures. Scheduling the work as per the priority and maintaining the machineries with preventive manner.

Client References:Nil
From : / July 1995To : / October 2002
Employer: United Gulf Contracting company, Kuwait
Positions held :Microtunnelling operator/Foreman
Project Title:SE/1/1993-94,Sanitary Sewer Renovation Project, Phase V, Part A, Sulaibhikat.SE/130/1994-94, Sanitary Sewer Renovation Phase II, Part C Daiya and Shaab.SE/18/1996-97 Sanitary Sewer Renovation Phase III, Part A Kuwait City and Shuwaikh.SE/29/1999-00Sanitary sewer Renovation Phase II, Part B Shuwaikh and Quortuba.SE/32/2000-2003 Sanitary sewer renovation Phase III, Rumaithiya.
Activities Performed:In the microtunnelling section of UGCC, working in the operation and maintenance of tunnelling machines like SOLTAU, GERMENY with different diameters such as 500mm to 1200mm and ISEKI, JAPAN diameters of TCC350, and TCC500.
The entire machine working with latest computerized and hydraulic systems. Also repairing all types of water pumps, valves, lubrication systems, compressors, overhead cranes, welding machines and blower fans etc. Help the team of mechanic to up size the shields.
Making plans and maintaining records of the preventive maintenance system to increase the production. Evaluating the timing costs and making reports for the insurances claim.
In the CCTV section operating the camera and making records with the ministry inspectors, Repairing the camera and electrical accessories in the operating van from IBAK-KIEL, GERMANY.
In the Material department my responsibilities extend to sending inquiries for spare parts, consumable materials using in the work site from different origins, collecting quotations, technical and commercial negotiations and prepare work orders of the product as required. Inspections of the materials, vendor works, receiving materials at warehouse and issuing upon request.
Client References:Mr.Nicoi,Division manager,UGCC,Kuwait +965 99718739
From : /November 1993To : / July 1995
Employer: Flow Tech Engineering Pvt Ltd, Bombay, India
Positions held :Inspection Engineer
Location:Bombay, India
Activities Performed:As an Inspection Engineer, control the quality of the pipe fitting products for the government projects, Co-ordination of the inspection department and the external inspection agency, execution and scheduling the inspection department on priority. X-ray testing and high precision measuring instruments was in use for such inspection purposes. The maintenance department activities were also carried out at the same time.
Associated with the commissioning of chemical plant BECL, Shajahanpur, and UP, INDIA in 1995
(1 = basic; 5 = fluent)

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