Environmental Scientist

Name : Nairimer Berrios-Cartagena
Industry Type : Specialty Contractors
City & State : Atlanta,GA
Job Title Environmental Scientist
Relocation Preferences : Florida
Objective : have the opportunity to work on government or private industry environmental projects related to removal or remedial actions.
Resume :  

Bilingual environmental expert, skilled researcher and effective project leader with extensive experience and a proven ability to direct high-profile initiatives at all phases. Conducts field research, including sample collection, and interprets and reports results. Manages lab activities, field work and administrative operations. Thoroughly documents processes and procedures. Ensures compliance with federal regulations, including Office for Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Homeland Security (HS/FEMA), Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Leads training sessions, providing in-depth education on environmental and emergency response and scientific topics. Manages budgets and grants. Key skills:

Environmental Health Project Management Research Field Operations Investigations Consulting
EPA Projects Sample Collection Lab Report Interpretation Emergency Response Teams OSHA
Health & Safety Hazardous Waste Containment & Removal Education & Training
Oil & Gas Spill Clean-ups Government Agency / Client Relationships
Budget Management Grant Administration


Native American-owned engineering, scientific / environmental consulting, design and construction firm specializing in natural resources restoration, Homeland Security / emergency response services.

Environmental Scientist: Play key role in EPA emergency response and removal / remedial action site projects, providing technical assistance and directing field research and analysis initiatives. Create sampling and analysis plans as well as health and safety programs. Collect samples and document field conditions. Analyze lab results. Author final reports. Coordinate emergency response teams.

Key Accomplishments:
Served as liaison between EPA and OTIE, providing information and technical support to all Region IV Response Team members and coordinating responses and biannual planning meetings.
Managed OPA high-profile oil spill clean-ups and oil wells under the Abandoned Oil Wells Program as assigned by the US Coast Guard and EPA.
Coordinated all assessments and investigations related to removal and remediation sites assigned to OTIE field teams.
Spearheaded emergency response projects, including train derailments involving hydrochloric and sulfuric acid tankers; and oil spills in within the Southeastern states of the nation.

COM ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES, Puerto Rico & US Virgin Islands 2006-2007
Environmental health services firm providing expertise to the US Coast Guard and towing companies.

Environmental Consultant: Trained key personnel on OSHA, EPA and US Coast Guard regulations for fuel oil spill containment and clean-up efforts, providing vital information on post-incident ecosystem protection. Audited academic institutions hazardous chemical waste disposal in conjunction with occupational safety office personnel. Inspected barges and tugboats in Puerto Rico harbors to ensure US Coast Guard regulation compliance.

Key Accomplishments:
Developed oil spill preparation exercise, creating participant manuals and coordinating local agency access to Center of Emergencies and Operations for event in San Juan harbor.
Conducted 24 credit-hour seminar in hazardous waste operations and marine oil spill emergency response to train response team members in St. Thomas.
Led 8 credit-hour security training course for towing industry personnel (in security and non-security roles) in Puerto Rico.

UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO 1998-2006 Research Assistant: Developed experimental procedure rationales and manuscripts in the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology. Conducted experiments to study epilepsy, cocaine addiction and the effect of heavy metals and plant extracts on learning processes (via neurotransmitters and circuits), using animal models (primarily rats). Administered major federal grants and managed laboratory operations and budgets. Conducted radiological surveys and served as radiological safety officer. Trained undergraduate and graduate students. Led seminars and co-authored articles for publication in peer-reviewed journals.

PUERTO RICO DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH 2004-2005 Bioterrorism Laboratory Coordinator: Led state lab needs assessments and processed specimens to identify peak outbreaks of dengue, West Nile virus, salmonella infections, gastroenteritis, asthma, STDs, tuberculosis and other conditions. Liaised with CDC Project Officer and led successful effort to acquire BioSafety Level 3 laboratory facility for Puerto Rico and other Caribbean islands, presenting floor plan and services to local agencies for approval and setting up official documents prior to construction. Developed and deployed shipping and handling procedures for environmental, biological and chemical samples, including anthrax and ricin.


O.I., Claudio, N. Berríos, M. García, R. Casasnovas and J.G. Ortiz: Veratridine, But Not Elevated K+, Inhibits Excitatory Amino Acid Transporters Activity in Rat Hippocampal Slices, Epilepsia 43 (Suppl. 5): 184-187, 2002.

Ortiz J.G., Rubio-Dávila M., González-Cabrera S., Tirado-Costacans A., Vázquez-Torres R., Berríos-Cartagena N., Silva W.I. and Giménez-Rivera C.A.: AMPA and NMDA Receptors in P2 Fractions of Cocaine and Cocaine and Prazosin Treated Rats, accepted in Annals of New York Academy of Science in February 2006.

N. Rassi, P. Maldonado, I. Ramos, S. González, N. Berríos-Cartagena and J.G. Ortiz. Commercial ValerianBenzodiazepine Interactions, accepted in Phytotherapy Research in January 2006.


Member: US Environmental Protection Agency Regional Response Team Region IV


Microsoft Office Suite Corel Graph Pad Prism Statistical Software (SPSS, etc.)
GIS Arc Pad & Arc Catalog Adobe (Standard, Photoshop) SCRIBE MARPLOT
FORMS II Lite (EPA Samples & ID for Chain of Custody) RCMS2000 (cost projections)
RAT (Rapid Assessment Tool used in the field & emergency responses)
CAMEO (Computer-Aided Management of Emergency Operations)


Fluent in English and Spanish

Master of Science in Environmental Health
University of Puerto Rico School of Public Health, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology
University of Puerto Rico, Humacao, Puerto Rico

Neurodegeneration: Basic Science & Clinical Research
Maracaibo IBRO Neuroscience School: Caribbean Neurobiology Internship

FEMA Incident Command Certifications:

Radiological Emergency ManagementHazardous Material Prevention
Introduction to the Incident Command SystemMulti-Hazard Emergency Planning for Schools
Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents Introduction to Hazard Mitigation
Radiological Emergency ResponseNational Incident Management System

Other Training:

Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC): Hazard Communications & Occupational Exposure Training for Toxic Substances & Radiologic Safety (20 hours)Hazardous Waste Operations & Emergency Response for Marine Oil Response Workers (40 hours)
IATA: Dangerous Goods
US Environmental Protection Agency:
Bio-Watch Phase I Response
Risk Communications
HAZCATCPR (Infant, Children & Adult) & First Aid
SCUBA Certified: Open Water, Advanced & Dive Master


Neurotoxicology of Heavy Metals in the Central Nervous System: How Can We Be Affected by Fish Consumption, neurobiology course Universidad del Sagrado Corazón, Santurce, Puerto Rico.
Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response for Marine Oil Spill Response Workers, (24 hours) in Yacht Haven Grande Marina, Saint Thomas.
Security Training for Personnel with Security Responsibilities and All Other Personnel, (8 hours) in South Puerto Rico Towing, Guayanilla-Puerto Rico.

**List of Workshop & Training Topics Delivered Available Upon Request**

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