Structural Engineer

Name : Shawpong
Industry Type : Engineers
City & State : Norman,OK
Job Title Structural Engineer
Relocation Preferences : Anywhere
Objective : To work as a structural engineer in the field of building or non-building structure design and in the field of construction.
Resume :  
SHAWPONG QIN, P.E. (Authorized to Work for Any Employer in USA)
Structural Engineer

Years of Structural Design Experience: 4 in USA, 6 in China
Years of Structural Programming Experience: 5 in USA
Excellent in Structural Modeling, Analysis, and Calculations.
Excellent in Laying out Plans and Sketching Sectional Details.

M.S., Structural Engineering, Iowa State University, Ames, IA
B.S., Architectural Engineering, Wuhan University of Technology, Wuhan, China

California, #71631; Oklahoma, #22757; Ohio, #70496

Detailing Software: AutoCAD
Structural Design Code: ACI, AISC ASD/LRFD, IBC, CBC, ASCE, MBMA
MS Application: Excel, Word, PowerPoint
Programming: Visual FORTRAN, C++

Structural Engineer, 4 years (2006-2010)
The Benham Companies, Oklahoma City, OK (
With the Oklahomas largest multi-disciplinary Civil/Architecture/Engineering firm, I designed and detailed structures of steel and concrete buildings and their foundations in accordance with IBC, CBC, ASCE, AISC, and ACI. The projects I completed included healthcare, commercial, institutional, governmental, and industrial facilities. See Page 2 for projects.

Structural Software Engineer, 5 years (2001-2006)
Robertson Ceco Corporation, Oklahoma City, OK
Developed and maintained the in-house Engineering Design System software for design and detailing of metal buildings. Programmed to support structural analysis and optimal design of rigid frame, bearing endwall, post and beam endwall, bracing and secondary members. Implemented IBC, CBC, UBC, NBC, ASCE, BOCA, MBMA, etc.

Research/Teaching Assistant, 2 years (1999-2001)
Iowa State University, Ames, IA
Completed analyses work of a research project sponsored by Iowa DOT. Used ANSYS, a general finite element software, to predict load carrying capacities and load distribution factors of precast prestressed concrete multibeam bridges. Load tested several bridges to verify the analytical results. Provided retrofit and repair method for this type of bridges. Graded homework and assisted students in "Structural Analysis" course. Lab assisted students on how to use STAAD.

Structural Engineer, 6 years (1993-1999)
Central-South Architectural Design Institute, Wuhan, China (
With one of Chinas largest architectural design institute, I designed and detailed many large scale structures of concrete and masonry buildings and their foundations. Field inspected on every project I was involved. The foundation type included mats, piers, and spread footings. The projects I completed included high-rise, commercial, institutional, and residential facilities. See Page 2 for projects.

Ford Center Renovation and Expansion, OKC, OK
(Expansion on a 7-Story Stadium, NBA Oklahoma City Thunders Home, $120M)
Created the finite element model of the whole stadium including the pier foundation and the superstructure using StaadPro. Communicated with the geotech firm to get the soil horizontal modulus. Converted the modulus into spring supports for the piers. Used Lpile software to verify the pier results. Completed detailing of steel stairs, concrete cantilever columns, steel braced frames for colonnades.

OU Cancer Institute, OKC, OK (7-Story Concrete Frames, 220,000 sq ft, $100M)
Designed and detailed all steel stairs and braced frames for their roof. Designed and detailed the concrete cantilever monumental stairs in the atrium.

OU Cancer Institute Parking Garage, OKC, OK (7-Story Shear Walls, 1000-Car) Completed lateral stiffness analysis of precast shear walls using Enercalc and ETABS to determine the foundation design forces. Designed and detailed the piers, pier caps, grade beams, slab-on-grade, elevator pit, and retaining walls.

OU College of Allied Health, OKC, OK (4-Story Concrete Frames, 132,000 sq ft, $20M)
Scheduled the flat-slab reinforcement based on the SAFE model analytical results.

Satellite Control Facility, Air Force Space Command, Vandenberg AFB, CA
(1-Story Steel Frames, Seismic Design Category D, Hip and Gable Roof, 45,000 sq ft)
Created the analytical and design model of the building using RAM Structural System. Designed and detailed the bolted extended end plate moment connections. Sized the subdiaphragm level steel members. Detailed the connections at the subdiaphragm level and checked the results using RAM Connection. Designed and detailed the fixed base frame column base plates, anchor rods, and spread footings.

Information Dominance Center, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Fort Belvoir, VA
(4-Story Steel Frames, Vulcraft Composite Floor Deck, 160,000 sq ft)
Created the analytical and design model of the building using RAM Structural System. Sized all the steel lateral frames and gravity members.

Coca-Cola Plant at Grand Priarie (Renovation on MIS Room)
Designed the new steel columns to support the existing bar joist floor system. Sized hanger rods and steel beams to support the new ceiling and equipment. Designed and detailed the base plates, anchor bolts, and column spread footings.

Guam CSMS Facility, Guam (Metal Building Rigid Frame)
Designed the pier foundation and the wall strip footings based on the reaction provided by the metal building manufacturer.

The Millennium Steel Tower, Hainan, China (429-ft-High Tower, in Guinness Record)
Designed the steel member connections at the sight-viewing restaurant level.

The Torch Hotel, Wuhan, China (34-Story Concrete Frames and Shear Walls)
Created the analytical model of the whole superstructure using TBSA. Designed and detailed concrete slabs, beams, columns, and shear walls.

The Middle School of Evergreen District, Wuhan, China (6-Story Masonry)
As a project engineer, designed and detailed the masonry bearing walls, shear walls, concrete slabs, beams, and mat footings. Inspected the field at each construction phase.

The Prosperity Hotel, Wuhan, China (18-Story Concrete Frames)
As one of the project engineers, created the analytical and design model of the whole structure, designed and detailed the concrete frames, slabs, and pile foundation.

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