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Name : kevinf64
Industry Type : Design Build Firms- EPC
City & State : Tucson,AZ
Job Title Design Manager
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Kevin J. Finnegan
10393 E Marquette St
Tucson, AZ 85747
(520) 260-2234[at]

PROFILE: A dynamic, self-motivated professional with over fifteen years of management experience in the high-end design build industry. Applies a mentoring style of management. Leads, trains, coaches and motivates associates to offer their own unique skills and talents and collaborate as a team to achieve companys goals and objectives. Creates, develops and implements innovative programs to focus the team on the objectives, set goals and provide benchmarks to complete the project and close the sale.


●Budget Development
●Chief Architect
●Conflict Management
●Project Management ●Excellent Communication Skills
●Team Leader/Builder
●Contract negotiation
●Training/ Instructing


Developed a design department where there was a need for one. The company was suffering from having no focused effort to complete the design. Working with the owner we created the strategies, standards and budget for a new design department. RESULT: By using the plan developed to establish a time when a design project would be completed, slippage in design was decreased by 55%. This allowed the production department to more accurately schedule their workflow.

Lead the fledgling Design department. There was no leader of the Design Department and as such was prone to constantly being steered in different directions causing inefficiencies through out the department and a lengthened sales cycle. I lead this department by setting an example of hard work, ethics and maintaining the agreed goals. Result: The team turned into a cohesive unit all providing their individual expertise for the completion of a common goal and was able to shorten the sales cycle by 30%

Negotiated the contracts: Due to a last minute change our masonry bid was overbudget. The company stood to lose $50,000 on a $220,000 project. A meeting was called with both the masonry supply company and the mason to review their pricing and tactics for lowering the cost. RESULT: The material and labor were separated and through negotiated payment terms with the vendors we were actually able to plan for a 35% gross profit instead of a loss.

Collaborated on the process: The design department was constantly focusing on one project than another. This inefficiency resulted with a design project sales cycle of 7 to 8 months. We suggested a process map created with collaboration of all members of the design team. RESULT: The creation of a step by step process with all participants support, a more accurate close date and shortening of the sales cycle by 30%

Assesed the current process: The project information given to the project managers was incomplete and incorrect. Because of this incomplete information the company was forced to write off anywhere from 5% to 10% in additional costs. Recommended that we assess the current methods of providing the project information as well as what information is provided. RESULT: A more concise and complete project information binder was created which lead to lowering the overage costs to 2% to 3%.


College Coursework - Architectural Engineering - Wentworth Institute of Technology
College Coursework - Architectural Design - Boston Architectural Center

Kevin J. Finnegan
10393 E Marquette St
Tucson, AZ 85747
(520) 260-2234[at]

POSITIONING STATEMENT: A leadership position utilizing mentoring, coaching and team building skills to create opportunity and value for the organization while maintaining big picture views and focus on the final objective.


McCaleb Construction Tucson, AZ 2006 - 2009
Design Manager
●Oversaw the creation and accuracy of all construction documents, including drawings, selections and specifications. Coordinated outside resources to integrate with the current schedule.
●created and updated the budget for the design department. Scheduled the design department and integrating with the production department. Evaluated the employees in the department, Interacted with clients weekly; created client billings biweekly.
●Reviewed construction documents, updated clients with budget information Prioritized
schedules tasks with team and long term goals, update principal on client challenges.

Eren Design and Remodeling Tucson, AZ 2004 - 2006
Project Designer
●Outside drafting resources and subcontracts, updated project budgets, drafting software and equipment.
●Meet with clients and architects to develop and refine high end residential project; Coordinate all aspects of design, from plumbing, to electrical, to finishes and millwork; Ensure drafting of drawings to obtain permits
●Drafting concepts and designs, update principal on schedule of designs, completing
selection worksheets

Woodmeister Master Builders Holden, MA 1994 - 2004
●All aspects of design on the project, ensuring the dradfting of individual details, and meshing the design intent with production. Creating complete documents within the allotted budget
●Met with clients, architects and interior designers. Create project selection schedules and construction documents for signature by client. Ensuring accurate pricing of selections. Ensuring accurate production schedules for individual projects.
●Discuss project with client, architect and account manager. Review details as needed with
shop manager/engineer.


Certifications: Certified Kitchen Designer, Certified Aging in Place Specialist, Certified Green Professional Member of National Kitchen and Bath Association, Regional Director, Region 7, Board of Chapter Representatives, member of Board of Directors, 2009 nominating Committee, 2009 Sustainability Task Force. Positions held in AZ South NKBA Chapter: VP Membership, President of Steering Committee, President and currently Chapter Representative.  Completion of Viking Designer Product Training Program - Local non-profit collaborations and sponsorships: Casa de los Ninos and the Boy Scouts of America


Microsoft Word ● Excel ● MS Project ● PowerPoint ● Visio ● AutoCAD ● Chief Architect
● Google Sketch Up

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