Electrical Construction Project Manager / Coordinator

Name : Craig Nelson
Industry Type : Electrical Contractors
City & State : Salem,OR
Job Title Electrical Construction Project Manager / Coordinator
Relocation Preferences : Oregon, Sacramento CA, Reno NV, LasVegas NV
Objective : Field or office Construction Managment position for large and complex, Green, and Design Build projects.
Resume :  


The following documents outline my 35 years of experience in the installation, management, coordination and design of a vast array of high profile and complex construction projects. In the last 22 years with my previous employer, Cherry City Electric of Salem Oregon, I have completed all of the projects assigned to me correctly, efficiently and in a timely and profitable manner. My ability to effectively manage and coordinate the work sequencing of large installation crews and multiple company sub-contractors with all of the multiple disciplines of project sub-contractors has also required my complete understanding of all building types, codes and standards for all of the construction trades. The work experience portion of this document contains employer information and other experience attributes, but in this portion of the document I have outlined the management positions I have held with my previous employer for the start of your review.

Numerous small projects not listed in each position.

1990 through 2005
GF-General Foreman:
Nine+ Electrical Contracts 1-to-7 million, field manage 20-to-70 total employees with 3-to-8 crew foremen. (See attached additional field experience and employment history resume.)

PS-Project Superintendent:
Four Electrical Contracts 7-to-18 million, field manage 70-to-200 total employees, through 1-to-5 Gen Foremen, with 8-to-25 Crew Foremen. These projects, having multiple contracts, required me to also preform as a Project Manager on some of the contracts, just because of the overall shear project size. (See additional field experience and employment history resume')

2005 through 2010
CED-Construction Estimating Department member:
Six+ Electrical Contracts, 3-to-10 million, work as part of the company team in preparing hard bid and GMP types of electrical estimates.

DBD-Design Build/Design Assist Department member:
Eight+ Electrical Contracts, ¾ -to-7 million, work as part of a company team in preparing hard bid, GMP, and unit price T&M types of Design Build (DB) and Design Assist (DA) electrical estimates. Work as part of a company team and as part of the initial projects multi-disciplinary Design Development (DD) teams to analyze, identify, convey and implement all of the basic design and layouts of a project with our primary suppliers into a final DD package and budget price. As the final information developed, we would generate a complete set of plans and documents capable of submitting to any authority having jurisdiction, passing the permit process and be used for pricing the base contract as the initial Electrical Construction Drawings (CD) for large commercial, industrial and institutional construction projects.

PM-Project Manager,
MEPC-Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Coordinator:
Four Electrical Contracts, 5-to-8 million. My combined job duties with my previous employers DBD included appointment as the company MEPC on the very large projects, at multiple sites, with multi-disciplinary project teams that included the building owners representatives, the Architects, the General contractor and the other primary design build sub contractors during the pre-ground breaking period of a project. Our task was to coordinate the actual field installation layout drawings and aid in the transition from design to construction. As PM during this period on these same projects, it was my duty to identify and price any new information and/or design changes to the final CD's and documents as they developed, then set up and submit the initial change orders as required with the General Contractor and Architects. On their acceptance, implement them into the final CD's and the initial field layout drawings. I would also work with the suppliers and company subcontractors on contract, equipment package modifications and scope of work details prior to the main order of the materials and start of installation. Prior to and during the start of construction, I would work with our selected field management team to go over the entire history and design information on the project to date, and slowly relinquish all project responsibility to the field management team.

At the beginning of my project management career in 1980, the duties of the Construction Manager position of today were still part of the GF and/or PS job positions. The training I received for these job positions included what are now considered the PMP standards of initiating, planning, executing, control and monitoring, and the closing of a project. The following is a list of my regular management responsibilities and the amount of experience I have accumulated in them. An in-depth explanation of the following list is also available on direct request.

30 yrs. of construction project planning, organization and monitoring to ensure that a project is being built on schedule, and within budgets.

25 yrs. of experience in managing financial aspects of contracts, cost containment and estimating of project costs, scheduling and performance management.

30 yrs. of change order estimating, negotiation, management and control.

25 yrs. of construction documentation skills that include, but are not limited to, submittal preparation and management, all statistical and technical project logs and reports, verification of systems calculations and design methods, value engineering proposal and evaluations, commissioning and owner training procedures and control, constructability and as-built drawing and specification management.

25 yrs. of experience and understanding of building codes, statutes and administrative rules. Monitor or conduct all building and utility permitting and building, utility and OSHA inspections.

30 yrs. of experience and knowledge of sound material procurement and management practices.

25 yrs. of commitment to working in a team atmosphere.

25 yrs. experience with stakeholder groups within a verity of forums representing the company in project meetings, with union and non-union workforces, project sub-contractors and managing of the customer, A/E and vendor project teams.

15 yrs. experience in establishing project objectives, policies, procedures and performance standards within the boundaries of a large corporations policies. Investigate any potentially serious breech of policy situations and implement all corrective measures required within company guidelines.

25 yrs. of experience in the supervision, training and review of project staff and work force in the day to day administration of their daily job tasks with innovative and effective management techniques that maximizes employee performance.

30 yrs. of experience in effective and efficient time management of ones self and subordinates.

30 yrs. of experience in contingency planning and response control including Project Safety Programs and Project Security.

15yrs. experience in risk management identification, assessment and response development.

5 yrs. experience in assisting clients with design selection, design and Energy Tax Credits.

I am currently studying for my PMP and LEED certifications and just recently completed an Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment and Station Design certification. Not includes in these documents are numerous copies of letters of recommendation, training certifications, company awards and references that are available upon direct request.

I feel my work ethics and experience would be a valued addition to your company that would contribute to its growth and success. Thank you for your time and consideration in your review of my management experience document. Please take the time to continue your review with the attached field installation experience portion of this document.


This portion of the document would usually attach to a resume copy from my former employer that was used in a project bid package that required consideration of the proposed management team for the project. As this site does not support its format I have included my installation experience and employment history information as a portion of this document. That resume and an expanded version of all of the other information in this document are available upon direct e-mail request.

Most recently employed with Cherry City Electric from 1988 to present. They are located at 1596 22nd ST. SE in Salem Oregon, 97302 and their web address is cherrycityelectric.com . Please feel free to contact my most direct Supervisor, Rick Hopkins, at 503-566-5600 or contact him on by email at rhopkins[at]cherrycityelectric.com

Prior to CCE, from 1974 through 1988, I had only one previous employer, Steeck Electric Co. of southern Oregon. The owners closing of his business at retirement prompted my move to Salem. He has since passed away.

I graduated from Medford High school in 1973 and entered the State of Oregon Electrical Apprenticeship Program through the Medford IBEW Training Trust in 1974 and passed my Journeyman's exam in 1979.

With 35 years in the electrical trade, there are very few aspects of construction I do not have experience in. Not included in the attached document is my installation experience in the new construction and remodeling of high-end custom homes, strip and large shopping malls, commercial and government low and high-rise office buildings, hotels and condominiums, complex mechanical heating and pumping controls, building energy management, security, fire alarm and nurse call systems, passive and active solar, photovoltaic and grid extraction systems, State of Oregon and California traffic signals, all types of hospitals and laboratories, light and heavy industrial controls, tools, clean rooms and fabs, high voltage services, substation and transmission systems, FAA airport lighting, controls and instruments, and the installation of new Corp Of Engineers northern California geothermal and southern Oregon hydro electric power projects.

As General Foremen (GF) and Project Superintendent (PS) from 1990 through 2005, I administrated and supervised crews as large as 200 men for CCE's largest projects during that time. My responsibilities included:

Analyze and identify conflicts and solutions in a buildings overall project schedule, layout, equipment packages, documents and plans with the Engineers, owners, and all trades prior to, during, and after installation.

Analyze, identify, convey and implement all VE and cost saving materials and designs for the particular project type. Implement the PMI Standards of initiating, planning, executing, control & monitoring and closing of a project.

Generate and convey coordinated field installation drawings to insure accuracy and ease of installation by the crews.

Identify, process, convey and administer all change orders, job material purchasing, tools and material organization.

Contract administration of the main and company subcontractor contracts to insure all schedules, production levels, specifications, owner requirements, job quality and building code issues were met.

Generate all daily, weekly and monthly reports, logs, asbuilt plans and administer project closeout documentation.

GF and Company Safety Coordinator from 1991-1994, PS and Project Safety Coordinator for all project personnel and sub contractors from 1994-2005. NFPA-70E, OSHA 10 & 30 and NECA/IBEW safety certified.

PS and MEP Coordinator required my understanding of, and experience in all building trades processes. These positions also required my experience in researching and implementing the NEC, NFPA, USGBC, ETO, ODE, USDOE, ANSI, SMACNA, UPC/IPC, IBC/UBC, ACSI, ACI/CRSI, PSIC, ADA, ASME, and the Oregon Specialty Codes and Administrative Rules requirements.

Experienced in MS XP Office Professional PC programs. Familiarity with other PM programs such as Accubid, McCormick and MS Project and I am willing to train to further my experience. Numerous general construction training certifications and letters of recommendation are available upon request. Currently I am studying for PMP and LEED certifications.

Personal Life: Happily married, settled, no children.

In 1999 I contracted "Guillian Barre' Syndrome" that left me with minor disabilities. Doctors release letter available on request. Valuing my knowledge and field experience, CCE moved me into their office in 2005 to provide constructability to newly acquired contracts prior to their ground breaking and to aid in their Prefab and Design Build Departments. The recent changes in the economy have forced them to place me on a temporary layoff. The company has not been able to have me return to full time work in a reasonable amount of time, forcing me to look for employment elsewhere.

Companies large or small need people capable of organization and management skills in all aspects of construction and the electrical field. I pride myself in my ability to maximize the contract dollar to its fullest and have proven this in many profitable projects with crew sizes from 2 to 200. I am sure I would make a profitable addition to your company. Thank you for taking the time to review my resume and I look forward to hearing from you.

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