Engineering Manager

Name : John
Industry Type : Engineers
City & State : Markesan,WI
Job Title Engineering Manager
Relocation Preferences : Oshkosh or surrounding
Objective : A dynamic mature self-starter with several years of invaluable experience. An overachiever that attended one of the top engineering schools in the nation while working full time to support a large family. The work ethic, dedication, willingness to learn, resourcefulness, and endurance to finish the job by any ethical means possible.

Currently hold the positions of both Engineering Manager and Corporate Maintenance Manager. Looking for a Project Manager/Engineer, Engineering Manager, or a hands-on position in Oshkosh, WI due to children attending Lourdes High School. Very well rounded with good knowledge in multiple disciplines due to drive and willingness to learn. Typically articulate very well both verbally and in writing. Always a team player respecting and soliciting each persons ideas.

Currently working toward obtaining the project management professional (PMP) certification.
Resume :  
Work Experience
Corporate Maintenance Manager
4/2009-Present Cambria, WI
Assigned Corp Maint Manager due to success in streamlining the engineering department
Advanced to Corporate Maintenance Manager days after mass company layoffs which left me with an entry level ethanol plant maintenance manager placed in the position at the time of the layoffs, a mill maintenance manager which inherited the position seven months prior, and less than 50% of the technicians than the same date the previous year.
Increased mill uptime and reaction time by instilling much needed direction, organization, training and discipline
Increased ethanol plant uptime and reaction time by instilling organization, direction, and morale
Reduced parts costs by auditing vendors and seeking alternate suppliers while maintaining quality
Inventoried, organized, consolidated, and created electronic records of parts and equipment dispersed throughout three cost centers containing multiple warehouses
Currently in the midst implementing an extremely cost effective EAM CMMS to satisfy predetermined functions including integration with GP, PMs, WOs, Inventory, PdM, POs, compliance integration for LOTO, Hot Work, Confined Space, PSM, MOC, GMPs
Currently drafting SOPs for PSM and maintenance
Constantly strive for better communication between departments in an effort to eliminate emergency situations which cripple efficiency, safety, morale
Constantly working on small to mid size projects altering processes in each plant
Constantly look for ways, in or out of the box, to increase efficiency whether through reduced power consumption, procedure, tools, etc
Directly manage equipment and utilities shared by multiple plants including sub-station and power distribution, natural gas distribution,

Engineering Manager
7/2008-Present Cambria, WI
Promoted to Engineering Manager within 8 months of employment
Manage engineering department consisting of electrical, mechanical, industrial, and process engineers including reviews, hiring and firing, and compensation.
Improved organization and efficiency of an underperforming electrical engineering department responsible for all modifications to programming, capital improvements, power distribution, DCS, etc
Mediated work and project requests between engineers and operations to alleviate overloaded engineering department thereby eliminating constant distraction which greatly affected productivity
Restructured and grew engineering to improve productivity and morale
Determine work load and contract engineering firms for excessive outstanding work
Ensure each project completely detailed consequently forcing work done with compelling efficiency
Directly oversee projects with potential to cripple production if not completed correctly or requiring scheduled downtime. Projects range in size from a few thousand dollars to many hundreds of thousands of dollars, typically require multiple contractors and disciplines, and have very exact timelines.
Created and enforced SOPs for controls change management and backups used in disaster recovery
Successful face to face negotiation with Rockwell automation to bring resolution to ongoing discrepancies with DCS, which were the deliverables for new ethanol plant.

Plant Engineer
11/2007 7/2008 Cambria, WI
Oversaw mechanical completion verification and component commissioning of new $80 million ethanol plant. In so doing saved the company $5.5 million dollars by not bringing in an outside contractor.
Ensured general contractor and sub-contractor contractual obligations were met by drafting a punchlist of nearly 1800 discrepancies and working closely with the general contractor and sub-contractors to resolve these issues
Identified and Rectified start-up issues including design flaws, component failures, and workmanship deficiencies through warranty claims and negotiations with the technology provider and general contractor.
Coordinated and oversaw resolution to integration problems between different manufacturers
Designed various components and hired contractors to build and install these components
Currently working on proposal with experts in the dryer industry to form a partnership in an effort to develop the worlds most efficient ring dryer and market these improvements.

8/2003 11/2007 Sta-Care Inc, Portage, WI
Instrumental in designing and building machine which revolutionizes the manufacturing process of solid surface.
Design and built in-house many machines to satisfy production requirements.
Design modifications for many machines to accommodate company needs.
Replaced veteran employee that had been demoted and built a strong relationship with him.
Perform virtually all controls design, programming, and troubleshooting relating to VFD's, PLC's, and HMI's; including Mitsubishi, Siemens, Automation Direct, and some AB.
Manage all projects relating to plants, processes, and capital improvements; always considering implications on all aspects of safety, practicality, maintainability, long-term effects, etc...
Travel to inspect, purchase, and embark potential purchases
Manage all maintenance personal in multiple plants including hiring, firing, recognition, training, discipline, etc...
Maintain an excellent working relationship with all fellow employees; supervisor, subordinates, and people in all other departments.
Report directly to the Executive Vice President of the Company.
Always recognize others good ideas and performance.
Constantly working on many projects simultaneously; multi-tasking is second nature.
Very approachable and always honest.
Maintenance Engineer
9/2002 - 8/2003 Superior Health Linens, Madison, WI
Manage all projects pertaining to machinery and facilities.
Participate in the on-going assessment of current equipment and research on replacement and additional equipment.
Manage parts inventory and parts ordering.
Oversee maintenance of all plant equipment including boilers, tempered water, softeners, HVAC, compressors, and all production equipment.
Manage the day-to-day operation of the maintenance department and staff.
Maintenance Manager
5/1994 - 9/2002 Walz Farms, Boyd, WI Columbus,WI
Oversaw all business activities including purchasing, selling, budgeting, production, hiring, supervising, and much more.
Implemented maintenance management system for all machinery and buildings.
Act as project manager for new construction including layout of electrical, plumbing, pneumatics, heating, and overall building layout.
Perform all maintenance on machinery, buildings, and grounds.
Oversaw all business activities including purchasing, selling, budgeting, production, and much more.
2nd shift Lead Mechanic/Maintenance
11/1995 - 4/1999 Leiner Health Products, Madison, WI
Instrumental in the critical tough jobs such as reconfiguring and retrofitting production lines.
Acted as assistant project manager in major projects such as installation of new production lines including determining layout, process, and ensuring proper environmental control.
Implemented maintenance management system thereby substantially reducing down time and increasing production.
Ensured all machinery, bulk product, and finished product was maintained and stored in accordance with all GMP's and FDA regulations.
Maintained facility including electrical, plumbing, HVAC, remodeling, and other general maintenance.
8/1989 - 5/1994 United States Marine Corps, Jacksonville, NC

Known as one of, if not the best mechanic in the squadron.
Delegated jobs to a crew of 50 mechanics for 28 aircraft.
Assigned times, personnel, and tools and coordinated with other shops to complete work orders.
As Quality Assurance, inspected work of others and completed documentation including discrepancy, resolution, and any other applicable data.
As training officer trained new personnel to pass a written, oral, and practical exam in order to become qualified mechanics.
Used maintenance management system to prioritize job tasks around flight schedule of $250 million worth of aircraft.


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