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Name : Meream Awad
Industry Type : Engineers
City & State : Gaithersburg,MD
Job Title Civil Engineer
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Meream Awad

Achievement Summary: Worked in the field of hydraulic engineering and water management; Gained technical and supervisory experience, Developed budget proposals for key projects exceeding $75 million in aggregate; Participated in the design, development, and modification of Major Water Canals (i.e. El-Nasr Irrigation Canal extending 35 miles with total budget exceeding $20 million); Assisted in the establishment of El-Ewienat water well located southwest of Aswan, Egypt to supply the substantial increase in water demand.

Employment:Supervisory Water Management/Hydraulic Engineer(March/2003 to August/2008)
Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources
Alexandria, Egypt

Supervised 2 engineers and 3 pump-station unit technicians. Prepared technical reports to management. Interacted with Executive Management in discussing and resolving problems encountered and ensured that each project remains on schedule. Developed technical agenda items for managements Annual Report.

Resolved water shortage complaints in a timely manner. Distributed water supply based on monitored water levels and authorized the use of numerous hydraulic pumping stations to maintain adequate and desired water supply. Managed water shortage problems during months of June and July due to natural drought and restricted the use of ground water wells to facilitate desired water supply to farmers.

Civil Engineer(January/2000 to July/2008)
International Consulting Group
Alexandria, Egypt

Responsibilities included designing and preparing engineering designs, plans, drawings, specifications, and cost estimates for major projects exceeding $10 million; performing complex calculations and estimating projects time and material costs; reviewing and evaluating project proposals; surveying and designing public works construction projects (i.e., Groundwater exploration for mineral water industry, Wady El Natrun Area, the land area attains about 170,000 m2), performing studies on soil and underground layers using Geo-Electric Vertical Electrical Soundings (VESES); estimating the daily project costs; and evaluating new offers and proposals on new projects as-needed basis.

Other responsibilities included supervising 3 personnel in the design section (a junior engineer, drafts technician, and a computer specialist / technician). Performed geophysical subsurface investigations to evaluate soil foundation and recommended substituting degraded and/or organic subsoil (if any) with non-organic, hard coarse sand and conglomerate soil in an effort to ensure the projects costs remain within budget.


Civil Engineer(October/1997 to September/2000)
Aswan High Dam Authority
Aswan, Egypt

As one of five engineers on site, I assisted in preparing and reporting the Aswan High Dams annual budget that is submitted to the Egyptian Presidents Office for approval. (Aswan High Dams holds 111 cubic kilometers of water, and its 3,830 meters long, 980 meters wide at the base, 40 meters wide at the crest and 111 meters tall). Observation monitoring of any cracks (using seismometers network) or settlements that could happen to the dam (using total station). Monitored the water level telemetric network to ensure that Dams daily water discharge was adequate for national demand. Prepared a daily water supply report, that contains the telemetric water level measurement at various water stations along the Nile River and issued this report to the Office of the President as assist the appropriate decision authorize resource distribution according to the Agric, and domestic demand plan.

Ensured that all hydraulic pumping stations are operational. Recommended and monitored an upgrade to existing survey equipments costing approximately $7 million. Identified areas where siltation and accretion adversely impacted the water supply measurements and recommended and monitored mechanical removal of these large masses.

Skills & Qualifications: Proficient working knowledge in AutoCAD 2008, Statistica, SAP 2000, and Surfer;
Possess strong analytical and problem solving skills; Capable of efficiently managing multiple projects simultaneously; Able to work very effectively in a team environment; Very effective communicator; Able to follow specific instructions to get the job done with no or minimal supervision.

Education: Preliminary Master Courses(June 2006)
University of Alexandria
Alexandria, Egypt

Stability of Embankments; Advanced Hydraulic Measurements and Modeling; Groundwater Hydrology; Groundwater Pollution; Fluid Mechanics.

Specialized Studies / Graduate Diploma Hydraulic Structures (June 2005)
University of Alexandria (72 semester credits)
Alexandria, Egypt

Bachelor of Civil Engineering(June 1996)
University of Alexandria(166.5 semester credits)
Alexandria, Egypt

References:Available upon request

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