Retired Firefighter Captain

Name : Fred Zuber
Industry Type : Related Professions
City & State : Lincoln,WA
Job Title Retired Firefighter Captain
Relocation Preferences : ND
Objective : Good Pay With upward Mobility
Resume :  
Fred . A . Zuber

41100 Sterling valley RD N
Lincoln, WA 99147 US
Phone: 509-636-2131
Alt Phone: 509-979-7372
Fax Number: 509-636-2131

( Fire Captain at the Spokane Valley Fire Dept )

I have 26 years Suppression Experience - 6 years as a Captain - 13 years as a Lieutenant - and 7 years as a Fire Fighter . When I was the Captain I Supervised the Lieutenants within the Station and maintained the Station and Supplies.

MY Abilities
Use SCBA Tie Knots Dress Wounds -

Use all Types Of Hand tools and Power Tools,

Safety Oriented, Team Player, Task Oriented,

Good Communication Skills,

Ability To Conduct Classes,

Use Heavy Equipment. Safely. Repair Equipment in the field.

CPR and EMT Skills.

authorize entry or exit of individuals

climb ladders, scaffolding, or utility or telephone poles

communicate technical information

conduct fire hazard inspections

control and extinguish municipal or forest fires

determine best method for attacking fire

drive emergency rescue or firefighting vehicles

drive truck with capacity greater than 3 tons or more

estimate size or characteristics of fire

follow police or emergency radio regulations

inspect buildings to detect violations of fire codes

judge terrain conditions for vehicle or equipment operation

maintain or repair cargo or passenger vehicle

move or fit heavy objects

observe fire to note changing conditions

operate emergency fire or rescue equipment

practice emergency firefighting or rescue preparedness procedures

read maps

use emergency medical equipment

use emergency medical procedures

use fire suppression equipment

use fire suppression techniques

use first aid procedures

use hand or power tools

use hazardous disposal techniques

use hazardous materials information

use knowledge of fire, building or other codes

use knowledge of ventilation systems

use oral or written communication techniques

use rescue procedures

use two-way radio or mobile phone

work as a team member

ability to weld and use cutting torches

ability to fabricate and read blue prints

ability to organize emergency situations for positive results

ability to appreciate friends family and co-workers

use front end loaders - use dump trucks - use backhoe - use forklifts

build retaining walls - finish cement

use air tools and tools

I have operated a Bulldozer / Backhoe as a self Employed person for 10 years. This business included Digging trenches for water lines, Digging basements / Drain fields ETC.

I Owned and Worked in a gas station / Convenience Store for 3 years Before selling it at a profit In Lincoln Co,WA

Education History

Completion Date Issuing Institution Qualification Course of Study
1971 Long Beach University Bachelors Degree Business Administration
EMT Training - safety Classes - CPR classes,
Boiling liquid Evaporating Vapor
Explosion Classes
Building Construction. Classes
Electrical safety Classes
Water Rescue Classes Hypothermia
Burn Classes Survival Classes
Cave in Safety and Extrication
Repelling from high rise Bldg.

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