Name : Danielle.A.R.
Industry Type : Related Professions
City & State : Orlando,FL
Job Title laid-off
Relocation Preferences : no preference
Objective : To utilize my valuable skills and vast experience in order to procure a position allowing me to grow professionally and be challenged with new experiences and responsibilities.
Resume :  


Project management (including negotiation, cost analysis, contract procurement and the like leading to finalization of project). Customer service, management (including hiring, firing and training employees), extensive research experience, public speaking, grant writing (which requires attention to detail and satisfactory writing skills), Experienced with researching case law, municipal codes, Florida Statutes, writing ordinances, researching outmoded municipal and development codes necessitating potential amendment(s) to the Citys Codes in order to be cohesive with current codes.
I am proficient with Microsoft Office (various versions): Excel, Word, Outlook, Publisher and PowerPoint. I used such programs to update (upon recognizing the need for such revisions) various applications for the Planning Division, Building Department and Recreation Department. I also have experience with Naviline doing Purchase Orders (POs), FPOs and the like. I have years of experience with Permit Whacker (which is a software used to track permits, make notes on permits, etc).
I have extensive experience with various cities and counties property appraiser websites. I have also been utilizing the Geographical Information Systems (GIS) software (various versions over the last 5 years). I type a minimum of 40 wpm and have broad experience in filing systems, organizing and keeping them organized.


University of Central Florida (UCF), Orlando

Masters of Public Administration 2005
Bachelor of Political Science 2003
Bachelor of Psychology 2003


Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Urban Planning, Principles of Public Administration, Business Management, Public Budgeting, Financial Planning, Public Policy, International Law, American National Government, State Government, Human Resource Management, Analytic Technology in Public Administration, and Judicial Process and Politics. I have also been approved to take the AICP exam.


Wrote a Grant called the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) that awarded the City of Longwood $400k. The funds allowed the City to follow through with the Highland Hills Storm-water project which had been on hold for a number of years due to a lack of funding.
Assisted in the implementation of the Citys Comprehensive Plan and Land Development Regulation Amendments necessary to achieve compliance with state regulations, specifically the Department of Community Affairs (DCA).
I was involved in the collaboration process with the Seminole County Planning Technical Advisory Committee (PTAC), in which an interlocal agreement was developed and is to be implemented as a countywide uniform system of school concurrency.
Participated in the envisioning and development of the Longwood Hamlet, a large scale mixed-use redevelopment initiative.
As a Graduate Research Assistant I put together a PowerPoint presentation for the Professor I worked for which won him an award among his international colleagues.


City of Longwood, 2004-2009: Community Development Coordinator (Planning Division), Interim Director during last date of employment prior to lay-off: Commander Russell Cohen
Starting salary: $31,000/yr, Ending Salary: $49,000/yr plus benefits

Managed various projects from inception to completion, i.e. the installation of multiple fountains throughout the City, the Kincaid subdivision sidewalk installation, relocation of utility boxes and installation of U.S. post office gang boxes, initial project manager of the September 11th Monument located at the Longwood Police Department, managed the payments (in coordination w/ City Engineer) for Brick Wall installations throughout various parts of the City.
Participated and managed pre-application meetings in which the Planning Division team would sit with potential Developers to discuss their proposed project(s).
Handled all site plan submittals from the foundation of most incoming projects to the closing
stages; making comments for Planning upon the first submittal to the conclusion of the site plan
process which involved the following:
Collected and coordinated comments from all other department reviewers then submitting all comments to the Project Manager or Project Engineer for that specific development project. This included handling multiple development projects at one time.
Handled transportation concurrency calculations for new site plan submittals.
Prepared the Development Order and coordinated pre-construction meetings (including running
the meeting when necessary as requested by the Departments Director) thus wrapping up the
site plan process in which the Development Order for approved site plans were issued to the
Developer or his/her designee.
Acted as Site Final Inspector for the Planning Division post project development.
Served on various committees such as the Affordable Housing Committee & Waste Management.
Presented planning proposals and other requests to the Citys various Boards for the including
the City Commission, the Land Planning Agency, the Board of Adjustments, Historic
Preservation Board and the Parks & Recreation Board.
Disseminated information to various board members such as City Commissioners including the
Mayor, citizens, business owners, property owners, contractors, etc. Whether they called or
stopped by the office I would respond to questions regarding proposed or approved site
development plan, a proposed variance, annexation etc.
Acted as the primary individual implementing City Development Codes and design standards
through building permits and site plans from at least 2006 until being laid off.
Represented the City as the primary individual reviewing Occupational Licenses & Liquor
Licenses on behalf of the Planning Division.

University of Central Florida, 2001-2003: Graduate Research Assistant for Dr. Peter Hancock (407) 823-2310

Performed academic research under the direction of Professors in the Psychology Department
Researched and compiled data for studies published in academic journals related to Human
Factors in Ergonomics
Assisted Professors in organizing and evaluating materials for use in classrooms and academic
Editing Professors books written by the Professor I worked for directly
Coordinated and designed various PowerPoint presentations
Assisted in hands on research for Human Factors and Ergonomics Studies


American Planning Association (APA): 05-09
Florida Planning and Zoning Association (FPZA)
Junior League of Greater Orlando (JLGO)
Certificate from President G.W. Bush in recognition of over 100 hours of Community Service
(primarily served at the Florida Legal Aide Society)

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