Name : Joe Barr
Industry Type : Facility - Building Owners
City & State : Walnut,Ca
Job Title Facility/Maintenance/etc
Relocation Preferences :
Objective :
Resume :  

Position Applied:  

Name         : Joseph G. Barrientos
Contact Information
Address      : , USA                                                                                                   
Telephone No.:                                                                                                      
Mobile  No.   :                                                                                                              
Email        : 
Personal Particulars
Age: 44yo
Date of Birth: 19 Mar 1966               
Nationality: Philippines                                 
Gender: Male                                        
Marital Status: Married                                                                                             

Permanent Residence: California (Greencard)          

Educational Background    
Highest Education Level: Bachelor\'s/College Degree  CGPA:2.8/100                                                       
Field of Study: Engineering (Electrical/Electronic)                                                
Major: Electrical Engineering                                                                                   
Institute / University: Adamson University                                                            
Located In: Philippines                               
Graduation Date : Oct  1987   

Passed Licensure Exam in 1988 for Registered Electrical Engineer
        In the Philippines 

Second Highest Education
Level: Vocational Diploma / Short Course Certificate    CGPA:/100                            
Field of Study: Engineering (Electrical/Electronic)                                                  
Major: Industrial Instrumentation Technology                                                        
Institute / University: International Correspondence School                                  
Located In: Philippines                                  
Graduation Date: November 1991     
Certification                    School               Year Obtained
Visual Basics               Informatics                2001                                                                                 
Auto Cadd 2000         Informatics                2001       
OSHA 30                                                          2010                                    
                 Employment History
1.Company Name : Power  Engineers(Anaheim , California)
   Position  Title:  Test Technician l
   Specialization:  Engineering
   Industry: Energy, Facilities, Environmental, Communications
   Date Joined: January 2010                Date Left:  May 2010
   Work  Description:  Assist in Testing  on primary injection of medium to
   low voltage Circuit Breakers, Transformer turn ratio, hi-pot testing,
   two point testing,data collection, etc

2.Company Name: De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde  (Philippines)                                   
  Position Title: Asst. Head- Engineering and Maintenance                                      
  Position Level: Assistant Manager / Manager                                              
  Specialization: Engineering Others                                                              
  Industry: Education
  Date Joined: June 2007             Date Left: November 2008
  Work Description: 1. In Charged in the over all maintenance 
  And   improvements  of the bldg. ,including all electro-mechanical
   Equipment  is in good running condition.  The Building has 14 floors
 and  total area of 55,000square meters.
  These are the following equipment:
            1. Chiller, combined capacity 1290 TR
            2. Gensets, combined capacity 1250kva
            3. Sewage treatment plant/Waste Water treatment plant
            4. Pump room
            5. Fire protection system
            6. Building Management System (BMS)
            7. Elevators
            8. Theater and Cinema
            9. Textile lab
            10. Etc.
   2. Directly reporting and prepares technical reports to Asst. Vice Pres.
   3. Directly supervises 17 personnel
   4. Appointed Pollution Control Officer
   5. Prepares Budget for the overall equipment maintenance and Structure of the building.
   6. Initiated in the implementation of CMMS(Computerized maintenance management System)
   7. Conducts and lead weekly meetings with campus security and housekeeping lead
   8. Directly Approved  and  assisting venue allocation for students use.
   9. Provides on going evaluation of all of the electro-mechanical  equipment and makes
      recommendations as needed for improvement or replacement to any equipment that could fail
      or cause issues that jeopardized safety and performance.
   10. Participates on committees such as department Policies and Procedures, Job Descriptions,
       Construction, Hazardous Waste, safety and others as assigned

3  . Company Name:   Jt Stage (Philippines)                                                                                    
   Position Title: Electrical Consultant                                                                        
   Position Level: Supervisor / 5 Yrs & UP Experienced Employee               
   Specialization: Engineering Electrical                                                                

   Industry: Entertainment / Media       
   Date Joined: August 2006         Date Left: November 2006                                                                        
   Work Description: Function: In charge for the proper installation
   of Package type A/C system units for the constructed TENT, to be
   used  for ASEAN Summit near Shangri-la Hotel in Mactan,Philippines.
       4.  Company Name: Nam-Eh Trading

Position: Owner (Self Employed)

Specialization: Trading (motor oil, power savers for appliances, etc)

 Date Joined : August 2001                Date Left: July 2006

Worked Description: In charge of the over-all operation of the
Business from sourcing, purchasing, marketing, selling, installation etc
     5. Company Name:  Miss Saigon Philippines (Philippines)                                                        
       Position Title: Automation Technician/Electrician.                                                                  
        Position Level: Supervisor / 5 Yrs & Up Experienced Employee              
       Specialization: Engineering Electrical                                                                
      Industry: Arts / Design / Fashion
     Date Joined: May 2000             Date Left: March 2001
    Work Description: Function: In charge for the over all maintenance  
     of the MISS SAIGON Automated machine and generator sets of the show.

    6. Company Name:  Robotech Co.      (Philippines)                                                                     
   Position Title: Project Engineer (1993-2000)                                                          
   Position Level: Supervisor / 5 Yrs & Up Experienced Employee                
   Specialization: Engineering - Electronics/Communication                                  
   Industry: Electrical & Electronics
   Date Joined: January 1993         Date Left: December 2000
   Work Description: Function: In charge in planning, managing,
   coordination,  logistics, supervision for the installation of electrical
   equipment,  SCADA, DCS, PLC\'s and other Related Electro- Mechanical job.
   Directly supervises 4 personnel. 

7.  Company Name:  Robotech Co.  (Philippines)                                                                         
   Position Title: Electrical & Instrumentation Supervisor                                             
   Position Level: Supervisor / 5 Yrs & Up Experienced Employee                 
   Specialization: Engineering Electrical                                                               
   Industry: Electrical & Electronics
   Date Joined: January 1990         Date Left: December 1992
   Work Description: Function: Responsible for the supervision in the
   installation of Instruments, protection relays, electrical equipment
   and  fabrication  of electo-mechanical jobs. Installation/replacement of
   instrument  such  as Pyrometers,  flowmeters, tachometers, etc  including their
   parts/devices  such as transducers, proximity switch/sensors, limit switches,
   Ability to read electronic diagrams as well as electrical and mechanical
   schematics.  Have an actual experience on making printed circuit board in
   assembling   Automatic Voltage Regulator(AVR\'s) for Generators of low(220Volts)
   to a high (4160Volts) voltage.
   Directly supervises 2 personnel

 8. Company Name:  Robotech Co.   (Philippines)                                                                       
   Position Title: Technician/Electrician Lead man (1987-1989)                                
   Position Level: Fresh Grad / Less than 1 Year Experienced Employee      
   Specialization: Engineering Electrical                                                                 
   Industry: Electrical & Electronics
   Date Joined: October 1987        Date Left: December 1989
   Work Description: Function: To assist in troubleshoot the supervisor/ lead man
   in any electrical equipment/controls, machineries, Solid state devices.
   Installation of instrument such as Pyrometers, flowmeters, tachometers, etc., 
   including theirs parts/devices such as transducers, proximity switch/sensors,
   limit switches, etc. Ability to read electronic diagrams as well
   as electrical and mechanical schematics.
   Have an actual experience on making printed circuit board in assembling
   Automatic Voltage Regulator for Generators of low(220Volts) to high
   Voltage (4160Volts). Ability to terminate three phase voltages by either
  changing  teminal  Lead voltages to step down or step up. 
1. Commissioning small(220/440V)/medium voltage(4160V) generating system, synchronization
   of gensets, Installation /commissioning of AVRs, protection relays, etc.
2. Calibration of relays/instruments.
3. Troubleshooting boiler programmer, electrical controls, protection relays, generators.
   DC drives
4. Installation of Pneumatic parts / controls.
5. Programming of micro PLCs, others.

1. Managing and supervision for the Rehabilitation of Marine vessels Electrical System of
   Frabelle Fishing Corp. No of personnel=24
2. Managing and supervision for the Installation and Commissioning of SCADA System for
   Medium. Voltage(4160V) Power Plant for Solid Cement and   Fibertex  Corp. No of personnel =12
3. Installation/commissioning voltage regulator for 4160V  Magellan Utilities (Power Generation).
4. Installation/commissioning of Andon System for Kawasaki Motors.
5. Installation of Bird Classifier of Vitarich Corp.
6. Commissioning for the Synchronization of Marine vessels  Gensets  of Lorenzo Shipping,
   WGA Shipping Lines,Frabelle  Fishing  Corp. and  Vitarich Corp. Magellan Utilities.
7. Supervision for the rehabilitation and commissioning of 25 ton Air-conditioning System
   of M/V Madrigal Shipping Lines. No of personnel = 5
8. Supervision for the rehabilitation and commissioning of Ice Maker of Vitarich Dressing Plant.
9. Rehabilitation, fabrication and commissioning of water tube type boiler of Excellentex
   and  Marfis   garments.  includes welding of tubes. No of personnel= 5
10. Designed and installation of mechanical hand controller of cargo winch of M/V Lorcon
    Mindanao and  Lorcon  Luzon of Lorenzo Shipping.
11. Troubleshoot cargo winch controller of M/V  Lorcon Mindanao and Lorcon Luzon of
    Lorenzo Shipping.
12. Repair, troubleshoot and commissioning of Telegraphy System of M/VOur Lady Of
    Good Voyage of WGA Shipping.No of personnel =4
13. Rehabilitation and commissioning of Pneumatic filling machine of Petron Corp.
   in Pandacan. No. of personnel=3
14. Design and Installation of Automatic Transfer Switch
15. Ability to read electro-mechanical plan(Schematic),including trouble shooting
    solid state devices.

1. Golden Leadership 1989- Humanitarian Center of the Philippines
                          Additional Information
I believe that I\'ve got the skills and enthusiasm required to fulfill the role
that\'s available. I think I\'d be a valuable asset to the firm and, from my experience,
I\'m sure I\'d make a positive contribution to the company\'s ambitions. I think the
modern  workplace is so varied, it\'s important to be capable of productivity
in  a diverse range of environments. My favorite environment would be one with
good   communication and great teamwork, but that\'s usually something you must work to build,
rather  than expect to find it ready-made.
I\'m well motivated, I\'ve got a strong desire to succeed, and I\'m always ready and willing
to learn new information and skills. I\'m an ambitious, self-motivated and I\'m very happy
in  my life right now. I feel I\'ve achieved all of the goals I set out for myself when
I embarked in my previous role, 18 years ago. I\'ve still got a strong appetite for success and
I\'m looking for  a job that will provide fresh challenges and rewards.

Availability: Immediately after notice period of two week(s)
Expected Monthly Salary:  (Negotiable)                                  
 Willing to Travel: Moderate (25% to 50%)                                                               
 Willing to Relocate: Will Consider                                                                          
 Possess Own Transport: Yes

Name: King Edgar Omictin                                   
Office No:
Company:  Quanta Laboratories, Santa Clara California

Name: Philip Gonzales                                   
Mobile No:
Company:  99 Ranch Supermarket 

Name: Angelo C. Reginaldo, P.E.                                             
Mobile No:               ,  Office No:
Company:  Metropolitan Water District of Southern California

Name: Arielo  Manila                                                         
Mobile No:
Company:  Kaizer   Permanente

Name: Maria  Luisa  Valdez (Philippines)  
Telephone No.:                                                                                     
Position: Asst.  Vice President(Vice Chancellor)                                                                                     
 Company: De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde                                                         
 Relationship:  Friend(Immediate Boss)


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