Name : Professional Sales Manager/Contractor
Industry Type : General Contractors - Managers
City & State : Fort Worth,TX
Job Title Owner/Contractor
Relocation Preferences : United States
Objective : Seeking \\\\\\\"Long Term\\\\\\\" employment with a large, well established Construction related Firm. I am a professional in management and sales in teh Construction Including both Commercial and Insurance Restoration Industries.

Resume :  

Professional Contractor 

Fort Worth, Texas 


E-mail: ggreen.aac[at]gmail.com

Resume of Profession:

Executive Summary:

I am a serious, loyal, and professionally minded man with tons of experience (25 years)

in the Construction, Sales, and Storm/Insurance Restoration Industry. This includes lots of commercial sales and estimation experience. I have owned and operated my own small company in this industry as well as management in two other companies. I don't mind 60+ hour work weeks as long as i am properly compensated for my hard work. I also started out as a grunt in the construction industry working my way up from a laborer toting shingles, framing buildings, installing roofing and siding, carpentry, as well as door to door canvassing, sub-contracting, estimating, hiring and firing, office work, customer service, field engineering in large commercial projects, and computer Vue-360, Eagle eye programs, and i am a super pro with the Exactimate Insurance program. YOU NAME IT I'VE GOT EXPERIENCE IN IT !!! (in the construction management and sales industry), or just about all of it. I'm experienced enough to admit if I don't know something in order to keep myself and my associates out of trouble. I'm a true professional, NO GAMES!!!

Core Qualifications:

Sales Contracting

Managing Sales Teams

Insurance Remediation

Managing Construction Crews

Sales Team Building

Managing Budgets & Planning

Project Management

Building Contracting

Construction Estimating

Sub-Contract Management

Customer Relations

Office Management

Crisis/Trouble Management

Materials Procurement

Interpreting Blue Prints

Insurance Adjusting

Project Drawings & Drafting

Need More Call 952-261-1545

Professional Experience:

1. Owner/Contractor

October 2003 to October 2010

Millenium Restoration Office 1: Fort Worth,TX., Office 2: Denver,CO.

I have owned and managed my own small Storm/Insurance Restoration Business for the past seven years. With two Operating offices. One in Fort Worth, Texas; and One in Denver, Colorado. Due to the extensive economic downturn we are at a complete stand still. I have closed down both offices and am now seeking employment with a Larger more established Construction or Marketing firm that can put my extensive skills and experience to good use with proper compensation.

2. Sales Manager

March 2001 to August 2003

Total HomeCare Services Weatherford, Texas

Developed and managed Sales Teams to market Home Exterior products and services. This was extensively done by canvassing, telemarketing, mail outs, and door to door sales as well as referral incentive development from existing customers.

3. Started as a Project Manager. Ended as the General Manager

May 1995 to November 2000

Cyrus Builders Corporation Pensacola, Florida

I began working with Cyrus as a project manager/superintendent over seeing mostly residential custom builds, but did get some experience in small commercial builds.

As the General Manager I opened up two new divisions. The first one was in Storm/Insurance related home and commercial repairs. The second new division was providing Sub-Contract services to large Commercial G/C's, such as Brasfield & Gorrie,and Pinnacle Construction. My time with this firm was highly successful.

Salary Requirements:

Seeking $ 100,000.00 plus per year.



1. Weatherford College 1991

Weatherford, Texas


2 years, but no degree

2. Skyline High 1985

Dallas, Texas



Personal Interests:

Family Activities, Church Activities, Bible Studies, Chess and Strategy games, Foot Ball, Hunting and Fishing, Education and Learning, History and Politics, Constitutional Law.

I believe in the Tea Party movement. I am extremely tired of our politicians deceiving us (both democratic and republican parties), and in my opinion they should all be fired and we need to start a new Christian Coalition Party. We need to take back our Government back to the people, and take it out of the hands of greedy lawyers (which are 9/10ths of the problem. Originally it was the People who were and was the government. There was not a requirement to be a professional lawyer or politician to run our government. I believe in the intelligence of the people to govern, not the supposedly enlightened few. And in a small government, in free markets and businesses governed by the free consciences of Christian men and women. And in the ability of public opinion to govern our markets. That is what made our nation and economy great.

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