Principal Consultant

Name : Michael Trower
Industry Type : Real Estate Developers- Managers
City & State : Seattle,WA
Job Title Principal Consultant
Relocation Preferences : Seattle
Objective : Project Manager/Development Manager/Asset Manager in the real estate development and building delivery and ownership process. Preference is responsibility that draws on my architectural background together with my real estate development and project management experience.
Resume :  
Michael H. Trower
Seattle, Washington


Mr. Trower is a professional manager of the real estate development process covering multiple building types and the full range of development management tasks from acquisition through initiation of operations and long term maintenance. During his 35 years of professional experience, he has developed an approach to management that focuses on the successful implementation of projects and representation of Owners. This approach establishes processes wherein all the participants and stakeholders can effectively contribute their respective expertise to the success of the project.

Trained as an architect and structural engineer along with graduate training in business, Mr. Trower brings an owners perspective to the management of projects. He has successfully organized multi-disciplinary teams on large complex projects with critical time and budget constraints.

During his early career, Mr. Trower focused on the programming and management of the design process on large projects. In this capacity, he typically represented the Owners interests and facilitated their decision making in order to advance the project design work. Since 1978, Mr. Trower has expanded his activities to full time to project management and owner representation.


dba Catapult Consulting, LLC (2 years)

Established a consulting practice focused on project management, owner representation, and asset
management services.

Managed design and renovation of an existing apartment project for conversion to condominiums.
Performed Building Condition Assessment and Capital Needs Analysis for existing properties.
Developed common area repurposing strategies and renovated the common areas for two existing
apartment projects; prepared construction and permit documents; and managed construction of
Phases I and II implementing the capital program. Provided systems purchasing services related to the renovation non-construction improvements.

Principal, Catapult Community Developers, LLC (7 years)

Co-founded the company to provide development services on projects with high community
development impact and a strong focus on sustainable real estate development.

Managed the development of projects.
Performed due-diligence and project feasibility analysis.
Assembled and managed project teams, assigned roles, set expectations, monitored
Established capability to perform building condition surveys in a meaningful format where the
survey could be directly translated to an action program and construction packaging.
Performed GMCC construction management on multiple projects.
Established Catapult capability to evaluate and arrive at cost-effective solutions to
persistent mold problems in existing properties.
Arranged local and state public subsidy financing for affordable housing developments.
Developed historic preservation projects.

Principal, Trower Development Services Inc. (12 years)

Established a practice focused on the development of mostly affordable housing, providing development management services to non-profits and public agencies.

Initiated acquisition and development of 100-year-old historic apartment project; packaged the project; negotiated non-profit sponsorship, utilized low-income tax credits/state housing trust funds/city housing trust funds/historic tax credits/private mortgage financing.
Served as development director for community-based non-profit agency to develop 170 units of ownership housing for income qualified first-time home buyers: sourced 170 lots and existing houses for rehab; established development capability and credibility of agency to do real estate development; recruited and trained project management staff; arranged construction financing, commissioned prototype designs, recruited construction resources and established a production rate of 10 houses per month started/completed/sold/closed. This infill development served as major impetus to revitalization of the near Northeast Portland neighborhood.
Sourced 14-acre property for development of affordable homeownership by a non-profit organization. Served as director of development for the agency to develop a 56-unit planned development including all infrastructure, preservation of natural elements of site and surrounding wetlands.

Senior VP and General Manager, Graham Development Services Inc. (10 years)

Established a development services company for an architect developer. Set up operating procedures, established fee basis for services, and managed projects.

Managed the development of a major office/retail mixed use project in downtown Seattle.
Managed the development of a major hotel and conference center in downtown Seattle.
Sourced the property and developed a 23-unit waterfront condominium at Salmon Bay in Seattle.
Managed the development of a major hotel and condominium project on the island of Kauai.

Caudill Rowlett Scott (CRS), Architects and Engineers, Houston Texas

Mr. Trower joined CRS as a design project manager immediately following graduation. The firm was nationally recognized for its work in educational facilities. CRS was perhaps the first architectural firm to establish programming as a necessary design discipline, and professional project management as a necessary organizational skill for a successful practice.

As a lead project manager, completed projects in Colorado Springs, Chicago, Coldwater (Mich.), Cambridge, and San Antonio.
As a senior project manager, refined and developed the design project management system for the firm.
Most productive and effective project manager among the 20 such managers in the firm, handling as many as 10 projects at any one time.
For a short period, managed the construction documents production internal to the organization and established a systems approach to document production (precursor to CAD/BIM).
Selected as partner-in-charge to establish and manage the first branch office for the firm in Hartford Connecticut. The firm undertook the design of a major school building program for the City of Hartford. The $200 million program included three elementary schools, three middle schools, and two high schools, all to be designed and constructed in a three year period. Represented the firms presence in the City fostering excellent relationships with both the School administration and the municipal government to implement this major program.

After firm-sponsored graduate training in business administration at Harvard Graduate School of Business, became general manager of the firm. As GM, established a job costing system and an operating environment to effectively manage the 400 person firm. He shepherded the operations of the company in support of an IPO and managed the firm as a public company for a period of three years.


Bachelor of Arts in Architecture
Oklahoma State University, 1961

Bachelor of Science in Structural Engineering
Oklahoma State University, 1961

Program for Management Development
Harvard Graduate School of Business
This program was undertaken with the support of the firm to augment the technical degrees recognizing the necessity of business discipline in a professional services organization.


Member, American Institute of Architects (AIA)
Past Treasurer, Seattle Chapter, AIA
Chair, Mayors Housing Demonstration Program, Seattle Chapter, AIA
Member, US Green Building Council
Member, Urban Land Institute


Licensed architect, State of Washington
LEED Accredited Professional, USGBC


NECDC Construction Administration and Observation Manual, funded by the Neighborhood Partnership Fund. Served as operating and training manual for a community development agency and five other non-profit housing development agencies.


Mount Baker Village Apartments, Seattle, WA
Starliter Apartments, Seattle, WA
Client: Mount Baker Housing Association (MBHA), a private non-profit

MBHA housing initiated a capital improvement program for each of these properties (144 units and 29 units, respectively) focusing on the common areas of each facility. The program was premised on a common area master plan for each of the facilities with staged implementation of the improvements. MBHA is formalizing its approach to asset management along with these capital improvement programs and new housing development.

Roles and accomplishments: Prepared master plans for each property; prepared plans for construction permitting and bidding; established a program of sustainable building practices for the projects; managed the construction and purchasing to implement the initial phases of the programs; additional phases scheduled. Developed asset management information system for the agency and implemented it on one project as the pilot prototype to refine the system. The focus of the asset management system is structuring it for full transparency and meaningful decision making.

Nehemiah Home Ownership Program, Northeast Portland, OR
Client: Northeast Community Development Agency (NECDC) a community based non-profit housing development agency

NECDC developed 173 new and/or fully restored homes affordable to income qualified buyers making less than 80% median income over a period of three years utilizing the HUD Nehemiah Housing Opportunity program which provided $15,000 forgivable loans to ensure ownership affordability for lower income households.

Role and accomplishments: Set up full real estate development capability for the agency; represented the Agency in relationships with City, HUD, and the lending community; established procedures and policies; recruited, trained, and directed project management and development accounting staff; provided due-diligence and negotiated acquisition of county tax foreclosed properties; negotiated a construction financing program for the project with a consortium of six banks; negotiated non-discriminatory income qualification and underwriting process with six banks; established standards of quality and sustainability ensuring livability and long-term maintainability; recruited architects through a competitive design process, recruited contractors and negotiated construction contracts; negotiated HUD program modifications to adjust program to work under local conditions.

Northeast Community Development Corporation, Portland, OR
Client:Neighborhood Partnership Fund (NPF), a non-profit which provides assistance to affordable housing developers

NPF provided funding to NECDC to document the agencys construction administration process to facilitate transfer of the technology to other non-profit agencies.

Role and accomplishments: Authored and published NECDC Construction
Administration and Observation Manual.

Yosemite Neighborhood Re-development, Fresno, CA
Client: Housing Authority of City and County of Fresno

This HOPE VI funded community revitalization project was conceived as a way to integrate public housing and de-concentrate poverty. The scope of work involved renovating the existing public housing, property acquisition, and development of 400 units of market rate housing on the surrounding blocks.

Roles and accomplishments: Project management, program development, master planning, project organization, budget and schedule planning. Developed comprehensive spreadsheet budgeting format and Microsoft scheduling format which allowed the agency to consciously make key decisions regarding financing, pace of development, and structuring of property acquisitions. Provided detailed analysis of alternative approaches to development the agency as the developer, or the agency in public/private partnership with local developers.

Victorian Row Apartments, Seattle, WA
Client: Historic Seattle Preservation and Development Authority a Public Development Authority

Historic Seattle joined the project as the non-profit owner and sponsor to facilitate financing as an affordable housing project and to preserve this 100-year-old historic apartment house. The original 10 units were reconfigured to 15 units of affordable housing.

Role and accomplishments: Originated project as a means of restoring this condemned apartment project and provide a home for the elderly owner; negotiated a mutually favorable acquisition with the owner using a life estate concept; entered into agreement with Historic Seattle to be the non-profit sponsor; obtained, negotiated, and integrated financing from the State Housing Trust Fund, the Seattle Office of Housing, Low Income Housing Tax Credits, Historic Tax Credits, Seattle Conservation Corps, Federal Home Loan Bank, and local bank for mortgage financing; managed the development; retained architect; retained contractor through competitive bids; administered construction; and coordinated property management start-up. Project completed on time and below budget.

Heg-Philips House, Seattle, WA
Client: Historic Seattle Preservation and Development Authority a Public Development Authority

Historic Seattle obtained this historic double house and renovated and repurposed the property to provide 15 units of affordable rental housing while preserving the historic designated property.
Role and accomplishments: Development manager: selected architect and directed design to maximize number of units and income; obtained, negotiated, and integrated financing from the State Housing Trust Fund, the Seattle Office of Housing, Low Income Housing Tax Credits, Historic Tax Credits, Volunteer Labor, Federal Home Loan Bank, and local bank for mortgage financing; managed the development; retained architect; retained contractor through competitive bids; administered construction; and coordinated property management start-up. Project completed on time and below budget.

Brierwood II, Seattle, WA
Client: Community House Mental Health Agency (CHMH) a private non-profit mental health services and housing provider

Community House Mental Health Agency developed this 8-unit new construction addition of affordable housing for persons with mental and physical disabilities on excess property associated with an existing facility.

Role and accomplishments: Originated project to increase agencys bed count and income. Development Manager: assembled complete development team; obtained, negotiated, and integrated financing from the State Housing Trust Fund, the Seattle Office of Housing, Low Income Housing Tax Credits, Historic Tax Credits, Volunteer Labor, Federal Home Loan Bank, the Wilkens Foundation, and local bank for mortgage financing; retained contractor through competitive bids; administered construction; and coordinated property management start-up. Project completed on time and below budget.

Hostmark Village Cove Apartments, Poulsbo, WA
Client: Community Housing Assistance Corporation (Orange, California) a private non-profit affordable housing provider

Low income tax credits were used to finance renovation of each of 120 unit affordable housing project for the second thirty years of its operational life. Work performed under a GMCC construction management contract. Both projects required extensive mold identification and solutions.

Role and accomplishments: Packaged entire renovation/addition project for tax credit financing; established budgets for all items of work; conducted detailed building condition evaluation to determine priority of needs including resolution of a persistent mold condition; Construction Manager: established program of green building and sustainable development principles;
packaged portions of the work for execution by multiple trade contractors; coordinated the construction; prepared financing reports for monthly tax credit funding draws. Obtained, negotiated, and integrated financing from the State Housing Trust Fund, local CBDG funds, and local bank mortgage financing. Obtained necessary permits. Project completed on time and on budget.

The Yesler Houses, Seattle, WA
Client: Covenant Housing Association a private non-profit housing provider.

The Yesler Houses, a grouping of three 100-year old detached single family houses and a local landmark, were repurposed to nine condominiums affordable to income qualified first time home buyers (80% median). The project was a collaboration of three non-profits: Covenant Housing, the Central Area Development Corporation, and Historic Seattle, all of which were necessary to make the project work with multiple funding sources.

Role and accomplishments: Originated project for Covenant Housing, brokered the multi-agency relationships necessary for funding. Development Manager: assembled complete development team; obtained, negotiated, and integrated financing from the Seattle Office of Housing, the Federal Home Loan Bank, and local construction financing; non-profit completed project after financing complete.

Morton Senior Citizens Center, Morton, WA
Client: Community Action Council a private non-profit housing provider

Community Action Council required financing from the State of Washington to undertake major repairs and capital improvements.

Role and accomplishments: Principal Consultant: personally conducted capital needs assessment and authored Capital Development Plan, prepared application to State Housing Trust Fund standards; Agency obtained funding based on the plan. Prepared construction documents for roof replacement and administered construction.

Additional Project Management experience available on request.

References available on request.

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