Journeyman Plumber

Name : Steven Crain
Industry Type : General Contractors - Managers
City & State : Las Vegas,NV
Job Title Journeyman Plumber
Relocation Preferences :
Objective : Journeyman Plumber Supervisor
Resume :  



Orange Coast Community College

Costa Mesa, California.

Major; Drafting, 1st aid cert., C.P.R. cert., Wild. Surv. Trained


Pipe trade Joint Apprentice and Journeyman Training Committee for

Southern Nevada UA Local 525 Las Vegas, Nevada 89110

(702) 459-3473  fax; (702) 459-2901/ hammer[at]

Major; Journeyman classes consist of welding, plumbing codes, blue print reading, medical gas certification, Backflow Certification, Osha 10, Osha 30, Tube bending, pipe layout, High pressure systems, Supervisory skills, and Advanced math.




Bilingual (Spanish & English)

Journeyman Plumber with experience working With copper,Abs, Pvc, Cpvc, Apex, Cast iron, Underground work, Top out production crew, Gas line installations, Welder, Pool Repair, Reading Blueprints, Draftsman, sizing water Supply Lines, and sizing sewer lines, malleable iron, Layout crew, Supervisory experience, galv. Pipe, Complete remodel work in residential and Commercial, engine repair, New appliance installation and repair, Drywall installation and repair, Painting, Carpenter, Service plumber in All phases, Glazier, Landscaper, Carpet cleaning and repair, license to drive all heavy equipment, Osha 10 certified.




Journeyman Plumber

Plumbers Union Local 525.

760 N. Lamb Blvd.,  L. V., NV. 89110 office; (702) 224-3021

Fax; (702) 452-2638

05/15/07 to present day


Duties ;  The complete plumbing construction of all Commercial and High rise buildings in the Las Vegas area involving the building of Condominiums, restaurants,  kitchens, bars, Roof drains, mechanical rooms, pools, planters, and water falls, and all problems that would arise I would be able to handle them and rebuild anything as it is expected of a Journeyman Plumber.


Building Contractor

Richard Crain R.E. Properties Inc.

831 #A. N. French St., Santa Ana, CA.

(702) 860-2848 (714) 492-5298

 02/12/95 to present


Duties;    To repair and supervise the construction of homes and commercial buildings from small repairs to complete rebuilds that would include plumbing, carpentry,

welding, glazier, welding, landscaping, electrical, drywall repair, and painting.


Commercial Plumber, New Construction

Jays Plumbing & Service Company.

P.O. Box 29089, L. V., NV 89126-3089

Ph.#(702) 871-7488 fax;(702) 871-8211

04/06 to 05/07


Duties;    The building of new commercial work in the Las Vegas area in all phases of Construction dealing with the installation of gas piping, Abs, Pvc, Cpvc, water heaters, copper work, cast iron work, underground work, new appliance installation.


Journeyman Plumber, New Home Construction

Sharp Plumbing & Service Company.

4842 Berg St. L. V., NV. 89081

(702)399-8295 Fax;(702)642-8434

06/96 to 09/96


Duties;    To have worked in the new home construction field consisting of undergrounds, topouts, gas line installations, copper work, finish crew, bathtub installation,

toilet installation, & sinks


Service Plumber

Imperial Plumbing Service Company Inc.

2882 Meade Ave., L. V., NV. 89102

(702) 876-6967

02/93 to 4/94


Duties;     As a service plumber I was used to remove the floors and rebuild all sewer lines commercial and residential. Snaking all sewers and the rebuilding of all toilets, sinks, drains and the installation of water heaters was a constant job on a 24 hour basis as well as all emergencies. Whether it was commercial building or a

residential home I built everything up to all city codes.


Journeyman Plumber Lead Supervisor of Construction and Service  Classic Plumbing Company.

4075 Losee Rd. L. V., NV. 89030

(702) 642-9959

7/93 to 4/95


Duties;    The building of new homes and apartment buildings and working in the service department as a lead in the surrounding the Las Vegas area involving abs, pvc, cpvc, copper, and gas line Top out crew, underground work, Installation, Bathtub installations, Shower installations, Sinks, and water heater installations.


Plumber New Home Construction

Sharp Plumbing Inc.

7201 W. Post St., L. V., NV

(702) 997-8566

07/91 to 07/93


Duties ;     To produce in the plumbing phase a large amount of new home residences built with Copper, abs, pvc, undergrounds, gas lines, and finish work.


Plumber New Home Construction

R.C.R. Plumbing Co.

5030 Schuster St. L. V., NV. 89103

(702)739-7909 fax; (702) 739-0087

10/89 to 07/91


Duties;        As a plumber within the company all phases of work was continuously performed such as gas, top outs, finish, copper, cast iron, and undergrounds.


Plumber New Home Construction

Executive Plumbing Co.

4170 W. Harmon Ave. Suite 6 , L.V.,  NV. 89103

(702) 739-7909 fax; (702) 739-0087

06/80 to 10/89


Duties;        The jobs that were performed entailed plumbing in all phases of construction such as undergrounds, service, top outs, Copper work, abs, pvc, cast iron, and gas line installations.                        






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