Name : christopher m austin
Industry Type : Related Professions
City & State : shohola,pa
Job Title maintanance
Relocation Preferences : where the full time work is
Objective : finish carpenter
Christopher M Austin
155 Woodtown Road, Shohola, Pa. 18458 tel. # 570-245-5685
E-mail getoverit1369[at]
Other than reading blue prints and doing layout for framing and sheathing, I can do most trim styles associated with custom homes. Multiply stage cornices to frame out fire places and textured ceilings. Have installed kitchen cabinets and finish trimmed the uppers and lower bases. Typical door and window applications, along with some of the shadow box style window applications. Can when needed run a shaper for custom trim or to duplicate existing trims, when provided with the appropriate cutters and knife sets. Base trim consisting of base, shoe and cap trim. Door most dont have an end cap but have installed these when needed. Can and use and own a chop saw, air tools, hand tools, including planes, chisels and coping saw. Cope most all my joints for cleaner look and fit whether it is painted or natural finished. Have many years of hanging doors and windows. Can figure where and how to place nailers for structure for trim applications and cabinet installations. Have done and like to do recessed and raised panel wall treatments. Also experienced with synthetic and composite materials, mostly prefer natural materials. Have bent and fabricated woods for odd applications, and irregular walls and ceilings. Apply glues for structural practices in all joints, including window and door trim. Have also experience with furniture building and apply this to all trim work. While using the raised panel style have fabricated wainscot multiple times, with a two or three stage hand rail.
My direction is headed for steady work with an area of advancement available, both in satisfaction and financial compensation. I can and will do interior framing when needed, although I would prefer to be used as a finish carpenter trimming. If you have any questions that I havent answered here please use my e-mail address above and we can set up some time to talk. Whatever certificates that will be needed please forward a list and will try to comply in a timely manner. Everything else you require will be sent by fax when requested, also in a timely manner
My experiences in carpentry are as follows: I have just over 27 years of framing and sheathing experience. With the addition of new construction and renovations, this will include extensions and roof raisings. I also have some limited experience with forms and concrete work. Interior framing and finish carpentry I also have experience with. Dry wall and ply wood some spackling with some painting. I have limited knowledge of plumbing and electrical work. I can read most blueprints and can do layout. Window installation, doors and stair installation were all part of my duties as a framer. I have no problem with interior framing and dry wall applications and prefer to do this type of work. I remember most of the federal codes, and will comply to meet standards of the job. I am looking for a straight 40 hour week, and wood prefer interior work. I have most of my tools needed for most carpentry work. My transportation is reliable. I have in the past run framing and sheathing crews. I prefer to be left alone to do my job, although I do work well with others. I am 50 years old and look forward to working to the best of my abilities. I have an open mind and have no problem with asking questions.
Thank you for your time
Christopher M Austin
Phone # 1 570 245 5685
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