VP of Construction Management

Name : Randall Maestas
Industry Type : General Contractors - Managers
City & State : Henderson,NV
Job Title VP of Construction Management
Relocation Preferences : yes
Objective : To provide complete management in the construction industry. Including business management,estimating, project manangement, contract writing and conrol, RFI\'s, submittals and special attention to the contract documents, especially the specification.
Resume :  

Randall Maestas



6 Holly Tree Court Henderson, Nevada 89052

(702)-616-6987 (home) (702)-525-6613 (cell)   maestas1[at]aol.com

Construction Manager

Construction Project Manager

Construction Superintendent

Construction Estimating


As a construction manager I oversee all phases of multimillion-dollar projects, provide procurement, project estimates, construction scheduling, client/owner interactions, construction billing, on site management, provide safety implementation, and office management.


As a project manager I provide all assistance to the construction manager.  Implement all construction procedures from start up to close out.


As a superintendent I have provided all on and off site construction project control.


I am backed by strong credentials and references, a proven history of on time, on budget, and high quality project completions.


All challenges past and present are met with real reasoning, in which a firm resolve has been achieved. 

With a Can Do attitude, any and all problems are only challenges, in which will be handled professionally.


Dunrite Construction was a small General Contracting Company with 150 to 200 thousand a year in gross sales. 

I was presented with the opportunity to enhance the growth and within a few years I applied the management skills to enhance the company gross sales to10 to 12 million a year.


This is all due to applying quality aptitude, proper attitude and the drive for excellence. 

I can promise, no client or project is out of reach, when proper attention is provided, in which all clients deserve.




Key Skills


Commercial/Retail Construction

Shopping Center Projects

High End Retail Projects

Construction Scheduling

Quality Control Management

Change Order Management

Budgeting & Cost Controls


AIA Documentation

  Specification Control                       Business Marketing                            Attention to Detail

  Request for Information Data          Subcontractor Contracts            Vendor Procurement                







Employment History



Dunrite construction, inc.  Henderson, NV   November 1993 to Present


         Vice-President of Construction Management, November 2000 to Present




As a construction manager I am personally responsible for planning, co-ordination and control of a construction project from its inception to the time it is completed. My responsibility is to ensure that the clients requirements regarding the functionality and standards are met. I am also responsible for insuring that the construction projects are concluded successfully. I also deal with any delays that may occur at the construction site be it emergencies or weather related issues.






Direct activities include: 

         Conduct construction marketing, planning, client budget estimates, project estimating, client negotiations,

             Subcontractor negotiations, project value engineering project schedule of values and cost control, project

             critical path scheduling, project management, provided design build coordination and implantation. 

         Obtaining the necessary licenses or permits as required. And monitor the compliance with set regulations.

         Oversee and qualify the selection of trade contractors (and general contractors) who are ideal for a project.

         Prepare owner and subcontractor contracts documents, Prepare and implement AIA document invoicing.

         Oversee the entire construction scheduling and coordinating all types of designs during the construction


         Provide all responsibilities for and prepare all change orders, request for information and submittal data.

         Oversee the work by the subcontractor/vendors.

         Verify and determine the labor requirements, supervising or monitoring the hiring and firing of

             construction workers.

         Manage the construction workers and their immediate supervisors.

         Evaluate, determine and procure the best source of construction materials.

         Insure the delivery of materials, construction tools, and equipment.

         Insure that the construction resources are used properly and that all safety precautions are adhered to by the

             construction trades and workers.

         Verify, monitor and direct the progress in the construction site.

         Verify and confirm the performance of contractors insuring that the construction work is completed on


         I am the Owner Representative for Developer, which includes the coordination of Retail Construction

             Management teams for big box retail projects. 

         Provide interaction with all owners, architectural firms, engineering firms, and governmental entities.

         I offer good communication and my attention to detail skills.








         Project Manager, November 1996 to November 2000


Project estimating, preparation and implement of construction contracts, change order management, governmental procurement, construction scheduling, procure and implement of document control, including project submittals and request for information data.

Conduct on-site project meetings with owners and subcontractors.  Provide and implement a safely management program. Provide and implement all dust control measures, BMPs.


Direct activities include:

         Provide multitask operations.

         Attention to project plans and specification.

         Provide scope of work directives.

         Maximize the use of resources and materials.

         Provide and monitor critical path construction scheduling.

         Conduct weekly on site owner and subcontractor meetings.

         Provide essential communication between trades and owner/clients.

         Provide effective communications and solution for resolving conflicts. Insure all Architectural directives are handled quickly and appropriately.




         Construction Superintendent November 1993 to November 1996


Provide experienced supervision for on-site and off-site construction.

Have proven and extensive experience in ground up construction.  Type includes wood framed, masonry and tilt-up.

Have provided compete tenant improvement projects from small offices to large commercial.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Provide continuous on site attendance to oversee all the construction progress.

  • Insure all daily safety and track out procedures are met.

  • Provide clear and concise daily reports.

  • Insure all project management procedures are followed.

  • Provide constant in the field or in the building organization.

  • Provide detailed review of all work being done.

  • Provide governmental and private permit interactions.

  • Insure construction schedule time line is adhered to.

  • Most importantly provide and insure all subcontractors are on time and have the material and manpower to provide and complete their work on a daily basis.

  • Insure no delays incur and /or mitigate any delay that may have incurred.

  • Knowledgeable in on and off site construction.

  • Excellent problem solver.

  • Use laptop computer for daily data.



Also operate caterpillar back-hoe and skid steer and numerous other hands on equipment.


Project Highlights


Ermenegildo Zegna [at] the Crystals in City Center   $2.1M

Siena Medical Offices   $3.8M

Basic & Water Street Offices $4.2M

Basic and Water Street Tenant Improvements +$ 1.2M

Warm Spring Promenade Phase I $4.5M

Warm Springs Promenade Phase II $3.5M

Warm Springs Promenade Phase III $5.8M

Galleria Pavilion $5.5M

Galleria Pavilion Tenant Improvements

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