interior space planner/ interiors

Name : Design Matters
Industry Type : Architects
City & State : Riverdale,MD
Job Title interior space planner/ interiors
Relocation Preferences : U.S.
Objective : I work with one idea in mind \"your satisfaction\". Does it work for you! I find that most professionals often forget that each of your individual clients need to come first, before design so that you know how to \"blend\" it all together. Abstract Art is fun, but you have to aquire a indept aproach first and establish and original objective each day.
Resume :  

Design Matters is my design company created in 1988.

I am working with Art, Space Design planning, and Interior Decor.

I have special color skills with drafting and board work.

If your professional interests are for your Office, Home or Store you are sure to find my services helpful to you.

contact: wenbre[at]

Local area number: 301-577-7038

Message service: 516-236-2486


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