Asst. Superintendent

Name : Joe Brand
Industry Type : General Contractors - Managers
City & State : Naples,FL
Job Title Asst. Superintendent
Relocation Preferences : Preferably South or Southeast USA
Objective : I am a hands-on type of superintendent, working very closely with coworkers and subcontractors. I watch quality and schedule at all times. I have worked under every possible site condition. Safety, quality and schedule are primary concerns. Job site safety and general clean-up are a must. I have always been tops in the company for safety. I am an optimistic, dedicated person, striving for repeat clients.

Resume :  

Joseph Joe Brand

3561 21st Ave SW

Naples, FL 34117





Project Experience


                Specific Project Experience: USACE LPV-148.02 ECI Chalmette Loop Levee

                Cajun Constructors, New Orleans, LA

                Project Dates: December 2010 to present

                Contract Value: $625,000,000                                                                     Role: Assistant Superintendent

Description: I currently hold the position of Assistant Superintendent at Cajun Constructors. I have been with Cajun for six months and in the construction industry for over 40 years. I am currently employed as Cajuns Assistant Superintendent in Management Area 4, Work Area 12, on the LPV-148.02 ECI Chalmette Loop Levee project for the United States Army Corp of Engineers. My duties include the oversight of a crew of 40+ Cajun employees carpenters, concrete finishers, laborers and operators as well as subcontractors. My crew and I were responsible for the formwork and placement of concrete seal slabs, base slabs, and floodwalls. We completed the section of levee in Work Area 12 within the scheduled time and had a superior safety record.


                Specific Project Experience: Collier County Water Quality Park and Infrastructure Project

Kraft Construction Company, Naples, FL                                                                Project Dates: 2007-2009

                Contract Value: $10,000,000                                                                        Role: Senior Superintendent

Description: On this site I oversaw 12 subcontractors to build a water quality park. It consisted of 5 lakes constructed over 40 acres, an administration building, 12 pavilions, 2 miles of elevated boardwalk, 2 miles of asphalt pathway, and 50,000 square feet of parking space. This park was designed to filter West Naples runoff water through the lakes and into the river.  


                Specific Project Experience: Dunes #7 Condominiums

Kraft Construction Company, Naples, FL

                Project Dates: 2005-2007

                Contract Value: $34,000,000                                                                        Role: Senior Superintendent

Description: This project consisted of 18-story high-end condos. I was the Senior Superintendent with 2 Assistant Superintendents under me. My duties were to oversee all subcontractors, coordinate site logistics, scheduling, ordering of materials, meeting short and long term schedules and milestone dates, schedule all concrete placement, conduct subcontractor coordination meetings, and make sure all work was conducted in compliance with all safety regulations. The project required installation of well point system and sheet piling. The building consisted of cast-in-place piles, heavy concrete foundation, post tension elevated slabs, 200,000 square feet of ground and elevated parking, and two swimming pools. The job was completed as scheduled.


                Specific Project Experience: Solaris Condominiums

DH Griffin Construction Company, Biscayne Bay, FL                                                                                                          Project Dates: 2004-2005

                Contract Value: $23,000,000                                                        Role: Senior Superintendent

Description: This project consisted of 22-story condominiums. I was responsible for all scheduling, site logistics, subcontractor coordination, and subcontractor meetings, as well as the scheduling of all concrete placement. The building had cast-in-place piles, heavy concrete foundation, and post tension elevated slabs. The exterior was masonry with stucco finish. There was a swimming pool on the 4th floor; and the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors were parking space. This site was very tight and had no lay down area.


                Specific Project Experience: Southwest Florida International Airport Parking Garage, QTA, and Fuel Farm

DH Griffin Construction Company, Fort Myers, FL

                Project Dates: 2003-2004

                Contract Value: $23,000,000                                                        Role: Superintendent

Description: This project consisted of a 3-level, 300,000+ square foot parking deck, QTA (Quick Turn Around) fueling stations, car rental agency facilities, and all piping to fuel farm. I was in charge of all concrete structures, fuel pump stations, and car washing facilities, in addition to the concrete retention around the fuel farm.


                Specific Project Experience: Shelton Porsche/Jaguar of Naples

Miller Construction Company,    Naples, FL                                                                                          

Project Dates: 2003

                Contract Value: $8,000,000                                                          Role: Superintendent

Description: This project was a car dealership which was comprised of a 2-story concrete structure of about 45,000 square feet with 5 hydraulic lifts. There were conventional slabs and the exterior was masonry walls with a stucco finish. The building had waiting room, sales counter, parts counter, and service department. The parking lot was for approximately 50-75 cars.


                Specific Project Experience: Townsend Place Luxury Condominiums

 Miller Construction Company, Boca Raton, FL                                                   

Project Dates: 2002-2003

                Contract Value: $27,000,000                                                        Role: Senior Superintendent

                Description: This project consisted of a 17-story concrete structure. It had 2 floors of parking,    one level below ground. It had 30,000 square feet of lanai and pool area on the 2nd floor. All         elevated slabs were post-tensioned concrete deck. There were 3 elevator banks. This condo had      each unit finished by their owner.


                Specific Project Experience: The Grand Bohemian Hotel

RJ Griffin & Company, Orlando, FL

                Project Dates: 1999-2002

                Contract Value: $19,900,000                                                        Role: Superintendent

                Description: This project was all poured-in-place concrete with post-tensioned elevated slabs   and pre-cast sidewalls. It has a 5 thick floating foundation. This was a very tight site; part of the          north wall was only 3 from an existing building. The 1st level was retail space, then 4 floors of   parking. The swimming pool is located on the 6th floor and the balance of the 14-floor structure      was hotel rooms. There were 2 passenger elevators and 1 service elevator.


                Specific Project Experience: Celebration Lakefront Hotel

RJ Griffin & Company, Celebration, FL

                Project Dates: 1998-1999

                Contract Value: $6,000,000                                                          Role: Superintendent

                Description: This project is covered on 3 sides by water. All work had to be done from one side.               This building has 2x6 framed walls and conventional wood truss roof. The pool was out on the             lake point. Three sides of the building and the pool area required well points. All finishes were              high-end.


                Specific Project Experience: Glenridge Highlands One

RJ Griffin & Company, Atlanta, GA

                Project Dates: 1997-1998

                Contract Value: $21,000,000                                                        Role: Superintendent

Description: This project was a 14-story office building. It was a steel-framed building with metal deck concrete floors, post-tensioned. The exterior walls were precast. It has 3 elevator banks. A separate parking garage consisted of 4 floors that were precast, pre-stressed concrete planks with a 4 concrete topping slab. The side walls of the parking garage were a combination of precast and post-tensioned cables.


                Specific Project Experience: Spalding Ridge Office Building

RJ Griffin & Company, Atlanta, GA

                Project Dates: 1996-1997

                Contract Value: $7,000,000                                                          Role: Superintendent

                Description: This project was a 7-story office building. Steel construction with poured pan deck                 slabs and post tensioned joists and beams. Side walls were pre-cast. There were 3 elevator            banks. Also built parking lot in excess of 2 acres.


                Specific Project Experience: South Fulton Recreation Center

 JA Jones/Metric Constructors,                  Atlanta, GA                                                                                        

Project Dates: 1994-1996

                Contract Value: $7,000,000                                                          Role: Superintendent

                Description: This project was a 2-story, 100,000 square foot building consisting of 2 full basketball courts and on the 2nd level was an oval running track. There are also 2 Olympic size               swimming pools. It has parking for 100+ cars. All concrete on this job was pumped.


                Specific Project Experience: Emory University Computer Center

Metric Constructors, Atlanta, GA                                                                                                             

Project Dates: 1993-1994

                Contract Value: $8,000,000                                                          Role: Superintendent

                Description: This project was a 5-story concrete structure on the campus of Emory University.   Structure is concrete columns and beams with concrete decks. Beams and decks were post-              tensioned. Exterior walls were pre-cast. All concrete on this job was poured using a bucket with      a tower crane.



Specific Project Experience: Fulton County Judicial Center

Metric Constructors, Atlanta, GA

                Project Dates: 1991-1993

                Contract Value: $60,000,000                                                        Role: Superintendent

                Description: This project was a 16-story courthouse that also housed a pre-trial detention           facility, which was below grade. All heavy concrete construction with pre-cast exterior walls. In      addition there were 2 levels of parking, also below grade. Building consisted of concrete        columns, post-tensioned beams, and post-tensioned elevated slabs.


                Specific Project Experience: Gwinnett County Detention Center

Metric Constructors,      Lawrenceville, GA                                                                           

Project Dates: 1989-1991

                Contract Value: $25,000,000                                                        Role: Superintendent

Description: This complex consisted of 5 separate housing blocks. It had a 1,625 bed capacity. There was also a 130,000 square foot administration building and command center. The administration building had a steel frame structure with metal deck concrete slabs, post-tensioned. Exterior walls were pre-cast. The cell block walls were concrete block, filled solid with grout. The decks were conventional poured-in-place concrete. All buildings were connected with pre-cast corridors and the roof was constructed of pre-cast, pre-stressed hollow core planks.


                Specific Project Experience: Fulton County Jail and Detention Facility

Starstone Construction                 Company, Atlanta, GA                                                                  

Project Dates: 1986-1989

                Contract Value: $43,000,000                                                        Role: Superintendent

                Description: This project was a 14-story detention facility built in pinwheel fashion. One               pinwheel was the mens facility; the other was the womens. Each wing had a command center     on each floor. Construction was heavy concrete below grade, setting on 36 caissons. Above    grade was 12 solid filled block with EFIS system finish. Also constructed a 35,000 square foot              administration building.


                Specific Project Experience: Texas A&M University Poultry Science Center

Starstone Construction Company, College Station, TX                    

Project Dates: 1985-1986

                Contract Value: $6,000,000                                                          Role: Superintendent

Description: This project consisted of 15 buildings. Building 1 was a 30,000 square foot administration building consisting of steel construction on concrete slab, with block and stucco exterior finish. Roof construction was conventional trussed A style. Buildings 2-14 were 8,000 square feet each and were steel construction on concrete slab, with A type metal roof. Building 15 was 20,000 square feet constructed on concrete slab with masonry and stucco. This building was climate-controlled. The purpose of this facility was to experiment with chickens, turkeys and eggs.


                Specific Project Experience: Texas Department of Corrections, Ellis II Maximum Security Prison                 Starstone Construction Company, Huntsville, TX                    Project Dates: 1984-1985

                Contract Value: $17,000,000                                                        Role: Area Superintendent

Description: This project was total pre-cast walls and pre-stressed hollow-core plank decks which were grouted and received a 3 concrete topping slab. This facility has a large kitchen and cafeteria, as well as a large gymnasium. The facility had a capacity of 1,375 beds, 3-story cell blocks with auto sliding doors.


                Specific Project Experience: Thomas Hill Power Plant and Coal Gasification Facility

Dick Corporation/Starstone Construction Company, Thomas Hill, MO

                Project Dates: 1980-1983

                Contract Value: $30,000,000                                                        Role: Area Superintendent

Description: This project was a large concrete facility designed to take coal directly from the fields and make a fine coal dust as a final product. It has 2 large silt tanks, all concrete, 300 in diameter and 16 high. Many concrete tunnels with endless conveyor belt system, large concrete structure for sorting raw coal through a plate and auger system. One large steel structure housed all equipment. This job has its own portable concrete batching plant onsite.


Academic Background and Training

Graduated from Lincoln High School in Philadelphia, PA.

Completed a Four-Year Carpenter Apprenticeship Program in Philadelphia, PA in 1967.


                OSHA 30-Hour Safety

                START Training

                Near Miss Hazard Recognition Investigation Reporting Training

                Cajun Pre-Task Training

                Cajun Qualified Rigger Program

                Cajun Qualified Driver Program

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