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Lefrak Organization

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Rego Park , NY

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Founded in 1901, affiliates of The LeFrak Organization own an extensive portfolio of real property concentrated in the New York, Los Angeles, and London metropolitan areas.  The company focuses primarily on the residential and office sectors but affiliates also own significant hotel and retail assets.  

Recognized as one of the world’s leading building firms, The LeFrak Organization and its affiliated companies have developed and built a majority of their own portfolio.  The firm continues to maintain internal development and construction management capabilities.  Acclaimed internationally for responsible community development and sensitivity to environmental sustainability, the LeFrak name has become synonymous with excellence in design, construction, engineering and urban planning.

In the 1960’s affiliates of The LeFrak Organization undertook one of their largest challenges when they developed and built LeFrak City, a community of 5,000 apartments on 42 acres adjacent to Forest Hills, Queens.  

In the early 1980’s, affiliates of the Organization were also the initial developers of the 92-acre Battery Park City, in Manhattan, constructing the first 1,700 luxury apartments, known as Gateway.

Since the late 1980’s, affiliates of The LeFrak Organization have been developing and building Newport, the largest new waterfront community in the United States.  Situated on four hundred acres of land facing Manhattan and New York Harbor from the Jersey City bank of the Hudson River, Newport is just one subway stop away.  Newport’s development is consistent with the company’s traditional focus of building and holding for long term ownership high quality residential and office towers as well as associated hotel and retail properties.  Newport offers incredible views of Manhattan and a full complement of on-site amenities.  To date more than 14-million square feet has been completed, which houses more than 5,000 families, provides offices for more than 20,000 employees and offers shopping facilities for more than 2 million annual visitors.  

Since 2000, affiliates of the firm have expanded geographically to Los Angeles and London.  They have acquired assets including office buildings and development sites in Los Angeles, located in the prestigious Beverly Hills Triangle and in Hollywood on Hollywood Blvd. In addition, affiliates of the Organization have also acquired assets and established strategic partnerships in London.  As the firm’s geography has expanded, it has extended its principles and strategy of quality and luxury to new markets and customers.  

In addition to extensive real property activities, affiliates of The LeFrak Organization have been significant energy investors since the 1970’s.  Affiliates of the company have originated and drilled a significant number of on-shore oil and gas wells in the continental United States.  Affiliates of the firm also sponsor the activities of several geologists to generate new prospects, participate as a working interest owner/partner in prospects originated by peer oil and gas firms, and acquire working interests and minerals interests in producing energy properties.  Affiliates of the firm have recently invested in wind energy generation.  

Since the 1980’s, The LeFrak Organization, through affiliated investment entities, has been an active investor in fixed income and equity securities as well as currencies and commodities.  Additionally, affiliates of the firm have provided strategic capital to entrepreneurs and specific strategic private investments, consistent with its principles.  

Founded by Harry LeFrak in 1901, the company continued to expand rapidly under the leadership of his only son, Samuel J. LeFrak, who worked at the firm from 1948-2003, and the leadership of his grandson Richard S. LeFrak, who is currently the firm’s Chairman, President and C.E.O. With his two sons Harrison and James LeFrak, Vice Chairmen, Richard S. LeFrak continues to lead the LeFrak Organization as a privately held company faithful to the principles of integrity, quality and luxury established by his forbearers.  
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